Louisa’s Law: Revolutionizing laws on violence against women

BettyJean Kling

Please –Paralegal or Lawyer needed to Offer Legal Language ASAP

I have found a Senator who will take Louisa’s law to congress and present it but first I need a lawyer to look at it and make sure it is in lawyer
speak. I am not a lawyer, I need a bit of help- PLEASE. For twenty months now I have put it before everyone I can, so far not one lawyer has taken any interest in it whatsoever. This is a case of a repeat offender being out of jail without bail after bludgeoning one sister’s head in with a hammer only to return to the home and blowing her sister’s brains out as well! Now he wants a plea deal! Had the gun not jammed he would have killed the whole family.

Frustrated, I wrote it up as best I could and ran it passed several lawyers again assuming with a rough draft they may at least look at it!

Not so much – not even one!

I invited a few wonderful attorneys and advocates on my radio show and picked their brains about violence against women and whilst they were happy to explain what they have done and continue to do on their own areas of interest, not one offered to even look at it and give me his/her opinion as to what it is supposed to look like- not a hint! I even came right out and sent this final draft and pleaded for an opinion offering to give anyone who would help full credit—no luck.

I would think that a law intended to revolutionize the way courts approach what has become an epidemic of violence against women would be welcomed and any lawyer would want to jump on this law and part of writing it up. Imagine fighting for a new and meaningful law on how we adjudicate VAW.

Have you heard any good lawyer jokes lately? Here’s the punch line- A lawyer named Strange died, and his friend asked the tomb stone supplier label on his tombstone: “Here lies Strange, honest man, and a lawyer “. Do these folks really want to see a change in the laws, or just implementing money making schemes on the backs of women.

Damned it – what we need are stiffer laws and we need then enforced! Is someone going to step up and help draft the language for this law? Please –Paralegal or Lawyer needed to Offer Legal Language ASAP

Louisa’s Law seeks to require tougher sentences, eliminate or reduce plea deals and strictly enforce laws for Violence against Women.

In the US, nearly 5 women are killed daily at the hands of their domestic partner, a woman is raped every 6 minutes; a woman is battered every 15 seconds.
Every year, violence in the home and the community devastates the lives of millions of women.
Perpetrators of violence against women are rarely held accountable for their acts.
When women do challenge their abusers, it can often only be accomplished by long and humiliating court battles with little sympathy from authorities or the media. Violence against women is so deeply embedded in society that it often fails to garner public censure and outrage; instead the sentences are often nonexistent. It’s time to stop slapping the hands of perpetrators of violence against women and send the message of zero tolerance and creating specific sentences for VAW. Women will feel safer to file complaints and testify against their perpetrators and men will take committing violence against women as the serious crime it should.

First, the court should assess risk and set conditions of release

  1. Violator must enter a batter / anger management program w monitoring
  2. Install a compliance conference for accountability
  3. Place an automatic and enforceable order of protection
  4. Violator drug addicts should be put in a program, and/or tested periodically for continued drug abuse
  5. GSP monitor should be installed if the violator is released

Next, the court should hold them fully accountable for their actions by setting stiffer specific penalties for VAW

Additionally, the court must eliminate plea deals to lesser offences – VAW should be adjudicated as VAW.

Finally, Judges must sentence these violators to the fullest extent of the law by handing down sentences specifically set for VAW.

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