As Hillary Said: “It’ll take a Clinton to clean up after a Bush”

By: BettyJean Kling

Bill Clinton has been called in (again) to advise Mr. Obama on how to handle a problem at the White House. If only those damned liberals would have listened to Hillary who told them Obama was not ready yet and to those of us who warned them but NO! Anyway that is all water under the bridge. But wait…  just as Clinton was selling Obama’s last nail in the Progressives coffin Obama left Bill Clinton on the podium because Michelle was waiting and maybe the dog shit needed picked up before they went to dinner so Barack skipped out leaving a real President to answer the press on his behalf.

Obama left the Room and Bill Clinton is still there as This article goes to press about 45 minutes. Is Potus for real? He just up and leaves at his wife’s beck and call?  And he ran on scaring us that we might have Bill back in the White House – what a hoot  I hope he is still there if the phone rings at 3 am!

The left is gone crazy over and over again because their pick has not performed to their expectations. Keith Obamaman went on a 10 minute diatribe and even the Daily Koss and other Ubber Libs are losing their minds – heads exploding over ” The Cave In” on the Bush Tax Cuts which are actually not tax cuts but allowing people to keep more of their own money.

Let me just say- the Democrats are seething and screaming that we need to give them more money but they have not done one damned thing to stop waste – fraud or abuse in 4 years! And as far as forcing me to sell off my parents property to give the government nearly half of what my family has already been taxed on for the last 50 years – no, no, no, – hell NO! Am I inclined to sell my mother’s house so Nancy can fly in comfort? So Dobbs can get a better rate than I can? So Kerry can avoid his taxes? So the cornhusker deal can happen? Not so much! Not in a pigs eye- and not on your life!

Now as for Clinton standing there explaining how he doesn’t need the tax break – let me say this to him and all the other liberals earning over $250,000.00 a year!

On April 15, 2011, I will be waiting for a report on how many of you bleeding hearts including Pelosi have willingly written out a check for the difference between what you were charged and what you wanted to be charged. In other words – PUT you damned money where you loud mouth is and pay up or shut the hell up! No one is stopping you from paying the extra money that you want to forcibly take from others.

I suspect, however, you have ways of sheltering your contribution but are screaming to get your grimy paws on everyone else’s – so prove me wrong and send in the extra and prove it!

Oh and Bill Clinton this is not the first time you admitted not needing the money so put up and shut up! Go ahead and rally all those super rich libs and get them to clean up the damned debt- they insist we should – let them lead by example. Be that Clinton that cleans up after a Bush. 

Oh and Weiner- Kiss my ass!


5 Responses

  1. LMAO…again…Obama is providing laughter is the best
    Medicine who knew?

    I tuned in to see Bill standing there speaking like
    He was the President. I hear Obama left to go to a
    Christmas party…WTF??

    This is HILLARious!!! Obama needs Clinton LMAO

  2. OHHHH and agree with Weiner…or WHINNER
    Does he not Whine over everything?

    • Oh I thought he had to go scoop Dog shit again- who knew a president isn’t allowed to be late for a party in order to do his job.
      all the better to hand it over to a real POTUS for a change- wrong Clinton but the DNC wanted it this way!

    • What a loser that guy is – again let’s see what his income is and how mauch he pays.
      In fact let’s see what all these clowns make and how much they pay.
      AND- lets see the earmarks they want to spend all this money on – cause they sure as hell are not going to pay down the debt – they are just going to spend more. Not of my money – they’re not.
      Screw them – I will become a damned Republican first- Jesus diid I say that?

  3. […] well… but the blog headlines such as As Hillary Said: “It’ll take a Clinton to clean up after a Bush” are very funny, and they are all over the internet and all over every news channel. This is just […]

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