Why are radical left-wing women silent on the most important issues?

By Autora

Why are radical left-wing women silent on the most important issues but make a big deal out of PC wording?

I feel compelled to weigh in here.

Just as the GOP is in sore need of a cleansing, so is the Dirty DNC. I find it ironic that the party which claims to be “progressive” is actually so stuck on the status quo — keep the entrenched incumbent Harry Reid in office, don’t change.  Reid is up to his eyeballs in union kickbacks and corrupt DNC machinery. He needs to go.  A poll this week showed that a large majority of union members are fed up with their union dues lining the pockets of corrupt union leaders and their DNC bosses. Union leaders are political hacks who are owned by the DNC. How is that working on behalf of union workers?

And why is it that ONLY pro-abortion women need apply to the DNC for a seat in Congress DESPITE the fact that the head of the DNC, Tim Kaine, is a pro-life white male? What’s up with that? So let me understand this: Knee-jerk far left radicals like Joyless Behar would ONLY accept women in Congress who agree with them? That’s not feminism. That ‘s not Democracy. That’s dictatorship. I am pro-choice but I want to see more women in Congress instead of the PATHETIC 17% we currently have. So I am willing to set aside the so-called “social issue” of abortion and look at the larger picture sometimes. I am not stuck on a One-Note-Samba definition of women’s rights as ONLY abortion rights.  Roe V. Wade will not be overturned. But financial freedom is extremely important for women. We will not achieve it collectively if the economy is in a shambles and we are in ever-sinking debt.  So I am rooting for Angle. And I am NOT cheering the Ranting Rude Joyless Behars of the world who call Sharron Angle “a bitch” (how sexist is that?) on national television.  I swear — the worst “enemies” (to use an Obama term pitting one American against another) of women are intolerant dictatorial women who only accept women who march in lockstep with them. I do not have to agree with a person on every single point in order to support him or her. And I find it amazing that the party which seems more tolerant of divergent viewpoints is now the GOP. That’s how PC dictatorial the DNC has become. I don’t believe they are Democratic. I honestly believe they are true Socialists and Marxists in their current state of mind. What happened to reasonable moderates, the Centrist Democrats? Adult (key word) life is always a negotiation, a compromise and the majority of Americans define themselves as Middle of the Road so why can’t the majority be represented as they would in A True Democracy?  

There’s one more point I want to raise: Shariah Law. I am willing to vote for a pro-life conservative or liberal if he or she would deliver a Ban on Shariah Law in the United States. That is why I support Tom Tancredo in Colorado even though he’s a bit nutty. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND FOR THE LIFE OF ME WHY LEFTY WOMEN ARE COWERING AND SILENT ABOUT THE WORST MSOGYNY ON THE PLANET. They have not uttered a peep about  Honor Killings, FGM, mutilations, marital rape, pedophilia and the oppressively heavy burqua covering scars from domestic violence — Sanctioned by Shariah Law.  Muslims who aren’t a problem AREN’T AN ISSUE. What concerns me is this outrageously self-destructive streak in lefty women who do NOT stand up to Radical Extremist Muslims who promote the worst abuse of women on planet Earth.  Instead they are PC about them? This is just plain nuts. I want Shariah Law Banned in the USA and I don’t care who is sponsoring it. Just look at the countries where they have allowed it. Horrendous crimes like Honor Killings have risen in those places and now Andrea Merkel finally had to admit recently that assimilation failed and they are saddled with CRIME FROM Muslims who don’t want to assimilate but want to takeover their host country with SHARIAH LAW. No way here. No way.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve come to realize that left wing women let people like Jon Favreau do their thinking. They haven’t yet disciplined themselves to ask, take responsibility and care about others. They’re hiding behind a membrane of insular pretense, driven by hormones and filled with more hope than reasonable right to expect. Their men are unabashedly unfaithful and, as the result, THEY have no where to go because they cannot trust even the ground on which they place their feet.

    • Anna, I am becomming convinced that the radical left wing women who behave this way have for so long behaved like men that they have become woman hating men in women’s bodies!

      There is no other reasonable explaination for the way they treat other women- they are female misogynysts who hate women who are nothing like them.
      Furthermore they have coopted the term feminist to resemble the antithesis of feminine.

      A true feminist would never treat another woman with such hatred and disdain and care so little for everything feminine! Indeed their view of women has so narrowed it leaves little resemblence of all that women actually are.

      How sad for them to be so shallow and narrow and constricted, consumed, predictable and part of the problem. And still they are not to be hated – feared perhaps, pitied for sure, but not hated.

      While they are not helping us out fighting the most important issues facing women – they are certainly victims to them just the same! That is the pity of it – victims of their own doing. What is it that is said “Women are their own worst enemies?” Indeed!

  2. On my first skate from Athens to Atlanta, a guy yelled: “If you see any women out in front, knock them aside!” I shouted back, “don’t expect ME to get out of your way, M—— F—–!” and the crowd recoiled more in shock at my language than at his unsportsmanlike cheer for himself. Long story short, I passed him in the first 10 miles and women whose boyfriends ALL expected to leave me in the dust drove their cars to the front of the field to let my daughter (and theirs) see me in third place, dancing down DeKalb Avenue and looking like I was doing a skate in the park instead of 87 miles on the open road:)

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