Banning Christmas Colors is outrageous and untrue

By: Rosa P Leonetti

Update- BJ Kling-11/30

This story is simply not true. Please see this article for clarification. I work in this district, there is NO banning of any holidays in our district. You should see the front office!

The Heathrow Elementary School in Lake Mary Florida (Seminole County Public Schools) has officially banned Christmas colors. This is outrageous. What can we do? We have coordinated this effort with my friend Karen from DC Works for Us and we shall bombard the phone lines. Spread the word among your group members! On your mark, get set, go! Phone: 407 320 6850 Fax: 407 320 6890

Christmas Ban Angers School Parents
Parent Says Santa, Christmas Colors Not Allowed In Classroom

HEATHROW, Fla. — A school in Seminole County has banned just about everything associated with Christmas.

School board policy indicates employees must be neutral when it comes to religion, and while schools can celebrate some aspects of the holidays, it can’t observe or promote holidays as religious events.


A district spokesperson told WESH that so far no parents have complained. No? I it looks like they’re going right over their heads to complain about their stupidity
to the local media.

The results, thus far, of a poll being taken at WESH show that people overwhelmingly disapprove of the district’s anti-Christmas policy:



Hat tip:
Weasel Zippers

Spread the word among your group members! On your mark, get set, go!

Phone: 407 320 6850

Fax: 407 320 6890



6 Responses

  1. This story is simple not true. Please see this article for clarification. I work in this district, there is NO banning of any holidays in our district. You should see the front office!,0,2041770.story

  2. Thank you Amanda, for attempting to set the record straight about your school district. By all means we want to make sure everyone know the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so here goes:
    What is correct is that red and green are not banned; they also have not banned snowflakes, snowmen and evergreen trees… how nice of them.
    But your statement that there is no banning of any holidays is INCORRECT and I quote,
    “Instead, the school is sticking to a years-old policy of celebrating winter rather than tying the season to Christian, Jewish or other holidays.”
    It is safe to say then, by their own admission, that all Holidays ARE banned and they celebrate winter instead.
    Do they allow headscarves? Prayer? Pledge of allegiance? Crucifix, religious metals (Patron Saints, Star of David), Claddagh rings, Purity/ chastity rings? Our Flag?
    In America – we should not be banning Christmas Holiday’s! Our Jewish people have no problem with it- We also celebrate our Jewish holidays – this is a Judeo/Christian nation and we are proud of it. If we were to move to an Islamic nation we would respect their culture!

    • I think you are reading too much into this. My kids both go to schools here in Seminole County. I volunteered many times in their classrooms during the holiday season where we did a Christmas activity, a Hannukah activity, a Ramadan activity, a Kwanza activity, and a New Year’s activity (round robin style). However, I do not send my children to public schools to learn about religious holidays, that is why my children attend religious school twice a week. If Heathrow chooses to celebrate the season but not specifically any one holiday I really don’t see what the big deal is. They are not telling anyone they can’t recognize any one holiday. The holidays are not BANNED. Seminole County schools do not ban any of the things you listed. The only things banned in our district are offending clothing items and gang colors. No religious items fit into those categories. Our schools offer courses on different religious, ABOUT them, not the theology of them. The high school in which I teach has a club for Christian athletes, for Jewish students, for Muslim students etc. Every school starts the day with “The Pledge of Allegience.” For the record, I am a “Jewish” person. It’s not so much that I don’t have a problem with celebrating holidays in the schools, I just don’t see the school system as an authority on teaching about those holidays in the way in which they should be taught. This is why I attend synagogue regularly and, I assume, you attend church regularly.

      • Amanda,

        I am a retired school teacher and I know teachers are on the front lines. I was going by what the paper reported and I quoted what was reported as the school standing policy – no holiday celebrations.

        Apparently your district is the subject of two eroneous reports. The second report which you offered was not as clear as it should have been either. I wonder what is up with all the misinformation?

        Of course theology has no place in a public school – that is for home and church. On the other hand Atheism certainly has no business replacing it either!

        There are reports nationwide of children being banned from having american flags on their bikes for fear of offending immigrants for example. PC can be carried too far!

        As far as Gang colors – I am with you 100% as you have stated it! It is unimaginable that our freedoms are used against us for evil.

        Thank you for taking the time and effort to clear this up. If only everyone would extend themselves rather then rush to war over these things.

  3. Site updated and noted as untrue!

  4. It’s bad enough that I can’t talk about christmas at school, but get a kicj out of this; Last year i gave my teachers real christmas cards. inside of each was a scripture reading “i bring good news of great joy that is for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born. he is christ the lord
    The next day during my lunch time i was called into the office. The principal told me to come in to his office. there on his desk were all of the christmas cards that i gave my teachers. He said i would be getting one week of detention for this.
    I am getting tired of this. I dont mean to get rude, but if those fuckers don’t liek america they don’t have to live here and they should,nt be living here anyway. any one agree

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