Is Wal-Mart Guilty if Sexual Discrimination?

Enquiring minds need to ask: By BettyJean Kling

This week I am launching my new quest for truth Enquiring minds need to ask! As founder of TMU WOMEN I have spent the last three years trying to convince the ladies that we are pawns in the game of politics. The left and the right are playing us against one another and we have been busy with our families or what we have been told were women’s issues and therefore out of the loop. Now that we have become more involved they are targeting us but we still don’t seem to know the truth.

First it was the Paycheck Fairness Act- Why are women divided over PFA?

Then I queried Is big brother in your tomato patch?


The right and the left are bombarding us with fancy double talk about these bills and the talking heads and the elites from both sides who talk over your heads and in $15.00 words to show you just how well educated they are without considering how simple English would reach more voters. So TMU- WOMEN and Free US Now bring you a common sense approach – we ask and hope folks step up and give us more than opinions and talking head bullshit – the facts – just the facts so we can decide fact from fiction.

Truth be told – if we pressed these issues, as we the citizens should, we will probably find out – as I suspect – somewhere in the middle lies the truth. The moral of this story—they want it this way. They would not more give you the truth – or make it simple then hand you the keys to your government and give up their cushy careers, outlandish paychecks and power. In other words two wings of the same vulture- this crap is purposely written so that both sides can argue against citizens rights especially when it comes to equality for women!

And now for the latest thing to get your blood boiling and have you concerned about your rights as women. Was it a known conspiracy? Can we prove it? Gimme a break- we all know where this is going and how it will turn out- don’t we?

Time for the majority to unite and blazon our own path! Get it yet?

Hi BettyJean,

I’m sending this to you, maybe someone can write it up.  I would do it but I’m working on other things today! 

 This is outrageous for a number of different reasons.  Wal-Mart currently has an appeal in the Supreme Court.  They were caught on unfair pay practices to women and want the SC to dismiss because it would be an onerous settlement and damage them “too much” as a company.  (Remember the “to big to fail”)

Suit against Wal-Mart hinges on court
The Supreme Court will soon decide if it will let a class-action suit proceed against the retail giant.

By DAVID G. SAVAGE Tribune Washington Bureau

But they can go out and buy another chain of stores for $2.3 Billion, while they use the legal system to screw over women.

Wal-Mart to pay $2.3 billlion for control of Massmart

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Wal-Mart (WMT.N) is to pay $2.3 billion for control of Massmart (MSMJ.J), giving the world’s largest retailer a substantial presence in South Africa and paving the way for further expansion across the continent.

We really need to get together and boycott Walmart.  Now is the time, they are expecting to make big bucks over the holiday season, let’s deny them that income!  Hit them were it hurts and make them understand that women are not going to stand by and let them underpay, not bonus, and not promote women.  Standing up for this is important. 

 We will need an email letter and addy that people can copy and paste, telling them exactly why we won’t be shopping at their stores during the holiday and ever until they settle with their women employees.



10 Responses

  1. I don’t know Betty Jean. All I know is I’ve noticed the fringe loony left never saw a law suit they didn’t love!
    I was propagandized into believing all kinds of lies about Walmart a few years back – long story had to do with China – anyway – since shopping there in the last few years I’ve decided most stores are RUN locally with their people and if some are being nasty and discriminating BIG time it would be certain stores and certain misogynist bosses – not WALMART on a whole – but who knows! I do like shopping there now. And wish I had started earlier. LOL Peace!

  2. BettyJean,

    Please note that the article RE: Walmart appealing their suit to the SC was brought to my attention by wontbackdown at PUMApac.

  3. ladydawnelle,

    This has nothing to do with liberals. This has to do with the fact that Walmart was found guilty of discriminating against women and have to pay big buck to there women employees.

    That is the long and short of it. Walmart was found GUILTY.

    You shop there and you don’t support these women. Why don’t you just say you are a shill for Big Corporation and get it over with!

  4. I stand corrected, the action in SC is whether or not the case can be filed as a class action which would involve 1.5 million women employees.

    Walmart doesn’t what it filed this way and would prefer to take these women on one by one.

    Sorry, ladydawnelle.

    I’m enraged that Walmart is not going to allow women to join together and file together for fairness across the boad. They want to force these women to fight them and their top gun attorneys one at a time and just wear them down, till they either can’t afford to proceed or just get exhausted with fighting the “for the big corporation” protecting attorneys.

    All of this is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  5. This update on the Walmart SC case was tucked into another article. We will have to wait another week to see if the Supreme Court will take up the case.

    “Separately, the Supreme Court took no action Monday in a closely watched Wal-Mart appeal arising from a job-discrimination class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of hundreds of thousands of female workers at the nation’s largest retailer.

    Nine sets of business groups and big corporations, including the Chamber of Commerce, have urged the justices to hear Wal-Mart’s appeal. The pending question is not whether Wal-Mart wrongly paid and promoted men more than women, but whether the small group of women who began the case can represent a gigantic class of women.

    The justices are scheduled to issue their next set of orders on pending appeals, such as Wal-Mart’s, next Monday.”

    I guess since the case involves women it doesn’t rate it’s own article!

  6. Goofsmom:

    I have read and followed this for a while and had a post drafted that was pretty comprehensive that I lost in importing – well it’s sitting there – I just can’t access it some reason. I still working on recovering it

    This is an issue that, coupled with AT&T’s case could have a huge impact, as you know. I think defeat of the Paycheck Fairness Act is also directly related – to protecting all corporations from adverse impact.

    Please let us know if TMU is seriously planning to organize a boycott. We will join you from here and organize a demonstration at some stores – crediting TMU or FreeMeNow for the event. We can get the word out on a specific date quickly now, to a lot of women.

  7. That is excellent news Herlocaust. I’ll get with BettyJean on it and see what we can do!

  8. I’m getting a big thrill just thinking about pulling one off, Goofsmom. It couldn’t happen to a more worthy Giant.

    We need a good demonstration against this kind of sabotage of women’s equality that says loudly…


  9. nah, how about…


  10. LOL… I love it!!!

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