Gays and Women with Boyfriends Shouldn’t Teach (It Limits Freedom!): The Gospel of Jim DeMint

South Carolina Senator, Jim DeMint, was quoted in the Spartanberg newspaper saying that no one who is openly gay should be teaching in the classroom. And neither should unmarried women who are sleeping with their boyfriends.

Apparently hetero men can sleep with whomever they wish and keep their jobs. Good thing, or a lot of his Congressional colleagues would be out of work.

Then he continued, “(When I said that) no one came to my defense. But everyone would come to me and whisper that I shouldn’t back down. They don’t want government purging their rights and their freedom to religion.”


How does denying jobs to gays and women with boyfriends increase their freedom and limit government intrusion in their lives? How does this increase their freedom of religion?

So whose freedom is he talking about?

DeMint actually wants to limit the freedoms of the less powerful members of society — women and gays — in order to increase the freedom of more powerful members of southern society: conservative Christians who don’t want the burden of interacting with anyone who doesn’t share some of their views.

But these good Christians seem to have forgotten the golden rule. To paraphrase Jesus: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. And what about the second greatest commandment: Love your neighbor?

Georgia Platts

October is Gay and Lesbian History Month


5 Responses

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  2. That Jim DeMint, his head is stuck in the stone ages.

  3. As a retired school teacher, i can say that no teacher should be flaunting his or her sexuality to their students, be it gay of straight.

    Furthermore, what goes on in the teachers home is the teachers business so long as that teacher does not bringhis or her marital status and or personal business into the classroom.

    As far as single women teaching if they are sleeping with their boyfriends- I have never in my life heard a more ridiculous statement! If Mr. DeMint intends to ask teachers to remain celibate till married — he need to include both sexes in his request — and I am curious how he intends to validate that . Will it be on the Job application?

    Please don’t judge anyone by his statements- but you may judge him a bit loopy!

  4. The female teachers don’t need to sleep with boyfriends nowadays,…….they have their male students.

  5. Alina, That’s just mean.

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