Obama not obligated but Auntie says we’re obligated to her

BettyJean Kling

Obama’s Aunt, Zeituni Onyango in her own words stated America is a free country and it belongs to God and we have the obligation to make her a citizen and support her. In the same interview when asked if her nephew has invited her to the white house or offered any help to get off public assistance she asks, “Why should he- he isn’t obligated to me?” I found myself asking why she thinks Boston Tax Payers are obligated but not him .

You must hear this interview to completely be shocked that Obama allowed his aunt to live in a homeless shelter for 2 years after a disableing hospitalization. I would not leave a hurt dog in a shelter let alone my auntie ! But then he left his grandma in a shack with a dirt floor – shuckin corn! 

 What a guy!

I guess its only our wealth he wants to spread around not his own huh?


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