Equal but never less again: Fighting among ourselves, who really won here gals?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Equality and no more is not too much to ask. But accepting less again is certainly too much to tolerate. Fighting among ourselves ladies has cost us seats! Who really won here gals? We sure didn’t- we got the short end of the stick yet once again! When will be realize that we are the majority and we are not represented fairly and it’s our own damned fault?

You would think we might learn from minority groups. They don’t always agree on every issue but they agree they are not going to be mistreated and accept less. So they UNITE and work together on those things that matter and they get their rights, and they get better treatment because they fight for it rather than wait for someone to hand it to them. We women have fought with many to help them get what every human has a right to- but we fail miserably when it come to women’s rights! We are just too busy fighting among ourselves!

Women – the majority – can’t seem to get together on fighting for our humanity because we are polarized into two political camps. We act is though we are programmed like Stepford wives. To hear each side tell it – the other is to blame. Let each side tell you how far their ideology has brought us in the long run, sure we have come a long way baby, we can vote, and smoke and run nearly naked to our hearts content but then look at the numbers who represent us and see we lost ground where it counts.

Nearly 5 of us is murdered daily by an intimate partner, 96 more are battered with little recourse. We can abort our unborn but are less able to keep our children and our homes safe while our abusers and pedophiles get control of our children and the court systems let family courts take women to jail for trying to protect them.

This year – more and more of us are graduating College and more and more of us are working and paying taxes at a lower rate of pay and still we are not fairly represented. Everyone gets their rights even non citizens get better rights then women. Try talking trash about any other human and the walls will come tumbling down but you can say anything about a woman. You can depict her in anyway you want – naked – hanging in effigy – in bestiality- call her a whore or a Bitch—no one cares so long as you don’t attach a minority slur to it.

Wake up ladies – we are women first and foremost – we are not minority groups – we are The Majority and we are being wronged and like sheep led to slaughter we tolerate it because we are woman against woman instead of the majority united.

Wake up!

Here the live show we aired as TMU founder BettyJean welcomed 2 women from www.TheMajorityUnited.com – both board members and an unlikely duo, met and came together to become great friends because of uniting for the sake of all WOMEN.

Jocelyn Anderson, speaker, author, and survivor. Jocelyn is a Christian, a Conservative, fighting for the ERA amendment and Sandy Oestreich is a Democrat, a Liberal, also fighting for the ERA amendment. Don’t tell me it can’t be done – it can- if it isn’t – it’s your fault because it is not impossible – you just won’t do it.

The show is downloadable and on demand:

Hear us discuss where TMU and WOMEN are going this year to empower women across this nation to gain equality and representation in our government – in employment and in fair and equitable treatment in media and advertising.

Do you realize that women lost 6 seats in the last election? We are the Majority 52% – why are we taxed without representation and allowing it? Women ran- why didn’t we vote for them- were they less qualified then the bums and the crooks who have made a lifelong career out of stealing our money for up to the last 50 years?

We need to field more women for 2012 AND WE NEED TO SEE TO IT THEY WIN. Field them from both parties and from no party let’s get some representation- some parity– unite the majority and let’s be heard from. We work – we pay taxes- now let’s start representing ourselves.

This is what the majority united looks like! Click on  WOMEN to read the bio on these women and more about the groups in the coalition!

Jocelyn Andersen/ Freedom for Christian Women’s Coalition

Sandy Oestreich / Pass ERA Org, Equal Rights Alliance Inc., and ERA Education Inc. www.2PassERA.org

2 Responses

  1. We lost! Can you hear me now? Does it really matter which side you were on when you lost?

  2. Excellent, excellent show. I enjoyed it so much.

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