Shame, Shame, The name of the game is Blame!

 By Joe Klock, Sr.

Putting one’s finger on “the” problem in America today is an easy task for some among us – but they, in fact, are part of it.

High in the lowerarchy of finger-pointers as we approach Election Day 2010 are the mindless minions of partisanship who blindly point with pride to one political party, or a narrow ideology, or self-serving objectives, and who view with alarm all those who disagree.  Identifying our national problems and the probable causes of them are, of course, thoughtful first steps, but they are merely preludes to the critical task of seeking solutions. Few of us would deny that we have too few jobs, too much debt and too many cans kicked down the road of unresolved issues.

– Along with the traditional booties, bassinets and other baby stuff, each of our newborns today is endowed with a reported $40,000 share of the national debt, bearing compound interest.
– One of the more promising occupations being offered these days to our future work force is joblessness.
– So-called “entitlements” are often pies in the sky of promises which have no more chance of fulfillment than those made during puppy love and one-night stands.
– Illegal immigrants (a.k.a. “undocumented workers”) openly defy both law and order.
– Taxpayers and potential employers face a new year of total uncertainty about the revenue bite of 4/15/11 and beyond.
– Botched foreclosures enter the battlefield of housing and bayonet the wounded.
– Bailouts by the billions have failed to repair the leaking lifeboat of our economy.
– Health care remains a legislative piñata with yet-to-be-fully-known contents.

At the very peak of this “sturm und drang,” our elected reprehensibles recently fled Crapitall Hill like fleas from a dead dog in order to campaign for either the continuance of the status quo or its replacement with a state of quo vadis. As a result, the airwaves are glutted, and the print media besmutted, with trash talk which makes the gutters of public patter run red with the blood of logic and/or good taste; and the cesspools of misinformation foul the air of debate and deliberation.

Instead of addressing the aforementioned problems – widely regarded as “third rails” by those in the political know –  talking heads and walking hypocrites are prowling the land and polluting the atmosphere with little more of substance beyond either “throw them out” or “keep us in,” with careful avoidance of the electrified hazards listed above.

In place of thoughtful debate and substantive strategy, we-the-sheeple are fed a carefully concocted diet of smear, half-truths and other irrelevant sheep-dip calculated to cover up the stench of reality. I, for one (and among hordes of others) care much less about who favors or opposes irrelevant issues, who peed in the alleys of a distant past and/or who dallied with Sallies and Sams in boudoirs of yore; or who committed the gaffe-du-jour; or who flip-flopped on an issue (which might be to say changed their minds after due deliberation).

Nor do I care a rat’s ass about which movie star or fading star in the political firmament favors one candidate or another. Many of those who focus solely on pointing the finger of blame at others should be aware that when the index digit is aimed outward, three others are aimed at the pointer. Our current malaise casts a big enough cloud and thick enough layer of mud to cover just about every political persuasion and every would-be persuader in the current brawl.

My urgent suggestion and fervent prayer is that we-all ignore the superficial slime and judge every candidate for every office on the basis of what he or she actually did or didn’t do in the recent past on the playing fields that matter to us and our beloved begats. There is more than enough blame to go around on both sides of the aisle and all facets of Columbia – our rough-cut gem of the oceans (and still – if we care enough to keep it that way – the home of the brave and the free).

So, if you like what the candidates stand for, vote ’em in. If not, keep ’em out or kick ’em out. Standing alone, the blame game is a losing game, not only for us, but for our already debt-laden descendants. You owe it to them, as well as yourself and your fellow Americans, to show up at the polls on November 2.   Shame (and blame) on you if you don’t!  

Freelance wordworker Joe Klock, Sr. ( winters in Key Largo and Coral Gables, Florida and summers in New Hampshire. More of his “Klockwork” can be found at


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