Asians Know It’s Hillary Who Wears The Pants In Washington

According to Gordon G. Chang of, and the author of The Coming Collapse of China, when anybody in Asia needs something, it’s Hillary Clinton and the State Department they call, because they know that, in Washington, “literally and figuratively” it’s not the White House, but Hillary “who wears the pants.” Only Hillary can stand “toe to toe” with the region’s bully, the Chinese, and not come off second best.

I had to back up the DVR and replay the Fox Friends men’s reaction to that statement: “Wow! Interesting!”

“When Obama went to Beijing last November, he came back humiliated and empty-handed.” From Rock Star to raw rookie. According to Chang, respect from world leaders, is Obama’s problem: his plan to balance the global economy is “dead on arrival” to the Chinese who intend to lay a second coat of shellac on him at the Seoul G-20 says Chang, which is- by far“the most important event on this trip.
India isn’t liking it either, according to Chang. So expect no “redemption” ; there’s no re-set at all. Fiscally, Obama’s policies earn a resounding Bronx Cheer from our Asian “Creditors” and the ones who should pay the price are the “Bold Progressives” so hell-bent on savaging the Clintons in the quest for the Democratic Nomination that they have effectively destroyed the Party, compromised National Security, and put the Clintons in the Chair to run the table. Diplomacy has always been the science of the “Hill-Bill”ease and the hot shot Techies who thought they were so smart with their online fund raising, are about to learn why Bill and Hillary have never needed free beer and bands to draw a crowd overseas. Even Kim Possible Jong-Il knows it’s status to even get a visit from the Big Dawg, cause’ everybody wins. Economic Forces are lining up to speak to the Secretary of State with complete confidence in her prowess and negotiating skill. It would not be difficult, given all the water over the dam, to convince the American Electorate of that fact.

As the footage runs of Michelle and Baraq jogging up the steps to board AF-1, all I can think is: they’re having so much sex and getting off on the perks of the office that they don’t come down to earth long enough to even consider what their job is. Hannity and Rush are convinced he’s off to sell India nuclear tchnology and praying they’ll buy…but here’s my take: Sarah Palin is a far better saleswoman than Obama can ever hope to be (remember the Olympics?) and the arrogant, “bold” progressive schtick notwithstanding, anybody who makes a living in sales learned early on that you can’t expect to sell anything to somebody you call “Enemies” in your otherwise uplifting, inspiring speeches. And here’s a hint: it’s “PITCHING” that delivers, not oration, A$$hat:)


3 Responses

  1. As usual you are right on the money! By now everyone knows the Democrats shot themselves in the foot, the leg, the arm, and the heart when them elected their historic president.

    Instead of making history with the first woman – and doing a great job here at home – they made history putting a community organizer in a position that required the best candidate.

    Now she is out proving what a real politician looks and acts like while he is ruining the country and has allowed the party to all but totally self destruct.

    Ahhhh but be careful what you wish for — that wanted an unbeatable candidate- and they got what they wanted — and he will indeed go down in history the key word is go DOWN!

    History will look kindly on Hillary who is doing her country proud and is the only shing light left in that dumb party. Rise Hillary Rise! My only hope is that she leaves the party and does what Obama thought she did best serve the Tea and the Country!

    Hillary 2012 Tea Party

  2. American voters made their feelings very clear last week. U.S. government borrowing is too high and needs to be reduced. How sad, then, that the presidential commission tasked with coming up with a credible plan to cut the deficit is already being dismissed as a non-event.

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