The Weaker Vessel

BettyJean Kling for Myra Spearman The Weaker Vessel Inc.
In Coalition with WOMEN
a Majority United Organization

Myra Spearman – Author/Speaker

Myra Spearman, a survivor of domestic violence, lived in an abusive marriage for 18 years and was stalked relentlessly after for 4 years. Now she is spearheading a global effort to help others recognize abusive individuals before the relationship is formed and to assist victims in getting much needed assistance.

Myra was granted an interview with a reporter from KSBW TV in California. In the video you will also meet a survivor who is scared silent believing her attacker will be antagonized into killing her if he is identified in a database. The last women scared silent allowed the D.C. Sniper to go on a murdering rampage for 3 weeks , many lives lost because of one man’s threats.

In 2007, Myra Spearman created, The Weaker Vessel Inc., which is the nation’s first “On-line Database of Domestic Violence Abusers” ( This allows women and men alike to go online to see if they are dating someone who has been abusive in past relationships. With the member base of on-line social networking sites (such as and on-line dating services (such as reaching the 200 million member mark, domestic and family abuse which has already exploded will continue to climb. No one seems to be taking on the cumbersome task of making sure their dates are honestly portraying themselves. More and more people are looking forward, with no regard for the past yet not knowing someone’s past could negatively impact the future.

The Weaker Vessel Inc. was patterned after Megan’s Law which is the Sex Offenders Registry. This site provides a comprehensive overview which contains the conviction records of offenders who have been found guilty of domestic abuse, stalking, criminal confinement, intimidation, strangulation, domestic battery etc. This data is provided free of charge to the general public. Most other sites charge a fee for service or ask for case numbers. When a new relationship is formed, most individuals will tell you what they want you to know about them but not necessarily the truth. Will they ever give you a case number or case details for an abusive past relationship? That part of their past will stay hidden until it is unleashed on you, the next victim.

Ms. Spearman works with many phenomenal women including Alexis A. Moore of Survivors In Action, Randi Rosen of Women’s Legal Resource, BettyJean Kling of The Majority United, Linda Rivera and Maria DiBari. Together they challenge the justice system, victim resources and domestic violence agencies in a continuing effort to advocate improvement of resources for victims across the United States and beyond.


5 Responses

  1. On the database. I wonder why two that I personally know of aren’t listed?

  2. I was asked to leave a reply to this article. I think what the person wanted was for me to make you aware that abusive men are getting custody of our children. I can tell you some not so very nice stories about this. I started a web site to work with non custodial mothers. I currently have 27 non custodial mothers with my judge. Their is some interesting things going on in my area. Read more about my judge on the Patricia Gardner page. There are over 3 million mothers in the US with out custody of their children. No the courts do not favor mothers, at least not in my area and some others. I think Michigan has more non custodial mothers with web site than an other state.

  3. My daughter lives in clovis nm and recently left her husband due to domestic violence and tried filing charges on him but they did not want to take up the charges and everyone here seems to be on his side. Now they are trying to charge her with credit card fraud after her husband made her use it. It is his dads company card which her husband works for and two months later after she leaves him they are charging her, because they are trying to get custody of her 3 year old child. I am lost and confused how they won’t do anything about the domestic violence but they will try to get her with those charges. I am seeking help for her for the domestic violence and any help would be appreciated.

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