Jacqueline Ceballos: Why I joined NOW in 1971

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Jacqueline Ceballos, NOW-NY stood up and tried to prevent the Sexualization of America!

Anyone who has been following me for any length of time knows one of my longest rants has been the Sexualization of America and the degradation of Women and Girls since the 60’s. Along with Women’s liberation came a backlash that many women just couldn’t handle – and honestly – even I fell into the trap although not as deeply as many and common sense soon led me back to the right track. That and my wings were cut but having 4 small kids to raise without a husband.

I also found this liberation thing also brought with it a loss of respect for women either as the mother of children or as a professional woman. Instead of being a lady or one of the girls we were renamed slut and whore to bitch, cunt, ho, piece of ass, town bicycle. Even mothers and grandmothers are not safe, guess what they’ve replaced those honored titles with? MILF, GILF evolved from women’s liberation! I must ask- what were we liberating from- decency? I know what I wanted- and this was not it! I did not want to burn my bra’s although a more comfy …. Well anyway. I did not want to dress or be like a man—I simply wanted to be treated equally and I don’t mean equally shitty! I mean equally on the positive side- I was already tread shitty enough.

Enter NOW– they did a lot of good – I am really sorry that they have devolved into a left wing organization that caters to so few women and cannot be rehabilitated. I tried! I still maintain that it can be rehabilitated but it will require a coupe and it may never get rid of its baggage that I why I started TMU and why we now have WOMEN- a non partisan coalition who can and should be making news like NOW used to do before the sold out to the Democratic Party.

I promise never – under any circumstances to sell out to either party! I promise all women and their needs will come first. If NOW had stuck with the campaign below- If only … Be that as it may KUDO’s for these women and Jacqueline Ceballos the head on NOW NY who stood up and tried to prevent the Sexualization of America!


Last Friday when Farish Alston Jenkins, 56,senior vice president at Nabisco, Inc., was told his company was going to be picketed because of some toys manufactured by a subsidiary, he said somewhat jokingly that he’d like to put Jacqueline Michot Ceballos in a cage.

But when Jacqueline Ceballos, the 46-year-old head of the New York chapter of the National Organization of Women, turned up with 11 other picketers at Nabisco’s headquarters at 425 Park Avenue yesterday, Mr. Jenkins wasn’t there to carry out his joking threat.

PHOTO AND CAPTION : Demonstrators outside Nabisco, Inc., headquarters protesting sale of what they termed “torture kits” by company’s subsidiary, Aurora Products Corp

He, Robert M. Schaeberle, the president,and Lee S. Bickmore, the Nabisco chairman, had left town to attend a biscuit convention in San Diego.

The pickets – including one dressed as a hangman – were representatives of N.O.W., Parents for Responsibility in the Toy Industry and Women Strike for Peace. They walked up and down for an hour and a half in the rain carrying signs saying, “Sick Toys For Children Make A Sick Society !” and “A Toy Should Be A Toy ! A Toy Is To Grow !” and chanted :”Sadistic Toys Make Violent Boys.”

What they were objecting to were eight different Monster Scenes kits made by the Aurora Products Corporation – in particular the “Hanging Cage” and the “Pendulum” whose production was stopped when Aurora merged with Nabisco. However, kits can still be found on store shelves.


The women’s rights group also objected to what it termed “sexist kits” made by Aurora, particularly “Vampirella” (modeled after a comic book character) and the “Pendulum,” in which a semi-nude woman victim is strapped to a platform.

Nabisco’s reluctant involvement began last May when it acquired the Aurora Products Corporation, which makes the Monster Scenes kits.

“These toys depict violence, why encourage it ?” said Mrs. Yvette Williams, a Lever Bothers secretary, as she watched the picketers who were carrying some of the toys. “I wouldn’t have bought any for my child when she was younger.”

Questioned Friday about the planned demonstration, Mr. Jenkins had said, some-what testily : “The facts are these. Four days before we acquired this company last May, some publicity appeared in a New York paper and a church paper about these toys. We reviewed them and then stopped them. I know they’re not making them now.”

40,000 KITS SOLD

The president of Aurora, Charles Diker, said 40,000 of the “Hanging Cage” and “Pendulum” kits had been sold before production was stopped. “Since ’65 we’ve been making ‘Frankenstein’ kits, the ‘Hunchback’ and ‘Godzilla,’ well-known concepts in folklore,”he said.

“Children do not see the same things in the toys that an adult would,” said Richard Schwarzchild, Aurora’s vice president of marketing, noting the company had received about 120 letters of complaint and some phone calls.

“We’ve had more letters from youngsters and parents suggesting additions tothe line,” he said.

“We had a basic series of monster figures, then we decided to make movie-like sets for them. The kids said they wanted us to expand the line – that’s how they came into being,” he said, adding that 800,000 of the monster kits had been sold altogether.

“If you really look at them, you’ll see they’re torture kits,” said Mrs. Victoria Reiss, chairman of Parents for Responsibility in the Toy Industry.

She said she’d bought the “Hanging Cage,” “Pendulum” and “Vampirella” kits in the hobby shop at Macy’s last week. The first two cost $ 1.88 each, she said, and “Vampirella” $ 1.23.

“We want Nabisco and Aurora to stop making all the kits and to remove them from all the store shelves,” said Mrs. Reiss, the mother of three sons.

Aside from “Dr. Deadly,” “The Girl Victim,” “Frankenstein” and “Vampirella,” there are the “Pain Parlor” and “Gruesome Goodies” kits – all in production for eight months now.


Two Nabisco officials who didn’t go to the biscuit convention yesterday were W.Glenn Craig, director of publicity, and Harry Schroeter, vice president in charge of communications. They ushered about 10 picketers who had requested a hearing into a conference room on Nabisco’s fifth floor and said :

They felt it was unfair they hadn’t been given any notice of the demonstration by its planners; that it would be very difficult to remove the toys from the market; that they’d take a good look at the situation, as no one wants to get the kind of publicity they’d received ; that Monster Scenes kits were a terrible embarrassment to Nabisco and had been since the day they found out about them.

“We’ll present what the group has told us, their feelings and objections, to our chief officers when they return, and we’ll come out with a statement later this week, I’m sure,” Mr. Schroeter said.

In the meantime, the picketing groups said they plan to launch a national boycott against Nabisco and Aurora and will distribute leaflets and picket department stores that carry the kits during the Christmas buying season.

“If Nabisco had bad cookies, they’d certainly take them off the shelves, wouldn’t they?” commented one picketer’s husband gruffly.

Jacqueline Ceballos now runs VFA- Veteran Feminists of America | PO Box 44551 | Phoenix | AZ | 85064

URGENT – VFA Asks: Did you Take Part in the Demonstration Against Nabisco?



Dennis Prince, a writer/analyst writes:

I’m working on a research project regarding the Aurora Plastics Corporation. My research has led me to take notice of your amazing accomplishments in regards to raising awareness of a product named Monster Scenes from 1971.

I would like to interview the women who took part in the demonstration.

If you were there, planned the demonstration, or knows who did,
Please email Dennis Prince 

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  1. I tried to assist with helping NOW form a chapter when I was at my college years ago, but had I known they were involved in this debacle, I would never have done it. I was a kid at the time and, as an avid model builder, owned all of these. I would add that I have never even had so much as a parking ticket and am on the final classes of a doctoral degree, as well as having a professional career and working as a consultant in education. I even do things such as open doors, buy flowers, and all those kinds of courtesies that are not to demean women, but to be a compassionate human being. How does NOW’s crackpot science explain me turning out so normal when I was exposed to all of these naughty novelties?

    I never saw these kits in those ways as a 12-year-old, but just more monster kits. That is the problem with groups such as NOW and PETA. What starts off as a good idea often gets surreal as they jockey for PR and find imaginary devils. Every group views itself as as amateur head-shrinkers that know what is best for everyone else. No wonder the psychiatric community is criticized so routinely. They have to deal with the backwash of this nonesense.

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