Women’s Web lashes out against a woman:

BettyJean Kling on behalf of the TMU coalition of Defeating Violence Against Women Groups

Dear Women’s Web, contact@womensweb.ca

I am the founder of The Majority United. My board consists of 16 formidable women from both sides of the aisle, from coast to coast and range from quite liberal to quite conservative and everywhere in between.

Most, if not each of us, has founded our own organization individually and are also members of each other’s advisory boards as well as belong to a national coalition of women’s groups TheMajorityUnitedDefeatingViolenceAgainstWomen.com site coming soon, under the umbrella of The Majority United.

Our sole purpose is to do what other women’s groups have failed to do and that is unite women to mobilize them as a empowered unit. Women united hold up more than half the sky and make up almost 53% of the world’s population and citizenry and yet we are not treated equally or fairly represented and it is because we do not work as a united group. The Majority United consists of groups of women whose main goal is to achieve parity for women rather than a name for any particular group, we urge you to consider your responsibility to women when purporting to be a women’s group.

Far too many groups advertise themselves to benefit women when in reality they turn away and discourage women from uniting. Your action against Attorney Martin and her Press Release was outrageous and without merit. The Majority United will no longer stand for groups who pit women against women! We have called out and will continue to call out any women’s group who conducts themselves in the following manner and let women decide if this behavior is in the best interest of ALL women.

Yesterday I sent a copy of a Press Release and blogged regarding a Proposed Amendment to Title VII The Danger of “Working while Female”
regarding anti stalking. Today I sent my 5000 outlet who in turn disseminate to their readers the following newsletter and blogged and have scheduled a 90 minute radio show which will air on Wednesday Nov. 11, 2010 all over the united States the following.

BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed
Founder: The Majority United


Crime Victims Organization Network

Democratic Committee
For Survivors
Free Christian Women’s Coalition
Free Us now
National Domestic Violence Database
National Equal Rights Alliance
Pass ERA
Protective Mother’s Alliance International
Ray Of Hope Organization
Survivors in Action
The Weaker Vessel

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