Twenty Questions About Pornography: This Is A Test

by Phyllis Chesler
December 16, 2010


Pornography has invaded the world’s imagination. It is everywhere: On the Internet, in films, in movies, in rap music videos. Five-year-old girls dress and are taught to behave like pornography stars in order to win beauty contests. Ten- to twelve-year-old girls both dress and behave like the pornographic images that surround them—and they provide sexual services to young boys. Opera—high culture—has also been increasingly “sexed up.” I have seen productions of “Carmen” and “Lulu” in which the lead diva was half-naked and in which she, too, sang the role as if she was a contemporary pornography star and prostitute.

No, I do not like any of this.

Yes, I take it all very seriously—as many Second Wave feminists and our Christian and conservative allies once did.

No, I do not think that hiding women beneath burqas is, therefore, any kind of solution. In fact, both pornography and prostitution are booming businesses in most Muslim countries.

Before we go any further, let’s play twenty questions. I really want your answers.

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