Open season on women candidates

By: BettyJean Kling

Last Friday night, Jay Leno, Tonight Show host made an oral sex joke about Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, during an interview with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.  Referring to previous comments made by MacFarlane, Leno asked:

“I see you on my friend Bill Maher’s show […]talking about this Christine O’Donnell, you know, the anti-masturbation woman who is running for Senate […] and you said you would enjoy having sexual relations with this woman?”

MacFarlane replied

 “the second she opened her mouth, it would probably ruin everything,”

Leno quipped

Or make it really good.” 

While the discussion of MacFarlane’s statements to Bill Maher were sexist and abhorrent in a discussion about any prominent woman, I am particularly alarmed that Leno felt free to elevate the insult to the level of oral sex. In a climate where every jot and tittle is scrutinized in regard to how it might possibly be related to race, sexual orientation or Islamic religion — it is amazing to me that we tolerate this level of misogyny against our female candidates.

Where is the outrage?

Too bad she isn’t a whitch- I would love her to give all three of them one of those dreaded and very painfull 4 hour erections and find themselves locked in a room together with  just each other to discuss it with!


10 Responses

  1. ” I would love her to give all three of them one of those dreaded and very painfull 4 hour erections and find themselves locked in a room together with just each other to discuss it with!”

    So you criticize Bill Maher, Seth McFarlane, and Jay Leno for sexism and poor taste and then indulge in the same thing.

  2. …And Open Season on Women Candidates is a little over the top. It’s kinda hard to take Christine O Donnel seriously.

  3. Sorry EVERY woman running for Political office
    deserves to be treated with respect whether you agree
    with her politics or not.
    We have put up with many male politicians who can’t be
    taken serious for a long time.
    The current POTUS is one of them.

  4. Barbara, Respect is earned not accorded, This is not some feudalistic third world country. And consult Broadblogs post about Jim DeMint, Christine O’Donnel’s guru who helped her win the Republican Primary in Delaware. I dont respect Jim DeMint, Sharon Angle, or Christine O’Donnel.

    • Can’t have that argument here cause respect was earned but not accorded to Hillary or Sarah…seems that those who have earned your respect are those who speak or write the words that reinforce what you have been taught to believe is truth.

      Have you read anything about how the Obama team Guru helped him win the Democratic primary election in 2008?
      You ever hear the saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones ?
      ” Jim Demitt Helping Christine to win the Republican primary election in Baltimore!!That gets you going huh?
      But not the fact that the Democrats actually ignored the votes for Hillary Clinton and selected Obama as the winner?
      O’ Donnel being elected is to you… outrageous BUT O’bama being selected… not so much.

  5. Rishi, among the accomplished, respect IS accorded. Underestimating (ie; disrespecting opponent is a way of leveling one’s self. Better to approach with respect…not fear. Like, I don’t fear falling, but I RESPECT the damage and pain that can result from it.

  6. pghpuma, Exactly what are Christine O’ Donnel’s and Sharon Angle’s achievements apart from being Uber Christianists like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. None that I can see.

    • It’s an achievement to win a primary, for one thing, and to offer yourself for service. I don’t work in Delaware, not do I know either of these women personally, however, I am inclined to deduce from their demeanor, that they have made contributions in their communities while trying to be nice women. Rishi: the dismissive, ‘not impressed’ demeanor isn’t a “conversation encouraging” approach. In fact, it seems you’re trolling. As with the answer I’d give to B.J.: we’ve moved well beyond any more outrage. The tight jawed women of the electorate are about to DO something about it. Like voting for ANY woman on the ballot without question about her qualifications, veracity or accomplishments. As men would have us dismiss women candidates without consideration, here’ knowin’ ya.

      • Rishi reminds me of why women – the majority – have failed to make it in politics for so long. The minority can always count on them to eat their own.

        Thankfully, some of us have evolved into more!

    • Did you ask what Obamas achievements were? Had you demanded the same of him as you do to the women you name you’d have seen his achievement was his ability to get elected into office. Period

      “Uber Christianists”??
      Geez Rishi seems the problem for you is with those “Christianists”.
      If you can’t get passed Christian than you’ll never see women’s achievements. You’ve been sucked into the anti women but I call myself a feminist movement that’s hell bent on labeling women “the enemy” to divide and conquer.

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