Epidemic: Over 100 Women endure daily in US alone

By: BettyJean Kling

How many of us remember the names of the Ted Bundy’s victim’s? You don’t – but you remember Ted Bundy’s name. It’s high time that we remember the names and the lives of the VICTIMS and not the serial murderers like Gary Ridgeway!

Moreover it is high time you remember all the victims names including those of those not murdered by serial killers or the result of major scandals like; OJ Simpson, Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson and Steve Nodine.

CNN presents Easy Prey: Vulnerable women targeted by serial killers. The premise behind this and a few books currently making the scene is on filmmakers and authors making money on the sensationalizing of serial killings of vulnerable women. CNN focused on drug addicted hookers of color from a very poor rural S. Carolina neighborhood where local enforcement wasn’t inclined to pay much attention until forced to do so by the sheer number of missing women.

Until 2002, California had a “Son of Sam” law that prevented convicts from profiting from their crimes, but the state’s Supreme Court determined the law violated the First Amendment and wiped it from the books. O.J. Simpson got $33 million for “If I did it”, A spokesman at San Quentin State Prison, Lt. Vernell Crittendon, said that, since Scott Peterson arrived on death row, he has received several solicitations to pen his story.

When my daughter was shot in the head 12/15/2008 and facing death – I immediately began to draft legislation and Heather Lindsay Esq. began compiling a database of women fallen at the hands of their partners since we proposed Louisa’s Law.

Louisa’s Law seeks to require significant and effective sentences, eliminate or reduce plea deals and strictly enforce laws for violence against women. 

Perhaps when we start documenting the names and faces of the 5 women a day who are murdered at day, and perhaps when we start showing the faces of the women who are battered every 15 seconds – that is 4 an hour or 96 a day. Yes no less than 100 Faces a day  are those of women that go harmed and unseen names un known — would that impact you to stand up and to help us? We need you to join TMU, we need members from 50 states so that we can strengthen the violence laws in every state. Let’s pass Louisa’s Law in all 50 states! Stop the slaughter of Women! Not one of us should fall. Not One. If you are battered or know someone battered or killed list their story here Louisa’s law blog. http://louisaslaw.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/100-women-battered-daily-in-us-and-5-die/

We are going to be sure they will not be forgotten.

Women to Woman

How long must we go on,
Why is our path so hard and long ?
Women’s rights are human rights,
What the hell is wrong?

Women are dying and maimed from violence each day
 All of these years to pass the ERA
 Who said women aren’t equal – who made that choice
 For 52 % of our nations voice, Oh what the hell is wrong?

 The Majority United is taking a stand
 reaching out woman to woman, hand to hand
 All for one and one for all
 Not one of us could fall -not one of us should ever fall –Not one.

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Woman to WomanCopyright © 2009 Danielle Verot. All rights reserved.

11 Responses

  1. Just posted to the Louisa’s Law site, Betty Jean.

    I would like to do a story and add a link to your site(s) to ours as well as keep posting information about this on Twitter, with your permission?

    Also, I know Louisa loves music of faith. I listen to this everyday, myself, and often think of her. Maybe she can hear this on your laptop or IPOD….

  2. I posted a request to include the copyright information to “Woman To Woman” on Louisa’s Law’s site for one reason and one reason only.

    I paid an enormous price to find solace and my voice in writing poetry and music, as a child, teen and woman. I honor THAT in myself today. I ask that you do as well.

    Would you please have your webmaster include the copyright information to the song “Woman to Woman” exactly like on your FreeMeNow/blogtalk radio program as: Song: “Woman to Woman” Copyright © 2009 Danielle Verot. All rights reserved.


    Thank you.

  3. Well I have to wonder if you’re equal why do you not leave the toilet seat up for us? Why do you not take out the trash? Why can you not fix the truck? Why do you not pick up the dog poop? Until you do this without bitching shut up and stop complaining about being equal! You get time off work with pay for spitting out kids like there is n tomorrow! You can’t lift half of what a man can! You cry when things get really, really hard! Oh my!

    • Your taking it into the gutter, where anything goes. It would behoove you to rise up in your divinity and take hold of your reactive instincts to mature into a gentleman who works alongside a woman to create a home. The toilet seat thing is this: males and females should always close the toilet after use. It’s civilized. Anybody using the toilet should need to lift the lid, or both seat and lid. What’s important is to keep the toilet and seat clean for everybody. I ask my husband, who often gives the same argument: ‘When was the last time you cleaned the toilet, changed and laundered the sheets, cleaned out the refrigerator?… No gentleman of quality describes the process of becoming a father as “spitting out kids” given the fleeting moment of participation required of him. And when it comes to “heavy lifting” including the dog poop, tootsie roll patrol is the responsibility for having a dog. Whose dog is it? No daddy who changes diapers and cherishes his wife and children talks like that. Clean up, grow up and straighten up. If you are surrounded by females who aren’t the “women” you think they should be, try being more of a man and less of a punk with no more respect for himself than for his spouse. Families who degrade their women with time-wasting, petty observances such as yours condemn themselves to dysfunction and poverty. It’s your choice.

      • Biy it’s really,really hard to respond! By the way I do everything you listed always have. I for one don’t need to hear the woman bitch about having to do much work. So I let the wife sit on the couch eat her candy and get fat. As soon as she hits 250 (about 15 more pounds) out the door the no good woman goes. She will not work she says “thats the mans place” she don’t clean or do the dishes she says “I’m the queen of the house!” She will be the queen of wellfair in a few more months.

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