Scarlet Letters: Label women needlessly

Barbara H/T Pumas and Dragonfly

I have been thinking once again what’s it going to take for women to comprehend that we are the majority?

Why do we willingly divide into a minority, a minority that prevents us from moving forward with important issues that affect every female on the planet?

Over 100 years ago Susan B Anthony said and I am paraphrasing, that unless we settle the abortion issue it will continue to divide women.

It’s 2010 and our uterus is and will continue to be used as a method of “divide and conquer”. I call it the “Great Uterine Wall”

Every election the GUW is erected and women voluntarily divide into Pro and Con and women go to battle with each over what is most definitely a personal issue and what most definitely should not be a political issue.

 Year after year women willingly allow their uterus to be used as a political pawn by allowing it to be the only end all, oh my God issue that concerns us.

During an election the GUW goes up the “R” banner reads “They will force all women to have abortions so stick with us we will fight for your right.”

 The “L” reads “They will force all women stay home to raise children so stick with us we will fight for your right”

So we divide into battle, labels neatly pinned on — throw mud at each other — we never insist we discuss her employment, her health care, her salary, her education her being battered and bruised because we are too damn busy discussing her uterus!!

So we divide and your party gets elected and when the election is over the GUW comes down and women stand there and say WTF we are still underpaid, still under employed, domestic violence is escalating BUT hey my party got elected and I  have the right to raise a child or not.

Congratulations, all that dividing and battling and we still do not have ERA and over 100 women a day are battered. Every 2 minutes a women is raped and is afraid to report it, Women loose custody to their abusers, we have less that 17% representation, in 60 years since NOW marched down 5th Ave. in comparison to all the minority rights advancements made for others women rights have advanced under par!  

Battered Woman,  1987 Irving Norman When will women say enough of the uterus issue? We have been discussing who owns my uterus and my conscious for a hundred years. It is now official — my uterus and my conscious belong to me and her uterus and her conscious belong to her. So let’s stop with the same old same old battle. Let’s take down the GUW so women can all be free to move on together — because — did you know while we’re  fighting the battle of “who owns my uterus and my conscious”

 Women are still earning 77 cents to a man’s dollar? What does that mean to you? Is that worth wearing an R and D label for? Women are being murdered at alarming rates?

 “Four women a day are murdered in this country for NO reason. Since we invaded Iraq in March 2003, more than 4,200 American soldiers have been killed. In that same time, there have been NINE THOUSAND woman-lynching’s; more than twice as many women slaughtered than US casualties in Iraq.”  
D. Murphy

Battered Woman,  1987 Irving Norman

Is that worth wearing a “D” or an”R” label for? Stop wearing the labels of either political party that each has proven to have done nothing but divide the majority so as to form smaller minority groups instead. If you need to wear a label, try wearing this –WOMAN. It’s powerful and it will truly fight for your rights.


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  1. Great post Barbara,

    Love this: If you need to wear a label, try wearing this –WOMAN.


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