Joy Behar: A perfect example

By BettyJean Kling

Joy Behar who seems to be very interested in Human rights. Everyone’s that is except Conservative Women who I believe make up about 35% of America’s population? I believe we are the Bitches and morons bigots, race baiters and worse she is referring to most of the time.

Here are some of her latest rants about the human rights we are denying liberals. Comments please?

“Let me tell you how stupid she is,” Joy said angrily. “Twenty-five percent of the voters in Nevada are Hispanic, 80 percent of them are Mexican. This is a moron, on top of being evil.”

“I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx,” Behar sneered. “Come here, bitch, come to New York and do it! . . . She’s going to hell, this bitch!”

Tuesday night on her own prime-time talk show on HLN, Behar continued her attacks on Angle, calling her a “race-baiter” and “brazenly racist.”

Is this the face of American Women we want the world to see? Between the ads – the media and Whores, witches wing nuts and Bitches – as the majority we have the opportunity right here and right now to stand up and take back control and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

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