Sexualizing America 11 of 12: End the Ambivalence

BettyJean Kling

At The Majority United we urge you to End the Ambivalence!

A young woman using the blog name Tamara recently commented on a blog post entitled Frats Invite Sluts, Bitches; Women Accept Degradation. Why? as follows

“I feel like maybe women don’t see how much they are being devalued unless something big happens…To be honest my freshman year at a four year college was an extreme learning experience, all I wanted was to be in a sorority just like my friends. Why do young girls tend to want to be in a sorority? Because fraternity boys want to date sorority girls. The dorms were coed floors and on our floor were guys from the basket ball team and lacrosse team. Looking back I wonder why girls were apt to do the guys laundry, to help them with the homework (if not do it for them), to even clean there dorm rooms. Were they just being helpful or were they working above and beyond to get male attention only to be used and thrown away later. Why did we not see that the attention we were getting from guys was disrespectful , I guy saying wow you have a big rack or I wanna see those girls make out was disrespectful . Unfortunately I remember all too well a friend crying after sleeping with a guy on the basketball team and later her being deemed a slut who sleeps around. Just in one year there were many encounters that were similar to this, always ending in the guy being the man and the women being trashy. Maybe younger women growing up in a generation that for the most part has always had rights, we fail to see what we don’t have.”

I don’t know this young woman – I have no way of reaching out to her, she is just someone brave enough to leave a comment on a blog. But If I could I would hug her and I would ask her to join us and take our series all over the campus and educate the gals telling them- we are sending a message that men are ready willing and able to hear and accept but we are not getting their message until it is too late!

If you were a guy what would these ads say to you? In fact as a female what the hell are these ads saying to you? Wouldn’t you agree if we keep doing things the same way and the results keep increasing we must be doing it right. Right if they are increasing in the direction we are heading that is? Right, but for whom? Is this what makes your boat float?

Look carefully, her nipple is visible as is pubic hair from her upper leg. She is wearing a child’s jewelry,
and suggestively licking a lollipop. Her frame and size is childlike yet adult like. This is a Lee shoot.

Here are some of the other one’s that Lee had to select from the ones they chose are marked Lee!
Imagine the degradation this model is about to face thinking she is doing a shoot for the famous Lee.

Do you think Lee had this in mind? Bet he didn’t turn this one in!

Think she is enjoying this as much as her smile says? It stops when we say it stops.


You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for being so honest. Our baby boys and girls have been raised on this swill for the past 30 some odd years. From the moment they are born both see images of females as sex objects depicted for the sheer enjoyment of males. This produces a false idea in both their minds so that they may be told one thing by the bombardment is some great and insidious both come to accept it as fact. Some will then try to convince us that we are born that way- not so we are brainwashed.

He has been taught she is a piece of meat and will do anything to get a man – and if she proves him right – he gets his piece of meat. She has been taught to get the man she must cater to his every fantasy and need. She does whatever it takes to attract man and then caters to his every fantasy and need. Man gets laid woman gets the man.

But in the end only one wins- man gets laid – she doesn’t get to keep the man. Man is soon lured away by another woman who has him in her crosshairs and ready to cater to his every fantasy and need. Keep in mind – he has been programmed both by nature and by media that he is a rooster who needs to take care of the whole hen house. You can’t blame him – this is exactly what he is programmed to respond to. What we can do is stop playing the damned game.

It takes two as you clearly pointed out! Thank you for your comment – how refreshing to have a young woman willing to open up like that. You inspired this issue.

2 Responses

  1. The behaviors of the people in these advertising photos reflect a degradation of values, both in the family and in the community. Companies who exploit children for the sake of increased revenues need to be penalized for their marketing decisions. That’s why our family no longer does business with Calvin Klein or Ambercrombe and Fitch to name just two. It really saddens me to see Lee Jeans go this road, because their product is good enough that it isn’t necessary. I believe that children who have confidence in themselves are less apt to be impressed with this kind of marketing. They have been taught about sexual exploitation, and know also that some young men are not gentlemen. To be strong and remain strong, their choice needs reinforcement from family, and peers groups, choosing the right friends. It takes really strong character and maturity to resist the lure of all of these sexual attractions. In my opinion, it all starts at home and in church with mother, father, and grand parents, providing a caring and loving environment. It isn’t fair that when young men and women make the wrong decision, it is nearly always the young lady whose reputation suffers most, but even this can be overcome by making right choices over time. Also, do the young men who exploit women end up marrying the best women? If they don’t modify their behavior, I don’t think so.

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