Will Honor Killing Threats Keep Harry Potter Actress in Permanent Hiding?

by Phyllis Chesler
December 21, 2010



Afshan Azad, 22, the high-profile Harry Potter actress remains in hiding after refusing to appear in a London court. Ms. Azad had been seeing a non-Muslim man, a Hindu. Her family, specifically her father, Abul Azad, 53, and her brother Ashraf, 28, called her a “prostitute” and tried to force her into an arranged marriage with a Muslim man. Her brother also beat and her father threatened to kill her in May of this year. She escaped her family home and has been in hiding ever since. According to the Telegraph, she refused to testify against her family, saying that doing so would endanger her further. Apparently the British police tried but failed to persuade Ms. Azad to testify.

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10 Responses

  1. How horrible and terribly sad. The world of women sinks slowly into oblivion.

    Thank you Phyllis for bringing this to our attention. I hadn’t read about it any where else.

  2. Ironically, Afshan Azad played a Hindu in the Harry Potter film and considering she is of Bangladeshi origin, has Hindu ancestry.

    On a lighter note –

  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the video!

    Are you in WI or CA?

  4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  5. It’s better to laugh. Saad Haroon, the singer of the song is getting a shellacking from the mullahs. For disrespecting Islam. So that it makes it even funnier. Especially when you consider that not a word of this song is untrue.

  6. He is lucky to be alive.
    I found you on Facebook.

  7. “I found you on Facebook”

    yeah! i use my real name here. always have. and the email links up to my facebook account.

  8. Considering how cold it gets here, I wish I were in California.

  9. The Harry Potter “geeks” recognize this as the sort of antics we can expect from the “House of Slytherin.” Pavarti and her twin would have readily ditched these guys for someone who is a good dancer and appreciates the effort they invest in looking like the “arm candy” these Power Mad Males (I can’t bring myself to refer to them as “Men”) demand.

    Can we be pro-active here? Is there a suggestion or two for ways to address the cult of every “witch” way-cide in which these cowards indulge? My experience with bullies is that they are single-layer fronts for zero substance. Once a brave witch, like any student of Hogwarts knows, gets past the illusion of power, they know how readily bullies are thwarted by skill, knowledge and courage. That’s what the Harry Potter series is about: teaching young people, oppressed people and folks who just want to live in peace, that they do possess within themselves, the potential to link energies with like-minded colleagues and protect themselves with sophisticated spells. Hermione Granger would start with protective and invisibility spells while she performs spells of “expansiveness” on her bag, shelter, books. Don’t forget the portrait of Serius Black’s relative who can move between her and the portrait of himself that hangs in Hogwart’s Headmaster’s office. Ladies, get your wands up and practice! Alohamora!! Deffendo!! Accio!!

    • I have never read HP you make it sound so interesting – hmmmmm now I want to read it!
      good work Anna . Meanwhile this poor Gal is terrified to testify and lives in fear having unfortunately no alternative from this evil which really does exist!
      Some religion of peace!

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