Anti-American, Anti-Jew: blames US for making terrorists of good Muslims

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

I promised myself I was going to step out of politics and concentrate on violence against women and children. I promised myself I was going to get out of the extreme Islam conversation and concentrate on violence against women and children. I promised myself I was going to step out of all discussions about how the war is going and what to do about it and concentrate on violence against women and children. That was my New Year resolution 2010 and I promised myself I would KEEP IT 2011 it didn’t work then and it looks like a year later I am not doing real well getting on track now. WHY? Because politics, extreme Islam, and war are women’s issues and all relate back to violence against women and children. Whoever said women have ‘women’s issues’ was wrong – it should be said that women have more issues because they care about things that men care about and also things that some men don’t care about.

Anyway- someone sent me a piece today that already broke resolution AGAIN. So I have a new resolution- I am going to tell it like it is- because that is what I do best even if I don’t do it well! Anyone who knows me knows I am 3 things- Mother- Patriot –Human Rights Activist. This piece pissed off all three of me! Not because some of what he said wasn’t true but because he didn’t tell the whole truth. Yeah we do have a lot of bad guys in charge and yeah we have to vote the bums out. Yeah we have allowed them to do a lot of lousy stuff in the name of America and yeah America is on the wrong track because of it. We Americans must take out country back and get things back on track.

BUT this anti-American Anti-Jew lays Islamic terrorism at our feet as if … . Please go read this bleeding heart for yourself and find who he bleeds for and why it pissed me off so bad. My answer below may give you a clue –It seems he thinks –we think Islamic terrorism began on 911 and he wants us to know it began about 50 years ago. I doubt the elitist will respond to my lowly comments about just how long these creatures have been terrorizing humanity.

Muslims are terrorists because Muhammad, Islam’s lone prophet and Allah’s singular voice, was a ruthless and dedicated terrorist. Islamic militants, called insurgents today, are good Muslims, not bad ones. The jihadists haven’t corrupted Islam, hijacked their religion, nor interpreted it incorrectly, and therefore they aren’t radicals. Islam isn’t a peaceful religion; it is a declaration of war against all mankind. While bad Muslims can be moderate and peaceful, they have no influence because the Qur’an tells good Muslims to kill them.

Terrorism: Made in the U.S.A.
by Sheldon Richman, Posted December 24, 2010

It’s a perilous world, as our so-called leaders love to remind us. And for a change they’re right. It is a perilous world. But guess who is most responsible for the peril to Americans? Those very same “leaders” and a long line of predecessors.

We kid ourselves when we pretend that history began on September 11, 2001. Can anyone say with a straight face that before that date America was minding its own business according to the noninterventionist guidelines set out by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Read some history. Or does American exceptionalism
mean not having to know anything before dropping bombs on people and torturing detainees? No mystery

There is much to be said of your piece –one cannot deny many of the accusations you make against those in DC who have wrought war against what you have called the Muslim world. Having said that, Oh that it was just that simple. Oh that the Muslim world was simply our victims – thrust into becoming terrorists as a result of our actions alone!

Yes this should end but alas it will not! And my dear man you neglect to trace it back and admit that these Muslim peoples were terrorists long before the United States existed or Israel was our ally.

How convenient for you to assert” Let’s just say what many people already know: the “war on terrorism” produces terrorists. No half-intelligent person could think that U.S. abuse of the Muslim world … could have any effect other than to produce violent, vengeful anti-Americanism.”

Indeed, no half-intelligent person would believe it is fair to blame blood thirst on anyone but those who have since the beginning of time lusted after it and have long been known to kill their own and treat their women and children lower than animals.

How dare you attempt to lay on the American people the blame for a religious politic stuck in the seventh century that longs to annihilate everything in its path by their own admission? You dare blame us for the rage of a people who breed their females solely for the purpose of taking over the world and ridding this earth of all who will not bow to a vengeful Allah and his prophet Mohammad?

War is not pretty- I hate it – I hate the slaughter of innocents- but before you lambaste us with the shootings at checkpoints, drones and blood of women and children – explain the women and children who have done nothing to feel the wrath of these people you are  blaming us for inciting.

Where are you to condemn these brutes for their atrocities when they throw acid in their wives faces or cut the noses off, or hang them after unjust court hearings?

Tell me how the Americans and Jews incited them to bury their women to the chest and stone them to death? Tell me how they incited these otherwise peaceful people to rape their own young boys or sell their baby girls- or kills off rival tribes?

You wrote “When you treat people as if they are animals, or help others to treat them that way, some of those people will get angry and vow to get even. If desperate enough they will even be willing to give their lives to the cause — yes, even to fly airplanes into tall buildings.”

Right now you are helping them to treat their women and children like animals – does that give me a right to fly into your home and kill you- have you made me a terrorist? Am I vowing to get even? Sure – so I write this- and I am not an esteemed writer but I am angry and I am striking back as a civilized and concerned human being to say – you are only looking at one side – this article is not fair! You don’t give a damned about the women and children – you are simply Anti American and Anti- Jew!

6 Responses

  1. when you are right you are right ..again
    Brava BJ…

    what are resolutions??? haven”t made them in years can’t keep them so why bother LOL

  2. As a child I made one resolution – I did not know it was a resolution then but apparently it was. I have and I can keep the one resolution I made– To fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way – where ever I heard that as a kid – I fell in love with it and it stayed with me!

    Truth – Justice and The American Way. I will be forever resolved to be 3 things- and no more-:

    Mother= Truth
    Human Rights Activist= Justice for all
    Patriot=The American Way

  3. And that is why I love you my friend.

  4. BJK: That was the Theme for “SUPERMAN”

    the original with George Reeves, that has to be where you heard it, I used to watch it everyday after school and we are around the same age.

  5. Yes – you are right- he was my hero – I used to dream he would come swoop me up and take me to be a reporter on all the bad guys in the world. I think he is the reason I believe there are good guys in the world. Unfortunately he is also the reason I believed I needed a superhero to come swoop me away so I could be the terrific reporter Lois Lane was.

    I am at least grateful I didn’t want to be some wimpy lil thing hiding in a corner waiting for prince charming to ride me off to a quiet castle!
    Anyone who knows me – knows damned well I wanted to fly high not sit on any damned thrown with a prissy silly quite do nothing job to do.

    Well at least you have solved a question I have always had- know I know !

    Thanks you !

  6. May Allah (swt) cursed those who provoke and do inocent killings.

    I just want to ask you a question.

    ☼What is the participation of Islam in World War I and World War II?

    Please read also:

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