Gregory Scott Turner friends and family attack the messengers.

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

When I first heard about the wife beater and would-be killer Greg Turner he was wanted for strangling his wife in front of his two daughters aged 5 and 7. He left her unconscious as he fled the scene leaving the children with the dying woman. Fortunately the 7 year old called 911 and saved her mother’s life. Greg was on the run and an all points look-out was placed as a friend told the police Greg was sure he killed Ketra and would commit suicide. The story was all over the paper along with his mug shot from a previous arrest a week earlier. His friends and family were all over the story leaving comments to the effect that Ketra deserved it!

They immediately launched an all out offensive on the victim such as I unfortunately have seen before. This piqued my interest but before I created a story – Greg was found dead of a suspected suicide.

[UPDATED:] Gregory Scott Turner, UCI Criminology Student Wanted For Wife’s Attempted Murder, Dead

A 7-year-old girl called 9-1-1 Wednesday afternoon to report her father, in front of her and her 5-year-old sister, beat their mother to unconsciousness in their campus apartment at UC Irvine.
A manhunt is now under way for Gregory Scott Turner.
Or, the 33-year-old criminology student’s body.
Campus police believe Turner, who is wanted for attempted murder, may be suicidal.
They say he tried to strangle his wife during a violent confrontation in their Verano Place apartment before the emergency call was made around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.
Turner was last seen driving a 2006 blue Chevy truck with the license plate 8P53538.
His daughters, who were not physically harmed during the attack, are now in protective custody while their mother is being treated at a local hospital.

Here are some of the comments to the newspapers immediately upon release of the story.

  • ketra is a cheater an gregory was murdered so quit talking shit about something you dont even know
  • ketra is a lowlife cheater an gregory was murdered quit talking all your stuff if you dont know the truth
  • I knew Greg, but I also knew his cheating wife.. he gets the bad rap, she is treated like the victim, he spent 5 days in jail, with bruises and cuts from her, then he is released only to be murdered.. very sad situation for his family..

Then the attacks on Ketra got worse and I did post a blog piece to bring on what I knew would be a very interesting study and proof of what goes on! For those of you who ask why does she stay- why does she drop charges – – she must like it- here is a closer look at exactly what happens to the victim when the whole world turns against YOU the victim and you have seemingly nowhere to go- nowhere to turn and not a friend left. AND in this case the damned filthy pig is dead! But the friends and family continue the abuse in his absence- Imagine if he were still alive what this already abused women must feel like when everyone is accusing her – defaming her – attacking her – where does she turn- where does she run?

Will he – his family let her take her children and run? Will the court take her kids if she tries to? I also created a blog for comments in Ketra’s defense- While I immediately go over 250 comments on his blog piece – – no one stepped up for Ketra and the Girls!

Abuse is Always Wrong!
Never ask anyone why they stay AGAIN! Next time Ask why there is no help? Ask why we allow this? Ask what is wrong with our JUSTICE system? Even the other women in the family admitted to being beat for 15 years – his own sister Amanda stayed for 15 years beaten until he left her for another woman who he probably beats. Scot and Amanda’s mother is a victim- and she is now crying her eyes out.

Had she left – her son would not have grown up like this nor her daughter this did not have to end this way. We must stop this and we must stop it now! I won’t back down to harassment and bullying – but instead allow a window into what it looks like firsthand!

You have been asking the wrong questions! I request you read the following carefully: bookmark –

Abusive Behavior Checklist     Verbal Abuse
      •    Ignore your feelings     
      •    Disrespect you             
      •    Ridicule or insult you then tell you it’s a joke, or that you have no sense of humor           
      •    Ridicule your beliefs, religion, race, heritage or class
      •    Withhold approval, appreciation or affection               
      •    Give you the silent treatment                                   
      •    Walk away without answering you                             
      •    Criticize you, call you names, yell at you                     
      •    Humiliate you privately or in public                            
      •    Roll his or her eyes when you talk                            
      •    Give you a hard time about socializing with your friends or family    
      •    Make you socialize (and keep up appearances) even when you don’t feel well
      •    Seem to make sure that what you really want is exactly what you won’t get
      •    Tell you you are too sensitive                            
      •    Hurt you especially when you are down               
      •    Seem energized by fighting, while fighting exhausts you       
      •    Have unpredictable mood swings, alternating from good to bad for no apparent reason   
      •    Present a wonderful face to the world and is well liked by outsiders
      •    “Twist” your words, somehow turning what you said against you      
      •    Try to control decisions, money, even the way you style your hair or wear your clothes
      •    Complain about how badly you treat him            
      •    Threaten to leave, or threaten to throw you out           
      •    Say things that make you feel good, but do things that make you feel bad
      •    Ever left you stranded  
      •    Ever threaten to hurt you or your family           
      •    Ever hit or pushed you, even “accidentally”    
      •    Seem to stir up trouble just when you seem to be getting closer to each other
      •    Abuse something you love: a pet, a child, an object
      •    Compliment you enough to keep you happy, yet criticize you enough to keep you insecure  
      •    Promise to never do something hurtful again                  
      •    Harass you about imagined affairs                              
      •    Manipulate you with lies and contradictions                   
      •    Destroy furniture, punch holes in walls, break appliances
      •    Drive like a  road-rage junkie
      •    Act immature and selfish, yet accuse you his behaviors        
      •    Question your every move and motive, somehow questioning your competence
      •    Interrupt you; hear but not really listen           
      •    Make you feel like you can’t win; whatever you do is never right
      •    Use drugs and/or alcohol. Are things worse then? 
      •    Incite you to rage, which is “proof” that you are to blame
      •    Try to convince you he or she is “right,” while you are “wrong”
      •    Frequently say things that are later denied or accuse you of misunderstanding
      •    Treat you like a sex object, or as though sex should be provided on demand regardless of how you feel

Emotional Abuse 

  • Frequently blames or criticizes you
  • Calls you names
  • Ridicules your beliefs, religion, race or class
  • Blames you for “causing” the abuse
  • Ridicules/makes bad remarks about your gender
  • Criticizes or threatens to hurt your family or friends
  • Isolates you from your family and friends
  • Abuses animals
  • Tries to keep you from doing something you wanted to do
  • Is angry if you pay too much attention to someone or something else (children, friends, school, etc.)
  • Withholds approval, appreciation or affection
  • Humiliates you
  • Becomes angry if meals or housework are not done to his liking
  • Makes contradictory demands
  • Does not include you in important decisions
  • Does not allow you to sleep
  • Repeatedly harasses you about things you did in the past
  • Takes away car keys, money or credit cards
  • Threatens to leave or told you to leave.
  • Checks up on you (listens to your phone calls, looks at phone bills, checks the mileage on the car, etc.)
  • Tells people you suffer from a mental illness
  • Threatens to commit suicide
  • Interferes with your work or school (provokes a fight in the morning, calls to harass you at work, etc.)
  • Minimizes or denies being abusive
  • Abuses your children
  • Breaks dates and cancels plans without reason
  • Uses drugs or alcohol to excuse their behavior
  • Uses phrases like “I’ll show you who is boss,” “I’ll put you in line”
  • Uses loud or intimidating tone of voice
  • Comes home at late hours refusing an explanation

   Financial Abuse

  • Makes all the decisions about money
  • Takes care of all financial matters without your input
  • Criticizes the way or amounts of money you spend
  • Places you on a budget that is unrealistic
  • Prohibits your access to bank accounts and credit cards
  • Refuses to put your name on joint assets
  • Controls your paycheck
  • Refuses you access to money
  • Refuses to let you work
  • Refuses to get a job
  • Refuses to pay bills
  • Causes you to lose your job


Sexual Abuse

  • Pressures you to have sex
  • Pressures you to perform sexual acts that make you uncomfortable or hurt you
  • Directs physical injury toward sexual areas of your body
  • Puts you at risk for unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Withholds sex or affection
  • Calls you sexual names (“whore”, “bitch”, etc.)
  • Tells anti-woman jokes or demeans women verbally/attacks your femininity
  • Accuses you of having or wanting sex with others
  • Forces you to have sex with others
  • Threatens to disclose your relationship when you did not want it known
  • Forces you to view pornography
  • Pressures you to dress in a certain way
  • Disregards your sexual needs and feelings about sex
  • Accuses you of being gay if you refused sex
  • Spreads rumors about your sexual behaviors
  • Forces you or refuses to let you use birth control
  • Makes unwanted public sexual advances
  • Makes remarks about your sexual abilities in private or in front of others
  • Rapes and sexually assaults you


   Using Children

  • Makes you feel guilty about your children
  • Uses children to relay negative messages
  • Uses children to report on your activities
  • Uses visitation to harass you
  • Threatens to take custody of your children
  • Threatens to kidnap your children

Physical Abuse                                                                                                            

  • Pushes, grabs or shoves you
  • Slaps you
  • Spits at you
  • Punches you
  • Kicks you
  • Chokes you
  • Pinches you
  • Pulls your hair
  • Burns you
  • Bites you
  • Ties you up
  • Forces you to share needles with others
  • Threatens you with a knife, gun or other weapon
  • Uses a knife, gun or other weapon
  • Prevents you from leaving an area/physically restrains you
  • Throws objects
  • Destroys property or your possessions
  • Drives recklessly to frighten you
  • Disregards your needs when you are ill, injured or pregnant
  • Abuses you while you are pregnant
  • Forces you to abort a pregnancy


5 Responses

  1. Brava Betty Jean
    This has certainly been an emotional story but as you say this is
    Domestic violence and it certainly played out here to sesreve
    As an education on just how dysfunctional families are

    It will also serve to benefit the Turner girls they will be appointed
    A child advocate who can use the comments here to help
    Decide what is in the best interest of the girls and I can honestly
    Say the vile that Gregs family and friends spewed here
    Will weigh heavy in Ketras behalf and I’d Ketra is smart
    She should be coping and pasting for legal purposes
    And if she is smart she’ll use it to get an order of protection for her
    And the girls and then take them far away.

    So some good will come from the vile they spewed here.
    Hopefully it will also help other women to see the devastation of Violence

  2. Barbara,
    I am on a mission. Ever since I found out that these creetons were after Ketra I warned them to cease and desist for the sake of the girls.
    They have refused.

    Therefore It is incumbent upon myself and others to be sure when the girls do a search sometime in the future- they are made fully aware of certain facts;

    The Turner family are a typical dysfunctional family of abusive, illiterate violent misfits who purposefully attacked Ketra in order to circumvent the truth about their family.

    They have no regard for his daughters whatsoever, so we will have to. The turners along with his friends are dissolving the credibility of the only parent left thereby shaking their very foundation. Not uncommon in cases where the entire family and their associates are all birds of a feather.

    I hope this ends up being a case study for other women who have children and for women withoout children who see red flags!

    • you know you talk alot of shit about people you know nothing about. you do not know the first thing about gregs family to say they have no regards for his kids…..just because one family member has an anger issue and an abuse issue does not mean anything about an entire family. if that was the case why dont we start talking all this shit about you and your family….should we bring up all your old news and stories about you??? should we throw your name in the gutter just because we dont like you……YOU ARE NOT GOD….WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. ALL THIS BASHING YOU ARE DOING IS AGAINST THE LAW, ITS WRONG. STICK TO THE FACTS……..STICK TO WHAT HAS BEEN PROVED…..BUT YOU CANT DO THAT., YOU CANT BE AN ADULT AND LET THIS MAN REST IN PEACE…….YOU KEEP TALKIN ABOUT THESE BIRDS OF A FEATHER. YEAH WE MUST BE BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ALL PERFECT AND WE NEVER PUT OURSELVES OUT THERE LIKE WE ARE. I GUESS THATS YOUR PROBLEM. YOU THINK YOU ARE PERFECT……VERY VERY WRONG. LOOK IN THE MIRROR….YOU SAY WE ARE SO HATEFUL AND WRONG BUT YOU AINT NO BETTER…YOU JUDGE JUST LIKE WE DO, YOU MAKE WRONG CHOICES IN YOUR LIFE JUST LIKE WE DO……WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND MAKE MISTAKES. THATS IN NO WAY FOR YOU TO TAKE THINGS IN YOUR OWN HANDS AND TALK DOWN TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR THEIR FAULTS……

  3. Thanks for the information in this post! Very helpful.

    If I may add my humble opinion, tickling or any other contact that is unwelcome is abuse also. If I tell someone to stop touching me in any way, “goosing,” tickling, etc., it is abuse if they continue against my wishes; a thousand times more so if a child says “stop” and the behavior does not stop.

    • Your opinion is absolutely correct. Touching someone without permission in any way at all is abuse. Touching a child who can not give concent is also abuse.

      No one has a right to toch someone else for any reason at all! Life is not always as we like it to be and often someone may even say or do things we don’t like but we cannot strike them -. We have control only over ourselves and no one else.
      And we must learn self control! Accept the things we cannot change – change the things we can 0- and most importantly – know the difference.
      too many times people decide to change what is not in their power by force.
      In case of children – they use their position of power and/or force- These persons are brutes and are always wrong.

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