By Barbara

All this controversy over Dancing with the Stars and Bristol Palin. Ohhhh the hypocrisy of it all. The left accusing the right of voter fraud has me LMAO. Accusing the Tea Party of coming together and voting for Palin to win. Their heads are exploding over voting irregularities and their belief that some are trying to make a wrong a right. It’s not about making a wrong a right– the only way a wrong could be made a right is for Hillary to be President. So let’s move on.

It’s about the hypocrisy of Obots yelling about Voter Fraud, it’s about the media yelling Voter Fraud all while perpetuating and ignoring the biggest Voter Fraud in history. “Voting like a Democrat” H/T to HillBuzz is a fun way to say WTF are your heads exploding for?

And as Murphy said

“their voter fraud got Obama elected the F##king President — and as we’ve seen in the past two long years their voting fraud has cost this country dearly as compared to voting for a dancer on a entertainment show… Bristol takes her best dancer trophy and goes home to Alaska. If only we could have given Obama his best speaker trophy and sent him home to Chicago.”

Bristol is given the title Best Dancer. Obama was given the title of POTUS. Bristol won’t be given the keys to the White house for 4 years. Nothing Bristol says or does will affect the economy, domestic policy, foreign policy. Bristol will do the talk show circuit and entertain us with how difficult it is to Waltz, not take the world tour and embarrass us with how easy it is to apologize.

Bristol won’t be jet setting around the globe at taxpayer’s expense when taxpayers can’t afford to eat. In one week no will give a crap about DWTS — in one week the USA will still be in the crapper.

So get your panties in a knot over voting early, voting often, voting under assumed names and phony addresses. But the Bristol supporters haven’t disenfranchised 2 states from voting nor taken votes from Jennifer Gray and given them to Bristol Palin. Yes it’s hard to watch your favorite dancer’s professional quick step and tango being compared to that of a novice and yes it’s so disheartening to know people are voting not with their conscious but in order to make a statement.

So with all due respect “Get Over IT”

Go Bristol GO

16 Responses

  1. chuckle – love it!

  2. heheheheheh- Never a truer post!
    They wanna yell about voter fraud – gimme a damned break- Why didn’t they just call out ACORN and the SEIU for Pete’s sake to keep Brandy in?
    I am suprised they havn’t screamned racism by now! Or are they saving that If she beats Kyle?

  3. LMAO…..I voted using the Obama campaign donation
    Names figuring if no one questioned the huge donations
    made by “loving you” and King Kong, Mickey Mouse
    as well as Professor Iam Change then no one will
    Question my votes.

    The Hypocricy of it all…Next they’ll be
    Dragging Hillary UGH Bristol out on the convention floor UGH
    Dance floor and have her give her votes to Obama UGH Grey.

    That’s the Democratic way after all!!

    You got to read how much fun voting was

  4. Heads will be exploding all over the country tonight
    If Bristol wins!!!

  5. It would be SOOOOOO MUCH FUN

    Unfortunately, the judges do have the FINAL
    say, tonite——-I like her aLOT ( BRISTOL)—
    she did her best, as you say being a NOVICE,
    which Jennifer (dirty dancing) is not, and Kyle is not. (disney)

    She deserves her place and the love from the people who voted for her, it’s not ALL the conservatives.——-She is a lovely woman

  6. Oh – I see – I did not realize the judges have the final say – I get it now – and you say Kyle had previous experience too?

    Well then we shall see what happens – She is the most improved and a lovely lady and I give her a lot of credit – she hung in there and proved her mettle.

    Like her mom she proved what she is made of!

  7. Oh yes Michelina it’s not all about Vote like the Democrats
    Lost in all the controversy is the fact that Palin had
    no prior dance experience as the other “stars” also
    She has done an icredible job not only dancing but
    Dealing with all the BS every week.
    I believe she should win because of those reasons
    But I am also delighted her win will cause Obots
    heads to explode, it’s a win win for me
    Bristol gets her trophy and I get to LMAO and we all
    Get to see Obots heads explode…it’s going to be
    a good night.
    You’ll be watching?

  8. The weekly vote off combines the judges score with the
    Viewer votes….so Bristol has advanced weekly because
    Of viewer votes not the judges scores which has caused all the voter fraud
    I think tonight also works the same the ABC.com site
    Crashed last night because of viewer votes so we wil
    See how they decide tonight. Hopefully it is the viewer
    Votes because it is how she advanced weekly

  9. Uppity Woman ⁠11.23.10 at 5:08 pm

    It’s true Bristol can’t dance. Seriously, she can’t dance.

    But I find it hilarious that a bunch of Obots — who thought it was okay for people to cheat their way through caucuses, thought it was okay if someone registered cartoon characters to vote, and who also thought it was okay to steal delegates from Hillary and pull some more delegates out of somebody’s ass — think voting for Bristol is some serious cheating.

    She can’t “Dance” and he can’t “President” either. And one of these two things is a LOT more serious.

  10. Above was from travels around the blog that I find
    “She can’t dance and he can’t President” LOL

    • heheheheheh- I’d say in the scheme of things this is as lot more fair that the skewed election for running the USA for pete’s sake .
      Its a mirrored ball! He couldn’t even get the Olympics here!

  11. Don’t blame me I voted for Bristol!! LoL

    Good job Bristol…head up

  12. I thought this was a dance competition not a political arena. Jennifer and Derek should win and if they don’t I guess they can take the show off the air. I know I won’t watch it anymore!

    • Mark
      You can stop crying now…Jennifer won the trophy.
      But Bristol was the winner….she danced and put up with all the hate spewed at her because she is
      the daughter of Sarah Palin.
      Bristol entered a dance competition but because of
      Palin Deranged syndrome it became not about dancing but about BRISTOLDAUGHTEROFSARAHPALIN
      Bristol won the day she said. I am only here to have fun and give
      It my all… and that she did.
      Congratulations Bristol.
      We can move on now the dance competition is over.

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