It’s me Louise

By: Louise

I know we have much to complain about as women in the US considering we have yet to elect a female president. Compared to 192 other countries that currently have women running their countries worldwide, we should be ashamed of our 17% representation in Government. Argentina for example, has 40 % representation and by law cannot have less than 35%.

As the 85 year old mother of this blog owner, a women’s activist, I scan the world news daily looking for stories about women to bring to her attention. I brought the world leader story to her yesterday and BettyJean decided I need to have my own byline. I don’t write but I would like you to know I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary hoping in my lifetime to see a Female president. I was born just 4 years after women got the vote.

BettyJean says, If I am going to keep sending her these stories and insist she blog them – then she insists I get credit for contributing them. So this is my introduction- my coming out.

It’s me Louise!


8 Responses

  1. So wonderful to have you here! Keep up the good work!

  2. HI Louise….WELCOME it certainly good to have you here
    Surprised it took Betty Jean so long to have you join us

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Yeah that’s my Mom – and if you think I am something- well she is where I got it from.
    Mom was the woman responsible for having the Boy’s Club of America changed to The Boy’s and Girls clubs of America!

  4. WOW…Louise that is an amazing accomplishment
    I would love to hear that story. Would you share that
    With us?.
    Truly inspiring.
    Again Welcome

    Good going BJ.

  5. what s sweet and sharp mom you have Betty Jean. Congrats

  6. Wow, Louise! You are intelligent AND beautiful. Thanks for helping your terrific (and also beautiful) daughter to keep us informed. God bless you. We are ALL lucky to have you. ♥

  7. Welcome Louise! So glad to see you finally stepping out to take credit for your contributions. We women need to learn to be better at that and to continue to encourage one another to shine.

    Continued good health with the passion that drives you driving more of us to succeed in our endeavors!

  8. NO FAIR!!! I always wondered how Betty Jean could always come up with material that I KNEW required endless reading and scouring of sources for news. It’s a relief to know she had a collaborator and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Now that you’ve been “outed” as a woman who works it, we’re VERY interested in your views of how your daughter’s generation of Women is taking up the torch.

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