It’s Done: Obama signs the DADYT Repeal

BettyJean Kling

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is DEAD! The president just signed it the repeal – saying “It’s Done.”

He told several stories of Gay hero’s and a promise he made to a woman recently on his trip to Afghanistan.

Slipping into his famous cadence, this was the best speech I have heard out of Obama since the Democratic Convention of 2004 – what I call the one America Speech. I applaud the congress for a job well done, even if this was done only to win back a base on a last ditch effort. This after all could have been done 2 years ago as easily as it was in this last 2 weeks. Nevertheless- I won’t ask why – I am just grateful more citizens have gained the rights.

There simply is nothing in our Constitution that prevents Gay Americans from having the full rights of every other American Citizen!


3 Responses

  1. I should add Thank You Senators Liberman and Collins for backing this all the way.

  2. Rishi, I am suprised that there are not more comments- Hell I was up before anyone on this- while he was still speakingh I was up – while he was signing with his 10 pens I was up.
    I added the words Its done and pushed the submit as he said “its done”
    And as the first up – no one comes to comment?
    what the hell – this is a big damne ddeal- justice was done here today !
    FINALLY and this is all I get !
    We should be dancing in the streets on this!

    I am shocked!

  3. Well, as my friend Monte from the Wisconsin Greens describes it – Apathy is a large part of the American electorate.

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