Another loving hubby forced to choke his wife

By: BettyJean Kling

Remember Greg whose family insists the wife forced him to snap and strangle her? Well here is another guy who may be in the same boat- gee they better keep an eye on him- before he gets himself murdered. Why do I say this? Easy – it’s obvious this guy snapped just as Greg did – he was wearing a I Love my wife T-Shirt and I and I am sure his family and friends believe him!

I can hardly wait for the rest of the story – just what kind of a fiendish wife forced this meek looking kind hearted loving husband to go and do something so strange.

I can’t even begin to wonder how his family and friends are dealing with this- He could be looking at attempted murder over this witch of a women– who cares about that wife- she must have asked for it- they always do you know.

Look at him- just look at that innocent face- I will be if you look real close you may see the bruises on his face- I bet she beat this poor man mercilessly and he just snapped this one day! Yeah that’s it. Well let’s see what the papers say – not that we care of course – we will just listen to the family – his!

‘I (Heart) My Marriage’ Shirt No Protection From Domestic Charges    

TAMPA – A man booked into jail wearing an “I (heart) my marriage” T-shirt now is barred by a protective injunction from going near his wife and children, records show.

Bradley Gellert, 32, of Apollo Beach, was arrested Sunday, charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation. He was released from a Hillsborough County Jail on Monday after posting $1,000 bail, records show.

Hillsborough County deputies arrested Gellert at the agency’s district office in Ruskin on Sunday after he followed his wife there.

The sheriff’s office said Gellert’s wife, Rebekah Lynee Gellert, reported that her husband had thrown things at her, grabbed her around the neck and pushed her to the ground during an argument Sunday, causing a bruise on her leg.

Online court records show Rebekah Gellert received a temporary injunction for protection against her husband on Monday.

She also filed for dissolution of their marriage in January 2008, court records show. The records did not say how long the couple had been married.

Bradley Gellert has been married previously and was divorced in 2002, records show


And right on time showed up adoring fans of the abuser with these comments, see a pattern here?

Shel April 6, 2009 at 1:00 am

Your next article should be a post that the charges were completely false and untrue.
Thanks for bringing attention to a story that was a lie and runied this mans good name.

Posted by (Old_Crusty) on 03/17/2009 at 02:16 pm.

And he’s prohibited from going near the children why? Oh yea, this is Florida. …. Never mind, just tell him where to send the money until the kids are eighteen because of mommys bruise ;-I

Posted by (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) on 03/17/2009 at 02:51 pm.

And this guy is going to jail with what evidence against him ? Just the word of some crazy woman ? You have got to be kidding me ? DV cases are nothing but a witch hunt now. Simply to arest based on the word of an emotional woman with motivation to lie is an injustice. They destroy your personal record, job opportunities and potential renting of a place to live in apts that conduct background checks.Yes some women are abused, but I think that the overwellming majority bring it upon themselves. They provoke the confrontation by constantly nagging and getting into the guys face daring him to hit her. Then as soon as he knocks her on her butt by slapping the smile of her face……then she turns into a helpless victim. Yeah…right……they are all manipulative, lying, caniving gold diggers that sell what is between their legs for a place to live.

Posted by (Tampa_Dogger) on 03/17/2009 at 06:52 pm.

2:1 says she’s a foreign woman who recently had her visa sponsorship revoked by this guy. to still get the papers she’ll need to claim abuse.


And then finally- the truth as can be verified by the HCSO official report:

Posted by (Sunshine084) on 03/18/2009 at 11:16 pm.

I thought you might be interested in some of the official statement details. You mentioned the argument was over drugs. It was actually over the fact that Bradley had recently given up his kids rooms to two people who were smoking pot and drinking on a daily basis. His wife, (who hasn’t lived with him in over a year) said that there is no way a court would allow him custody of the kids when that was the environment he was providing, and he took it as a threat. The incident also didn’t happen at his house, it happened at the church her parents pastor, which is also where she uses an office for her work. (Interesting fact, this is the same church that Sarah Lunde went to). After telling the kids to leave the office, he closed the door and proceeded to scream at the victim, kicking and throwing items around the office, though the only thing he threw into her was the desk itself, which he flipped into her leg, resulting in bruising and cuts on her right knee and shin. He then grabbed her top, tearing it from her body, and took her to the ground, choking her. She screamed for her son, and her daughter came in, which is when he stopped. She then took her kids and left to go to the police station, where upon leaving, he, in front of witnesses, said that when he got out of jail he would kill her. A couple of the officers recognized her from previous incidents where she declined pressing charges because she didn’t want him to go to jail. The children being part of it this time is what changed her mind.

Bradley turned himself in. So it’s the story itself. Not just one side.

All of this can be verified by the HCSO official report.

Now I hope yopu can all see this is not unusual for the victim to be re victimized by friends and family and even strangers. This must stop and we must stop it.

Do not capitulate – do not be afraid because this only continues because we have backed down.

It is terrorism and it has been going all along!


7 Responses

  1. So Sad, sad sad,

    I feel this whole thing, I have a sister who protects the one who does the bad——it has about destroyed our relationshiop.

    Remeber BJ: it destroys families, when one stands alone against the abuse and the others (siblings) don’t, the harm just goes on and on and on. God bless that mother and her children.

    Any info on the reason for the first divorce.

    • The neighnors thought he was religious– his second wife is the daughter of a preacher and it appears they were seperated – she was giving him hell for having the kids in the house with druggies when he freaked out!
      As to the first wife- these creeps never change so your guess is as good as mine!

  2. This is so true and horribly sad.

    What is the worst is no one goes on record supporting the victim. They are just the byline of the story.

    The abusers circle continues on and on. If they admit that the abuser is a bad person, then they would have to take a good look at themselves for not being more aware.

    Their guilt is what speaks out, their enabling by turning a blind eye. When the truth is staring them in the face, they would prefer to run and hide than face the fact that they may have been wrong.

    • Unbelievable yes- all the comments but one were par for the course- then we find out this bastard was a real winner alright!

      But as usual – they attack the wife and are all to willing to hand him the kids!
      people are freaks I tell you – — we had better wake up fast and start dpong something about this – how many do i have to bring to the attention before we see a pattern here?

  3. Unbelievable what those who comment assume.. she had to be a foreigner” looking for citizenship!! Where did they get this from? They come up with all different scenarios ignoring that facts a woman was assaulted does it matter a hill of beans if she was a foreigner? Foreigner women deserve to be assaulted??!!
    And this scenario
    “they are all manipulative, lying, caniving gold diggers that sell what is between their legs for a place to live.”

    How deeply sad how woman are viewed.
    A woman is assaulted and their are hundreds of reasons why it was her fault. Not one word about HIS inability to control himself nor how inappropriate it is to assault someone.
    How sad.

  4. How brilliant was this guy to have a mug shot
    Taken for domestic violence charges wearing a T shirt
    that says I heart my marriage??
    Thinking OJ simpson had one of those too.
    Michael Vick had a I heart my dogs.
    And then there was Hitler and his
    I heart the jews. And who can forget Muhhammeds
    I heart everybody.

    What a world.

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