Jason (Blu) Griffith the Strangler & Louis Colombo accomplice butcher

By: BettyJean Kling

Update* Police records showed Flores-Narvaez and Griffith had been dating for about a year when police responded to a domestic violence call involving the couple on Oct. 22.

She told police she was pregnant with Griffith’s child when he stole her phone, pushed her to the ground, kicked her and yanked out her hair. Griffith denied hitting her.

Police say Griffith initially told one officer when he was being transported to "Blu" The strangler and butcher of Las Vegasthe Clark County Detention Center that Flores-Narvaez attacked him.

But don’t they always say they were attacked by the girl and had no alternative by to strangle her to death?

Does this handsome law abiding gentleman look like a man who would  strangle a woman to death and then cut her to pieces ? To hear him tell it – she attacked him and he had no alternative but to murder and dimember her the poor frail guy- hey what’s a guy to do?  His friend had to pry him off her – I am not sure why Columbo didn’t just take  Blu out for a walk instead he left th nearly dead already strangled women  helpless at the hands of a killer then returned to help his friendDebbie - a Pre-Law Student get rid of the body.

Better yet Columbo’s girlfriend took weeks to fess up that she knew about the murder the day they tried to stow the body at the girlfriends  place!  How do you live with that? And how do you and the assistant butcher get away without charges?

Read on for the rest of the grizzly story and let’s see what his butchering accomplice got charged with besides – nothing for helping him hack this girl to pieces so she would fit into 2 tubs after the first tub leaked!

Initially Flores-Narvaez’s body was in one plastic tub with cement but the two men broke it out of the tub because it was leaking. Blu’s friend, Louis Colombo described to police how Griffith used a handsaw to cut of Flores-Narvaez’s legs so they could fit her body into two tubs.

In the arrest report, Colombo said he learned of the murder after he showed up at Griffith’s home and Griffith told him this was a “Change your diaper moment.”  Colombo said the woman’s body was lying on the floor and he got sick to his stomach.

Louis Colombo, reported to police he had to pull Griffith off of Flores Narvaez because he was choking her. Colombo says he eventually left, but when he returned, Flores Narvaez was dead on the floor.

The roommates placed the body in a plastic tub and later filled it with concrete. Griffith rented a U-Haul and after a few days of looking for a safe spot, they took the tub to the house of a friend who was out of the country.

Rest in Peace Deborah Flores-Naraez and may Jason (Blu) Griffith get everything that he has coming to him and may the police arrest the accomplice and his girlfriend who allowed this women to be butchered and cemented and hidden. These two accomplices are just as sick as Blu.

When investigators contacted Colombo, he agreed to provide a statement if they agreed not to arrest him for Debbie’s murder. Defense attorney John Momot, who isn’t connected to this case, says Colombo may not be off the hook.


55 Responses

  1. get ur facts straight and rewrite this whole article

  2. Teresa, how about you tell me the facts?
    Start with who you are and how you know the facts were you there when he strangled her or when he cut her into pieces?

  3. I Read the arrest report, provided by the LVPD, and ya Teresa,, just what are the FACTS ? He’s right, did you read the arrest report by the officers like we did !! Obviously you have NOT read the arrest report, go check your facts before you go telling somebody else to ! These Wortless Scum deserve the electric Chair and nothing short of that !

    • Thank you Jet- there are always these folks who come to the defense of the murderers- everytime- you would not believe the comments on the strangler Greg’s behalf 2 weeks ago.
      Nearly 200 for him and no one stood up for her out of fear of his friends.

      WE have formed a coalition of women and womens groups and they along with good men are working hard to meet this challenge head on – Join us to help make our voices heard.

      Thank you for your comments.

    • The police report is not 100% accurate, it is one persons interpretation and collection of the plethera of information obtained in the investigation. There are discrepencies as to time frames of when it was reported and key pieces of information that did not make it into the report. There is also over a years worth of unreported behavior by both parties that has yet to come out. The police report is merely a piece of this jigsaw puzzle.

      • im on kalae, and teresas side truth be tole nobody but jason and debbie knoe the truth, even the police reports are all true, my brother killed someone in self defence the tried to rape and kill me, and my brother walked in on him with a knife, he went to jail, 7 years later he is out and i still love him dearly for what he did for me, i dont wosh death upon anyone, anyone who has dealt with it before should understand that, but it happens we cant change that. i do believe jason is in the wrong but i also belive there is muchmore to the story than we know.

  4. The only facts any one needs to know is that a young, beautiful, intelligent, educated woman lost her life and was so crudely disposed of.

    You have one who commited the crime, one who allowed it to happen and another who knew about it and remained silent. What’s wrong with people?

    • Thank you Elena – too many times no one stands up for a victim and instead sits quietly by as thought it doesn’t matter.
      It only seems to matter when it is one of our own! Shame on all three of these miserable sould! And may this dear woman rest in peace.

      Consider joining Us as we assemble the majority United to stop violence against women by amassing an allience so large that they will not ignore us in the furture. We need tougher laws and beating women needs to be adjudicated a hate crime . 5 a day are murdered by a man they love. 96 a day are beaten sensless by their lover and turned loose to do it again. Join us to help make our voices heard!!

  5. I’m floored and disgusted by the fact that Colombo is not in jail along with his girlfriend…Since when do police make deals with douchbag accomplices in order to get a quick resolve to the case instead of actual police work…??? if they did break a deal with this low life I’m seriously dissapointed in humanity and the LEO’s involved.

    • I am simply disgusted with you . At least we know columbo’s name – We ought to find out the Gals name – and if nothing else – everyone should know what they did – if they are going to be free on the streets – folks ought to know what kind of people they are.
      Especially that Columbo would help hack up a girl.
      remember – he says he pried Blu’s hands from her throat- they he simply left her there to be murdered.
      what kind of a man leaves a partially strangeled female with a mad man ?

      My God in heaven and that girlfriend – she just didn’t want the body- – humfff – what a piece of work – me thinks she might be the teresa who started to defend herself then disapeared from above!

      • I am not teresa… I am here as myself. I don’t need to hide. I have nothing to hide. And as you sit and write “My God in heaven and that girlfriend…” in judgement of me… don’t forget He is My God in Heaven too… and He is the only one whose judgement matters. He knows my heart, my intent, and has held me up and blessed me.

  6. I am not sure when police reports became non factual. Even though this one reads like a horror story, it contains FACTUAL information.

    a woman was murdered and chopped up in pieces and the monster responsible is in police custody BUT someone needs more facts??? Here we go again…he was a great guy..wouldn’t hurt a fly..he snapped..she made him murder her .
    Question who made him chop her up??? The fact is he came up with that all by himself .
    He is a MONSTER and that’s a FACT.
    One more FACT..the MONSTER will either spend the rest of his life in prison or the MONSTER will be put to death.

  7. It is really depressing to me, that women still defend the Abusers. They care so little for the women, their “sisters” that have been murdered, that they deny facts.

    Next thing Teresa is going to say is that it was temporary insanity or somthing. Unfreakingbelivable!!! 😈

  8. HI Goofs
    Teresa wants “the whole article rewritten” not sure what she means by that other than :he was a great guy” and the police have it all wrong.

    yep, it’ is INCREDIBLE there are many great guys out there, this monster just doesn’t happen to be one.

    • He fooled a lot people… the victim included. Sadly, we only knew the Blu that he wanted us to know. He never fully divulged himself to anyone, but who does? Parts of him were great, but the side of him that only Debbie saw in her final moments was horrific and I cannot fathom the person I know being able to do this. I have not, do not, and will not ever support what he did and will continue to do everything I can to put him away for the rest of his life. The State of Nevada is not seeking the death penalty in this case, so life in prison and judgement by his maker will have to do.

  9. i wish Teresa would come back and share the her facts with us because this maybe yet another case where the police have gotten it all wrong, they keep arresting the victims all the time..according to so many

  10. Barbara,

    I know it is pretty incredible isn’t it.

  11. This story sickens me. These 3 people all need to be charged! RIP Debbi Narvaez

    • What would you like to see me charged with? Is there a crime in being afraid? Is there a crime in wanting to spare my own life? I am not sure what you think I did wrong? Please explain.

  12. many of you have been asking who the cowardly female is who witheld the info from the cops.
    her name is Kalae

    the LAST thing we want to do as a public is harass her… she could be a key witness in aiding Griffith to getting properly prosecuted.
    she is scum in my opinion, I read that it took a mutual friend of her and Narvaez to call the cops when she confessed to her friend and she finally caved in.

    • Thank you Denise for putting my face out there… much appreciated. Cowardly? hmmm interesting choice of words.

    • Aside from the coroner, I will be the ONLY witness. I was afraid for my life and confided in a friend of MINE, he was NOT a mutual friend of mine and Debbies. It wasn’t a matter of caving, it was a matter of not wanting to be Blu and Columbo’s next victim. If they could do that to her, they could easily do that to me.

  13. ok…NOW it is all making sense…it seems that this Kalae is an ex of “blu”…during the time frame that him and Debbie were allegedly dating, it seems that she was involved with him still, as obviously hinted in this post she has already deleted from facebook, but of which you can still see in the thumbnail when you scroll over her photo (far left in the row of 4). It reads that she would want to see “blu without his shirt” in the Mirage’s Love show.
    in essence this bitch was the ex that was probably cheating with that scum of a human Blu and the same one that he attempted to dump the tub at her house.

    • Blu and I were never a couple, we dated but never were we a couple. He and I dated long before Debbie came around, not during. We remained friends afterwards, but I was not one of the women involved in the “cheating”. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t admire his body, I was attracted to him, uhmmm thats why we dated.

  14. one last photo of “Kalae ” has been removed by blog owner to protect the witness. It is not our intention to put this women in danger!

  15. oh..and all the facts are straight… with this story, except for Colombo’s girlfriend is named “Maya” and Kalae is the ex of “Blu” who was the one exposed to the tub evidence. Just to set is clear… (I’ve been doing a TON of reading on this case).

    • Wow Denise– thanks for the info

      By the way who the heck is this Teresa who came to his defence?
      And please do keep us informed.

      And it figures that the dirty murdering dog was cheating ! Damned him but he will not be doing that anymore!

      • he’ll get on with that in prison. This posting and reply is the genius of the internet that will result in regular citizens, in search of a more functional society, will exercise their authority in the communities in which they live, to investigate, expose and bring anti-social behavior into the light of day. The input from entities who comprise the CULTURE OF DISRESPECT FOR WOMEN that justifies a murder as something the VICTIM caused is on display here. Those who instill this insanity in males are in need of a simple CULTURE CLASH with those who know from painful, experience where this stupidity leads. Well done!

  16. don’t think too hard who i am you will just get a headache. i feel bad for what happened to that girl. the person who actually killed her should get whatever he deserves. no matter how obsessed she was. don’t say she wasn’t because you didn’t see it firsthand. and i know what the report says. most likely better than any of you. when you write an article proofread before print. make sure what you write is correct.

    • By now I know you are not the accomplice- and I am please you realize he deserves to be punished however you are alos implying – she somehow asked for this and I resent that.

      As for proofreading- do you know what proofread means? If refers to checking for gramar and spelling errors and typo’s, you seem to be implying it refers to checking for proof of accurac of the story?

      If you have something to say – say it. If all you want to do is denigrate the victim- then let me say this– I hope you are perfect my dear because if you are not – and I am sure you are not– then if some bastard strangles you – , there will be someone on the net to tell how you deserved if because you were not perfect.
      Is that what you want for yourself or your daughter or your sister?

      If she was obsessed – he could have got a restraining order against her- apparently he didn’t mind helping her get pregnant which would prevent her from working for a while huh?

      Were you one of the ladies also obsessed with keeping him in your bed instead of hers? Please do tell what this strangler has that you all want him so bad? Were you the reason he weat her back in Oct?

    • Doesn’t matter in the least. I have cheated on many females in my younger past and been on the receiving end of all kinds of psychotic, abnormal stalking type shet and never did I want to cut anybody up and put them inside of a little a** container. If a girl hit me I would file a report and go f*ck her friend, but I would never hit her back nor would I strangle her to death for that matter. Looks to me like he couldn’t handle a hot blooded LilRican that requires a dominant, real Machismo to keep things interesting. That man seems like nothing but a pu**y. Its gonna be interesting to hear how things go for him inside. He may want to stay out of the yard I hear its not so pleasant for those “light in the a**”. Btw I am quite familiar with Debbie’s nature. “I”, have first hand experience with her and I handled it at all times like a man unlike little boy Blu.

      • well damn you should have kept her for yourself since you the man and all.

        • Well your probably rite. But a fiancée and a 3 year old daughter later kind of prohibits me from relishing any other paths my life could have taken. Like I said I, like most was young at one time. And believe me the last time I saw Debbie I wanted to revisit very badly. And I am not “the man” I am just a super regular dude with morals, common sense, balls, reasoning, and upbringing shet you can’t pay for. Everything else is non important.

          • 3 year old daughter ? You got to raise her right – do your best because you sure don’t want her to end up with a guy like Blu. Teach her to value herself by valuing her as a female – start now – if you value her properly and make sure everyone else values her too – perhaps she will grow up to value herself enough to never let any guy mistreat her.

            please teach her to walk far and fast from any guy who trats her less than the way her dad would treat her . But you better make damned sure – Dad treats her like a lady so she has something to jusge by- or it wilol be on you if she ends up in a tub of cement.
            Best of Luck – she is counting on you.

      • BeRoc,

        Can’t say I fully got your drift about what they are saying Debbie had going on with this Blu or why he was this angry, but i get that you would not beat her up?

        Am I to understand you knew and loved Debbie and are mourning her?

        I want to thank you for coming here to tell us about her and speaking up on her behalf.

        Often, women are just run down instead of honored as human beings. None of us are perfect by any means but we don’t deserve to die at the hands of anyone let alone someone we love and then be cut up and burried in cement.

        We welcome any information on her behalf- its not enough that folks just want to say she was a Las Vegas dancer- – Debbie was a person.

        • freemenow,

          Well from what I have read about Blu and what I know about Debbie’s nature I could imagine there being a few moments of very heated arguments especially after adding a pregnancy to the equation. Given that information and the fact that Debbie was over there at his house to begin with leads me to believe that she wasn’t completely over him (teresa says obsessed) Whatever the case may have been. So its my belief that she may have pushed some buttons that Little Boy Blu wasn’t able to handle. Fear of going to jail when you are a pu**y will do a lot of things to ones head, fathering a child that you were not ready for I imagine for the weak and or young minded will do a lot of things to your head, add all this with a arguement with a girl with the kind of spunk that Debbie had and I can only guess he was to pu**y to manage it. I am definately morning her. I am far from perfect much like us all and I surely am capable of some levels of anger and impulsive behavior but this was just disgusting. Its only things like this that make me stop and think about how sometimes even the smallest of decisions we make impact our lives. Its very sad.

          • Like the butterfly effect or something.

          • Anthony,
            What do you think of Columbo and the other Gal who held it close for 3 weeks?
            do you know them too?

            I have to go to see my daughter at the hospital – be back later.
            My daughter is a gunshot victim- my son-in-law blew her brains out! I go every night for a few hours – tonight is shower night.

            Later Dude!

  17. sorry far from wanting him in my bed. was not that type of party. and best believe i wouldn’t be the strangleree i would be the one doing damage. what ladies need to reallize is that you have more strength then u think. its called confidence. i wouldn’t let anyone do that to me. have had my days of abuse and stood up to it.

  18. Well, instead of talking in circles – fess up and give us your story already!
    And if you are that strong why lay this on a weaker sister that she fell for a lout?

    Everytime we say something negative about a victim – we give her part of the blame for what happened as if she asked to be killed or hurt .
    No one asked for harm.

    Murders have a choice – they can walk away too – so why lay it on her to walk away only? She didn’t commit a crime – he did! Her poor choice was not a crime – his was – lets concenttrate on the criminal act here.
    Her poor choice did not kill him – his poor choice ended both their lives essentially and he did not have a right to control her future but he did.

    If he did not want to be a father – he could have practiced safer sex- there is no such thing as she got pregnant to trap him- – he was a willing partner in all that they did – she was willing in all but her murder! That is where the crime is and that is what we are talking about here – the crime and only the crime .
    I am not sure why you think we have to bring up anything else at all? He will not be tried for anything but the crimes- as it should be and as we agree so stick to that fact and we will be fine!
    As I said unless you are one perfect woman – be careful not to blame her for getting killed!

    • FYI Debbie claimed she was pregnant but she wasn’t in fact the autopsy report never said she was. The reason I know this is because I know a few dancers that worked with Debbie.
      This is going to be a very interesting trial because there is a lots of information that will surprise a lot of people. I have a feeling that Louis Colombo and Kalae are more involved in the murder that what it appears on the police report. Their testimony sounds kind of convenient but at the trial the truth will come out.
      And yes Blu is a f….g p…y because after reading the police report that tells me that his motive for killing her was that he didn’t want to go to jail again for another domestic violence altercation that they had that night on dec 12th so he prefer to kill her so she wouldn’t call the police on him again……..
      He definitely deserves to be where he’s at now.

      • Ed,
        Thanks for the update- very interesting indeed.
        Please keep us updated. I have been very busy with my 90 year old dad on his death bed – so you are my link to this story now- please keep me informed as I want to stay on this one.
        Thanks a bunch Ed.

        By the way have they pressed any charges at all against the two accomplices or are they scott free? And I do mean scott free since I don’t believe they have consciences.

        I believe they only came clean because they knew Blu was going to be charged and they wanted clemency so they sang before he could implicate them and take tehm with him- the two bastards.

  19. freemenow,

    Wow that is terrble I am sorry to hear that about your daughter. I couldnt begin to imagine.

    I don’t know anything about the others involved. I live in MD so I am a far from all of that going on in Vegas. I have known Debbie and Celeste for many years. I dont even know what to say about the other girl and Colombo. I know the story doesnt sound completely accurate. Who leaves a women in a house with a man who just prior to needed to be physically removed from an altercation? Does not make since.

  20. If the DA lets Colombo off the hook, then I Know of a case that someone came forward and let the police know about a crime. The police didnt even know one had been comited. This person is sitting in jail. Charged the same as the shooter. So if one has a conscious they are charged, but one that does not is free. I am thankful that only GOD can truley judge me because I have no faith in our system. May peace be with the Flores-Narvaez family. One day all involved will have to answer for themselves.

  21. It is remarkable how few have commented on this story- I agree with you – Columbo is guilty of something too.

  22. All this just makes me feel like I’ve been staring at goats all day.

  23. Wow… there is so much non-factual guessing and trying to fit the pieces together on here that it is making my head spin. I DO KNOW the facts and none of you are right. It saddens me that so many people are able to pass judgement without knowing the truth. The media creates stories with bits and pieces of the truth so that people latch on and foam at the mouth for “entertainment”. You people sit in judgement safely behind your computer screens. No one really knows how they will handle a situation until they are standing there knee deep in it. Its easy to point fingers and say what should happen based off of your menial life experiences until something bad happens in your own life. Its then you will see with a broader perspective. I pray for those of you that have shown my picture, blasted my name in vain, and judged me. I stand behind my decisions, as they were the hardest I have ever had to make.

    • Kalae,
      Thanks for stepping up in your own defense- I am sure it feels good to get your story out. Many times someone such as yourself is dragging innocently into this scheme and afraid for her own life. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and give the facts.

      If I am reading you right- these guys came to you with a body – and you were terrified to turn them in at first?

      Are you the one who finally gave the tip as to the whereabouts of the body? Or are you a witness to the fact they came to you with the body in the first place – or are you free to answer this question at all?

      I am really sorry they are making you the scapegoat – obviously you were not at the murder scene.

      I do however feel his accomplice should not get off-

      • It doesn’t feel good to bet my story out, I didn’t ask for this story, I don’t want it and honestly I wish it would go away. I wanted to make sure I gave Debbie’s family the option to talk to me and ask me questions before I commented on any of these stories online. I was dragged into this situation innocently and am still innocent. I was afraid of turning THEM in. Do you know that Columbo is probably 6’3″ and a good 350 lbs? Blu is a dancer; there is not a pinch of fat anywhere on his body and although his frame was small, he was nothing but muscle and strong as hell. So, if either of them wanted to take me out it would have been simple. I did not know where they took the body after they left my apartment; but it was my tip that led them to seach Blu’s house where they found the receipt for the uhaul and cleaning supplies. It was my tip that caused them to question Columbo in more depth and in turn he took them to the body. I was never at the murder scene, I was in no way involved with Debbies death. I didn’t know the girl, I do know what kind of hell she put Blu through for a year, but I do not support how he elected to handle the situation, she by no means did anything to deserve losing her life.

        • Kalae,
          Anytime we talk about the hell a women put a man through for a year before he murdered and dismembered her – it feels like we are hinting that she deserved it and you will be immediately attacked- if you think about that – I am sure you will understand it.
          Just as if you had been found carved up and someone said if you had not been involved with these kind of people… or some of the comments you yourself found offensive — like the automatic guilt by association.

          Women often take or get part of the BLAME WHEN THEY ARE VICTIMIZED OR in the wrong place at the right time or associated in any way at all– its part of the bullshit we are fighting.

          87% of the femal victims are women or girls yet in 90 % of the cases many fols always give the guy the benefit of the doubt unless the perp was a real low life then he gets to share the blame with the women who is always somehow just as low.
          We will never stop the violence against women so long as we attach anything that she did to the horendous violence.

          He always had an option to break it off if she was so damned bad and she didn’t hack him to pieces– he chose to stqay in her life and then mutilate her.

          Nothing and I repeat NOTHING anyone can do to another person is bad enough to justify that responce and to even allude to it in any way shape or form after she was kiled and hacked is beyond reason .
          So why even broach the subject? Get my point? Bringing it up is wht got you in hot water with groups like mine who recoil at the sound of that- please understand!

          Now to prove we support and protect women at all cost – I am removing links to your face and info!

  24. I knew Debbie, for 10 years, we were best of friends! We always went clubbing together, to Miami together, dinner, etc…! She was an amazing woman! And I just hope Blu gets what he deserves! I was so upset when Debbie left Baltimore for Vegas with Blu! I met him, and did not like him fr the jump! Blu’s trial started today, and I hope he gets EVERYTHING he deserves!!

    • K, Thanks for the info and the update. Can you keep us posted on the trial? I would really appreciate that. You can also send me a link to the news articles and I will update with a whole new blog piece if you like. I am happy to do that for your friend .

      -BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United Founder: W.O.M.E.N.

      Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

  25. as interesting as this all may seem , speculative perspective , and as familiar as we all are with the cases on the Id channel , you will be shocked as to the results of the matter , in any event this tragedy should not go un noticed as there are people here who know Debbie and others like Myself who Know Jason and who they were , emotional Name calling and hatred will bring neither Debbie back nor put both of these entertainers back in there positions , this incident should serve as a pivotal point in relationship handling ,when to leave , seek counsel or seek police protection , im urging everyone to begin recording arguments and keeping records of incidents , its sad I had to lose a friend to emotions and anger , its sad some of you lost a friend to emotions and anger , lets not degrade any bodies character because you don’t walk in their shoes

  26. Instead od nickname blue he should be nickname typical lack dude


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