Murderer inherits victim’s estate

By: BettyJean Kling

Who said Crime doesn’t pay? Brandon Palladino a heroin addict strangled his Mother-in-law to death and now that his wife, also a heroin addict overdosed and died – he is the heir to his victims estate!

Murderer to inherit fortune — from victim

Palladino has admitted he killed Edwards, 59, after she caught him trying to steal jewelry from her Long Island home.

He later made a deal to do 25 years in jail, minus time served, more than a year — avoiding the maximum of 25 years to life.

Edwards’ will bequeathed all of her worldly goods — about $431,000 — to her only daughter, Deanna Palladino, 23, who was never charged in the crime.

After Brandon was arrested in November 2009, for the murder, his wife used some of her mom’s $190,000 in savings to bankroll her husband’s defense, according to a Suffolk prosecutor.

Then Deanna died last February, leaving everything to her jailed husband.

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