Don’t Touch My Junk

Adrianne Knobloch

Am sorry, I find no humor in this.  Now a song?  Satire?  Laughing?  Once again, the media and machine defines the talking points and we blindly follow along.

Before Thomas Jefferson immortalized the words, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” the rallying cry was “Life, liberty, property.”  And were the words used even to the Constitutional Convention where everyone was QUITE clear that it was life, liberty and property that were at all costs to be protected.

What is the ultimate property?  Your own body!

And the founders addressed and defined and limited Gov’t intrusion first in the Enumerated powers with very specific wording about the circumstances under which they had authority to suspend habeas corpus and declare martial law.  No circumstance today rises NEARLY to such level. And the founders provided us our power of NO! In the 4th and even the 5th Amendments.

A criminal, caught in the act of attempted murder has all these rights and protected by gov’t restraints. Yet even 3 year olds are held hostage by the illegal mandates of the illegal (by definition, E.O.’s are illegal dictates meant to end run the Constitution), Patriot Act, first instituted by Bush and now run roughshod by the lackey of this illegal poseur some call POTUS? 

No longer will I ask myself incredulously how so many Jews marched so compliantly to the ovens. I see Americans go meekly succumbing what is no less that a government statement that says they have FULL control over our most PERSONAL possession in FULL DEFIANCE of Constitutional law.

This is NOT about security, people, it’s about CONTROL.  Want the proof?  Wear a burka; see if you are subjected to gov’t sanctioned control of your body even to what reduces you to comply with what amounts to sexual assault. What can be more demeaning than that?  One thing only that I can think of:  silently allowing your child to be victim to it. And we submit, we joke, we tsk, tsk despite FULL rights and ABSOLUTE civic duty to refuse!

And joking about it?  And neither question nor refuse?

And I watch the media and machine’s carefully contrived misstatements once again defining the debate and dichotomy, from Constitutional inalienable rights as defined in the Bill of Rights AND limited by the Articles reduced to “Don’t touch my junk.”

 And once again, the STUPID PEOPLE follow along arguing NONSENSE! I can tell you all with absolute conviction: This ALONE would have had the founders laying siege to DC in one hell of a bloody revolution.


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  1. This is well stated and right on target. When is enough, enough. Are we being tested for further intrusions on our freedom, with worse to come. Here where I live the ground crews don’t go through either, they have a special door for them to get on the tar mack, makes you feel really secure doesn’t it? Now muslin’s get a pass possibly, who’s country is this any how? This type of thing has to stop and people need to join together and demand this infringement stop. I listen to a lady pilot say she had to remove her breast prosthesis, how embarrassing? This amounts to sexual assault and why becasue they will not to profiling? I will not be flying. The body scanner pics by the way can be altered with photophop to show the faces of the people as well! Pedophiles and smut sites would pay big $$ for those pictures! No we cannot allow this and even think you can trust TSA or the corrupt government! Outrageous!

  2. If someone did this to your child you’d have every right to bring them up on charges, since it’s the government we have no rights.

    We need to start targeting the terrorists and not the 90 year old blue haired ladies or children. We’re losing more and more of our liberties and independence every day.

    God help us!

    • I believe they have just excluded children under 12? But we are still going to radiate them.

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    • Missy, we ALWAYS have rights. I would submit you think about that. Do not give up your inalienable rights so easily, it smacks of victimhood and helplessness. And if you relent, it is not just your own liberty you concede, it is your childrens’ and their childrens’ children.

      And also, you weaken every other American’s position, for all time to come.

      “Those who would trade liberty for security, deserve neither liberty or security.” ~~~ Benjamin Franklin

      John Adams and many of the founders said similar.

      We have been SO indoctrinated to believe life comes with no risks and that we have an inalienable right to be indemnified against all risk and all harm, that we have allowed the gov’t (has has fostered this idea for their own purposes) to create a perception that they can protect us.

      They can’t. And this fix is not about security. Security is the excuse, the goal is to convince you right out of your own personhood, privacy, body rights …. every cell! That IS afterall what the scanner does, invades every cell of your being.

      To say “we are losing” is not accurate. We are conceding. We can not “lose” anything we don’t give up. And they can’t confiscate our rights. We can only concede them.

      The answer is no. NO, NO, NO! You have the authority, the means AND the civic duty to stand firm and say “No.”

      They are right about one thing, it is a matter of national “security,” but not the way they mean it.

      It is a “national” security issue for we the people, our right to be secure within ourselves no matter where we are in this nation.

      This outrages is a CLEAR and present danger to every citizen who is guaranteed inalienable rights. Allowed to exist, we are no longer the USA populated by free people.

      Our nation, along with our inalienable rights, dies for all time.

      No. Do NOT go gently into that dark night.

      It starts in airports, soon, it will be in the malls and schools, etc.

      As for me, I will NOT submit and if they insist? Over my dead body.

  3. I saw a picture of a TSA employee groping a nun! How low can they get? And yet they are talking about exempting Moslems because it offends their religion. They are the ones who need to be strip searched.

  4. Hey, Christie! Good to see you here!

    The thing is this: How many other intolerable and anti-constitutional things have they started that grew out of control?

    Welfare for mothers with children now includes welfare for illegals who work off the books, show no income, pay no taxes on their income and are eligible for welfare and Section 8 and all social services?

    I make THESE points.

    1.) Our line in the sand must be constitutional law, this is against Habeas Corpus, outside their enumerated powers and government CRIMINAL VIOLATION of the 4th Amendment.

    And with the “exceptions” such as burka wearers, a violation against the 14th equal treatment.

    Not to mention the first, inalienable rights include property rights and your body as as personal a property as it gets.

    2.) The OPEN DOOR: Even as they have no authority, they use the bogus excuse of security. Can that possibly be their aim? Secure airline flights and leave it there?

    DO NOT BE NAIVE!!! In the name of security, they will use the scanners and the “authority” to pat down, open handed all over your and your childrens’ bodies at

    Trains and buses
    Crowded streets
    Recreational sites, kids’ soccer games,
    traffic stops with and without cause,
    criminal arrests for even misdemeanors,
    need I go on?

    Anyone who thinks this is about security is not thinking AT ALL.

    Anyone who justifies it in the name of security, well someone much smarter than I said it best:

    “Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty or security.” ~~~ John Adams

    MOST of the founders have commented along these lines.

    As for me, over my cold, dead body.

  5. This is so very well written and really brings the point home.
    Since this is a popular issue now and everybody is commenting on it, I’ve obviously read a lot of opinions. But when I read that you no longer will ask how the Jews marched to the ovens, it really got to me. I felt the chills move up my body.
    I’m glad most of you realize that this has nothing to do with security. While obama is having us patted down and humilated at the airports – I call it gate rape – he is removing what is left of the National Guard from our southern border.
    So much for security!

  6. Adrianne, You are right. I don’t see any humor about the TSA. We are being held hostage by the terroists still after all this time. What I don’t understand is why so many people think Islam is good for them? Why do they believe the lie that it is a peaceful religion? I guess I am getting too old to understand any of it.

    • No clue, jeanne. What I do know is that opinions don’t matter, opinions of what one thinks the constitution is or should be, doesn’t matter either.

      The Constitution says, “We the people …. do ordain and establish THIS Constitution for the United States of America.”

      THIS. Non-negotiable. Not optional. Not shared power or shared law. THIS. ONLY.

      Sharia is prohibited under the constitution. Those in the renegade gov’t that deliberately protects its existence here must be indicted and dragged out in chains, prosecuted, adjudicated and when found guilty pay for their crimes with all the penalty the law provides right up to a military firing squad.

      And those you ask about? They should be, too. Ignorance of the law has never been a defence.


    “Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans …………………..”

    follow link, it is already happening.

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