Branding the funeral services

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Have you NO decency Sir? Given University of Arizona president Robert Shelton’s embarrassing, thinly-veiled partisan cheerleading for Obama, the campus-initiated campaign reeked of exploitation. And I wondered why there was all that hooting and hollering and shouting and whistling at a funeral memorial!

Oh and Obama played his part so well, stepping up looking a bit squeamish about the cheers full-well knowing it was all so well orchestrated from the beginning with great speech writers and a great speech reader. Yes We Can. Oh my God were both sides in on this?

You bet your ass they were! Both sides and the families who pimped off their loved ones for a moment in the spotlight — for a presidential memorial — a memorial of shame instead of a memorial worthy of the slain. I would have preferred no memorial rather than to be used like this! A pox on all their houses and shame on that baby girl’s parents for allowing her to be used like this. I would have remembered her anyway the beautiful sweet innocent angel but now I will also remember that her parents pimped her off in death.

I’ve been to a lot of memorials and funerals in my life, so many that every time I attend one, I swear it will be the last until my own. I’ve never been to one that was marketed like a sporting event, with slogans, t-shirts, special logos, and had a pep rally atmosphere.- Gary R Jackson


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  1. Who paid for the T-shirts?

    • The school says it paid for 13,000 people who attended the “Together We Thrive” event were given blue and white T-shirts with the logo.
      If you want the spin as reported – here it is:
      “”The name of the event and the logo for the event were done entirely by the university,” said Johnny Cruz, a spokesman for the University of Arizona. “Branding of the event was not done in consultation with the White House, or any elected officials or political organization.”

      The T-shirts were also the university’s doing, Cruz said.

      “That was the university’s idea,” he said. “We wanted to give people something to remember, to symbolize the community spirit.”

      The university bought the shirts without the use of taxpayer dollars, although he wasn’t sure if the cost was borne by donations.

      “Almost everything was done by the university,” Cruz said, including selection of the location for the event and planning the agenda. Once the president accepted an invitation, he said, the White House helped coordinate some logistics, such as security, but that was the extent of the White House involvement.

      And “Together We Thrive” was conceived by a University of Arizona student, he said.”

      • I’m calling horse shit on the WH blaming U of A for ANYTHING.

        We know all too well how the WH staff micro-manages every Obama appearance.

        It was a campaign event and there were no surprises. Nothing left to chance.
        Nice that Obama has a scapegoat, though.

        Additionally,at any point during the “service,” Obama could have controlled his Orcs by asking that applause be held, or that they respect the solemnity of the memorial.
        Instead he whipped them up with his fake preacher BS.

        Shameful indeed, Betty Jean.
        Americans should be appalled and instead the left is singing Obama’s praises and spreading the “he’s back” meme.
        He’s back all right-sort of like the stubborn ring around the toilet..

        • hahahahaa – I love it
          “He’s back all right-sort of like the stubborn ring around the toilet..”
          What galls me is the Right afraid to call it what it is! That more horeshit too!

          Well at least there is us who are not afraid of him or his bullshit and his minions or his race card! They can all go to hell- at the very worst we will have him for 6 more years just as we have that Baby Bush.

          And hopefully by then we will have raised enough centrists to wipe out all the robots in office and get some people in there who know who put them in and who will take them out. And hopefully we the people will learn where the real power is.

          It’s in the VOTE but only when there are enough of us who know where to put the damned VOTES!

  2. I am completely appalled and horrified. I am speechless at the utter lack of character of the school and the President.

    It was a sickening spectacle of crassness and complete disrespect for those whose lives were lost.

  3. I was impressed by the remarks that Obama made about how the lovely Congresswoman opened her eyes shortly after he left her room. For a moment I thought he was claiming responsibility for a miracle.
    Let’s give the families a break here, they are probably still in shock. We don’t know what they were told about this event.
    Our president is well managed. It is too bad that he never really seems to be sincere. This was just another photo op to make our president look as if he cares.
    When did a silent protest in black become passe’?

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