Tea Party Women are Pathetic Too

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

I am sick to death of women’s groups that don’t stand up for women who don’t share their issues and I certainly have called out NOW, Women Count, Women’s Media Center and others. I wish I could say specifically Liberal women’s groups are derelict in their duty to all women but where the hell are all these Conservative groups?

And the Tea Party? Yeah the Tea Party 59% women, up and running and certainly started on the back of women, and very much supported by both Icons Michelle and Sarah. Where the hell are they when Chris Matthews viciously attackedSarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann election night? Are we still going to allow sexism and misogyny? 

 Why Tea Party women lead the charge

Until the last few years the vast majority of the American voters were rationally ignorant of legislation, regulations, debt and taxes that affect their lives.  Increasingly, the new media has educated a wide swath of America on the power and corruption of government.  Resultantly, power is shifting from the mainstream media and the political elites to concerned citizens which are spontaneously organizing and rebelling against crony governance.  The power elites are particularly baffled by the emergence of the “Tea Party Women.”

Tammy Bruce of the Guardian understands.

Actually, the answer is: taxed enough already. Women control the household accounts and we know when spending is unsustainable, threatening the very fabric of our families, or our country as the case may be. As one Tea Party rally sign aimed at big government succinctly put it, “My kid isn’t your ATM.”

The Tea Party represents stakeholders in the American system; people who were never involved in politics or thought they had to be, yet realised that political corruption and incompetence threatened not only their families, but the future of the nation itself. Economic collapse, the shocking spending by an Obama administration that most analysts agree is in over its head, combined with remarkable contempt shown citizens during the debacle of the healthcare debate and legislation, have mobilised those stakeholders – including women and their families – to take action.

Yes, moms have seen the corruption, bribes, and arrogance along with the debt that threatens their families and the future of America. A few Tea Party Women have become candidates, and are brutally attacked by much of the mainstream media and the political elites.  No person or institution wishes or easily relinquishes power.

However, Tammy Bruce understands the Tea Party women’s quest for fiscal prudence and personal freedom:

The liberal feminist movement never imagined that women would take seriously the encouragement to become our own heroes and claim life for ourselves, on our terms, no matter who we are. Pro-choice and pro-life, Christian and not, poor and rich, black, white, gay and straight. It is a dream we all hold dear, and it’s called the Tea Party.

Hurray!  Democracy and freedom have a future.

So after watching the ravaging of the female candidates during the race and not uttering any outrage Chris Matthews savagely attacked Sarah Palin, calling her “stupid” and insinuating that she was illiterate! Why not- the Tea Party Women turned out to be just as pathetic about the way their women are treated.

 “Have you ever been an eyewitness to her actually reading something?” Matthews badgered. “Have you seen her – no, I’m dead serious about this. Have you ever seen her reading words on a piece of paper? A newspaper, magazine, anything? Have you ever seen her read something?”

As for Michelle Bachmann, this two bit washed up yellow journalist spoke to her in true abuser fashion. What Matthews is referring to is a now infamous 2008 “Hardball” interview where Matthews laid a trap for Bachmann, she admittedly stepped into it, and of course two years on, even though she took the comment back and admitted she should’ve been better prepared before agreeing to do the interview, Matthews is still trying to use the gotcha as a way to paint her as a loon. This night she handled him with the dismissive tone the hack deserved.

He has a habit of treating women this way dating back to Hillary but for now I am concentrating on Tea Party women and why the Tea Party isn’t coming to their defense? This was not the first time Matthews attacked Sarah this way and it won’t be the last. If we are not part of the solution – we are indeed part of the problem.


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