Memorial service or Campaign kick-off?

By: Connie K

For the Obamacrats to turn a memorial for the victims of this national tragedy into a BO campaign kickoff is even more reprehensible (if such a thing is possible) than the immediate politicizing of the tragedy before the victims’ families or America had even begun to absorb the shock and before the legal investigation had even begun.

Also thoroughly disgusting were the not-so-subtle implications from BO (in his speech) and several Obamacrat Congress critters (in their reported remarks) that they somehow played some role in Congresswoman Giffords opening her eyes on Wednesday afternoon before the memorial service (my understanding is that this was not the first time she had opened her eyes, as BO and the others incorrectly stated).

Is it not more likely that this woman’s own enormous strength, plus the quick actions of her intern in the immediate aftermath, plus outstanding medical care really are responsible for her, thankfully, amazing recovery progress to date? Are Obamacrats all really so delusional (or egomaniacal, or desperately politically self-serving) as to believe and try to convince us that they now, suddenly, have  superhuman powers?! Is BO’s messianic complex infecting more and more Obamacrat officeholders? I almost feel as though I’m watching some far more decadent, far sadder, far sicker rendition of “Chicago,” as the leftist political pundits and media continue to try using this unspeakable tragedy as some sort of BO/Obamacrat comeback.

The left has conveniently forgotten the misogynistic, racist, homophobic,anti-semitic, anti-American hate speech that spewed from the pulpit of the Jeremiah Wright TUCC where BO and MO sat and listened and contributed monetarily for 20+ years, even taking their two children there; forgotten that Wright’s “Trumpet” church magazine honored known misogynist/homophobe/anti-semite Louis Farrakhan and reprinted the hate- and violence-filled, anti-semitic Hamas manifesto. Conveniently forgotten are the misogyistic attacks against Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary and against Sarah Palin during the 2008 general campaign from the leftist political pundits and media, for which BO and his minions (e.g. JayZ “99 Problems and a Bitch Ain’t One”; BO campaign t-shirts “Bro’s B4 Ho’s”) set the woman-debasing, woman-hating tone. Conveniently forgotten are BO’s flipping off Hillary following their last televised debate during the primary, his “lipstick on a pig” remark about Palin, his calling a woman reporter “sweetie,” his remark about  Hillary “periodically, when she’s feeling down,” and David Letterman’s pedophilic sick so-called joke about then-14-year-old Willow Palin being raped/knocked up in the stands while watching a NY baseball game, and on and on.

Yet now, suddenly, in the wake of this unspeakable national tragedy brought about by a profoundly disturbed young man apparently incited more by his own sickness and woman-hatred than by any political philosophy, the leftists wish to convince us they should be viewed as the arbiters of ‘more civil political discourse’? It is not our ‘national political discourse’ that is the problem. That has always, historically, been more or less ‘heated,’ and rightfully so when done within the spirit of free speech and debate of ideas and opinions.

4 Responses

  1. Obama’s speech writers wrote the great orator a great speech and he delivered it well but for those of us who have common sense – first we will not be folled again and second q memorial that wasn’t and third as Rahm said ” never let a good tragedy go to waste and they didn’t”. Right down to exploiting a 9 year old girl! Shame on everyone including FOX news!

    I am not sure I will ever forget what happened here and the callous way the pundits- the media and the politiians handled this.
    I applaud you for having the guts to call it for what it is.
    I can’t imagine the nerve of having a pep rally at a memorial service and saying she opened her Eyes- for the first time! Liar bastards- and her husband for letting that go by – what’s with that?

    • I’m so glad I didn’t see that memorial service. Every time I read about it, it sickens me. The families who lost their loved ones having their loss and their grief turned into campaign slogans on t-shirts must only add to their crushing sorrow. My heart goes out to all of them. I predict this charade of a memorial will come back to haunt Obama big time, even if he wasn’t directly responsible for it.

  2. I just heard there is a slogan, and a T-shirt from this memorial !!!!
    Since when is there a Slogan and a T-shirt in horor of a funeral?

    Did the White House “brand” the Arizona memorial service with a logo and slogan?

    They SURE did !

    • Below is a link to a Canada Free Press article explaining the origin of the “Together We Thrive” theme, also a link to the myBarackObama Organizing for America page where John Berry IV’s “together we thrive” BO campaign-related article appeared in Feb., 2008. Organizing for America (the spawn of is known to be funded/controlled by George Soros. Even if the University had ordered the shirts the day after the tragic shootings on Sat., Jan 8 (a horrific thought), the only conceivable way the shirts could’ve arrived in Tucson by the day of the so-called memorial, Wed., Jan. 13 — a mere four days later — was if the t-shirts, in Obamacrat blue and bearing the apparently recycled ’08 campaign theme, already existed, given that it takes at least ten days to set up and print newly designed t-shirts. Considering the speed with which the shirts appeared, it is reasonable to believe that they did already exist, and likely were ordered from Organizing for America (which continues to offer a variety of ’08 BO campaign gear), and very likely either via or with cooperation of the WH, despite all WH protestations to the contrary. It is also reasonable to believe that most of the BO-adoring college-age crowd likely were bused in from Calif. at the expense of OFA and Soros. Tomorrow, Sat., Jan. 15, it will have been only one short week since six innocent people’s lives were cut short and 14 others were severely injured by a deranged loner. It took less than four days for the Obamacrats to turn this national tragedy into a political circus and would-be comeback for a corrupt POTUS and his cronies, shamelessly disregarding that in doing so they dishonor the memories of these fallen Americans, the heroism of those who selflessly stepped forward to help them, and demean and impede the grieving process for their families and loved ones and for all Americans. H/T to Heidi and KJA at Hillbuzz for links.

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