Women: Family Courts, allow them to be battered, take their kids, and jail them.

By: BettyJean Kling

Women are no longer allowed to defend themselves or their children.



I am a retired child sexual abuse worker for the State of Maryland.  Elsa Newman is a good friend. I’ve been to her charming home and met her children. I know they had a warm and enriching life with her.  I was aghast that my report to county social services of sexual and physical abuse was ignored. Six weeks later and after a call from U.S. Representative Connie Morella, a case file was opened. Two weeks later the father (subject of the complaint) brought the children for interviews. Although they disclosed specific abuse, he still took them home. The price of their honesty is still being paid today. I attended both the trials and I spoke to Elsa’s family and her lawyers. For the past eight years I have visited her in prison and during the year in between trials when she was out. We have spoken on the phone frequently.

In speaking up for her children, Elsa made enemies. She was charged as a conspirator of one when her ex was assaulted as he lay in bed undressed with the younger child. The culprit, Margery Landry, a godmother to the children, was given an assault charge and testified Elsa had no role. After two trials, the battle for Elsa’s innocence has not ended. She is the victim of an overzealous prosecutor fueled by pirate divorce lawyers and woeful county social services who have hidden the truth. .

Her supporters include judges, professors, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, medical doctors, educators, religious leaders, authors, and filmmakers, many prominent in the child abuse field.


 Your signature counts. Please sign now. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/Free-Elsa-Newman/


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  1. I’ve been following this via your newsletter. It does seem like something I’d like to write about. If you have more information, please send it to me. I’ll listen to the show as well. I need a good story to write about and I hate to see the plight of this woman. Not sure if you have my correct blog address but it is http://www.tracylkarol.blogspot.com — feeds into my website and my pages on Facebook. Would write it there.

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