Brazil’s elects female president


Isn’t it so interesting that so many countries have qualified, intelligent women running and being elected but  to listen to our pundits here in the USA all we have is Witches, Bitches, Cunts and Whores running for office.

Ex-guerrilla to be Brazil’s first female president
By BRADLEY BROOKS, Associated Press Bradley Brooks, Associated Press
– Sun Oct 31, 7:56 pm ET

SAO PAULO – A former Marxist guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned during Brazil’s long dictatorship was elected Sunday as president of Latin America’s biggest nation, a country in the midst of an economic and political rise.

A statement from the Supreme Electoral Court, which oversees elections, said governing party candidate Dilma Rousseff won the election. When she takes office Jan. 1, she will be Brazil’s first female leader.

With 99 percent of the ballots counted, Rousseff had 55.6 percent compared to 44.4 percent for her centrist rival, Jose Serra, the electoral court said.

Read the story here:

The worlds leading country has a lot to learn about how to treat the majority of its society and citizenry and its women have a lot to learn about how to empower themselves, but first they will have to unite rather than fight each other for the sake of their good ol boys and their party affiliates!

Look around ladies – its in your hands!Are you tigers or pussy cats?

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