Women fighting back: Go granny go!

BettyJean Kling

Here is a mug shot of a criminal with defensive wounds on his sorry ass face and head – – while it is never OK to hit someone- it is perfectly fine to defend yourself! And if you are a woman use whatever means you need. This 71 year old woman had an iron fry pan. Go granny go! And the next time the defenders of a 250 Lb. guy in a mug shot with an itty bitty scratch or two try to tell me he was the abused and I should look carefully to see his bruises, perhaps I will show them Kevin here and show them what a terrified woman can and will do to try an save her own life. Gimme a break!

As I was told recently – a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you hear me now? Below the stories of 3 seniors who beat the hell out of their male abusers!

Hutch woman holds off attacker with frying pan

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – A 71-year-old Hutchinson woman beat off an attacker with a frying pan, according to police who arrested the man after he spent the weekend at the hospital. Wednesday, the man made his first appearance in court.

Twenty-five-year-old Kevin Funderburk’s mug shot reveals the aftermath of what happened when police say he tried to attack an elderly Hutchinson woman. He spent two days in the hospital after he was beaten and knocked unconscious by his alleged victim.

Court records filed Wednesday morning charge Funderburk with aggravated battery, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated rape. But the complaint says he was “prevented from executing” the rape. Police say that’s where the frying pan came in.

The case comes after a series of high-profile incidences involving other elderly people fighting off attackers.

In February of this year, a 75-year-old woman came to the rescue of a convenience store clerk who was being robbed. She kept trying to hit him with the hand scanner. Last year, an Ohio grandmother used a pot to fight off four burglars who broke into her home.

Funderburk was found by police unconscious and lying in his own vomit in the back of the house.

Police records list Funderburk’s address as a homeless shelter. But he’s now in the Reno County Jail being held on a $150,000 bond. Funderburk’s next court date is set for January 12th.

2 Responses

  1. Good for these women! Just goes to show you, that sleazy governments who try to take our guns away, won’t stop women from defending themselves. I do wonder, though, what Mayor Bloomcrud of New York City and his pussy cops would do if I or another NYC woman fought back. We would probably end up in jail. That’s how crappy NYC is.

  2. To live on the wind,
    You are so right, we have to be so careful when defending ourselves- for example – you had better not be defending yourself against your intimate partner or family member or they will turn you into the perp and themselves into the victim.
    It happens every time.

    Look at the Gregory Scott Turner case I have been writing about – his mug shot doesn’t even show a scratch to mention yet the family is saying he was the one who got beat up as if a woman has not right to self defense.

    I am with you girl- get a gun – if the bastard hits you once – have his sorry ass arrested and leave him and never drop the charges or return to prove you are serious.
    If he comes after you again – blow him away! There’s your – self defense!

    We have a right to defend ourselves if the law will not! If more and more of us step up and do it – soon they will get the message – remember one way or the other some of us will pay either by ending up dead as a victim who didn’t fight back or in jail as one who did but soon enough they will know – we are not going to take it anymore!

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