“One Nation” Disgrace March in DC: Makes US look like a nation of filthy haters.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

“One Nation” (Of Commies, Unions, & Other Leftist Extremists)…Trashing The Mall

Thanks to Lucianne.com, Kristinn Taylor, Jim Hoft at Big Government and Gateway Pundit, Connie Hair at Human Events, Liberty Central, Lagniappe’s Lair, Hancaqan.com, Verum Serum and FreeStateRevolution for the links (and all who linked or sent this on Twitter & Facebook). Thanks to Chris at DaybyDay Cartoons who also used some of the photos for this cartoon.

Today was the day that an assortment of Left-wing groups, labor unions, Democrats and the NAACCP rallied on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to “counter” the genuine grassroots Tea Party movement.

Judging from the results, the astroturfers, many of whom offered free bus rides and box lunches, couldn’t come close to Glenn Beck’s August 28th rally, held in the same area.
But the liberals sure left their mark behind. This was on one side of the reflecting pool.



On the base of the Lincoln Memorial, near the “stage.”
Even up on the Mall, near the Smithsonian.

On my walk back to the Arlington Cemetery Metro station, I found several of those union paid-for boxed lunches were left for someone else to pick up, on the Memorial Bridge.
This was at the Roslynn Metro.

Some Leftist thought so highly of Old Glory to treat it like trash.

At the entrance of the Museum of Art.

Look for the Union Label.

The tone was much different from the August 28th rally Glenn Beck held. Whatever you might think of him (I admire him for exposing a lot of what he has, but sometimes his presentation isn’t necessarily my cup of tea), his rally was positive and was mostly apolitical.

The One Nation rally was….well…how can I put it. It was hard to tell if it was an “anti-war” rally or what. Basically, it was a Grievance Fest of different Leftist organizations for this cause or that cause. It was also an opportunity to bash the “teabaggers” (that homosexual slur was on a lot of signs), as well as promote Communism and socialism. In other words, the most extreme element of the Left, far removed from the American mainstream.

Tea Party, GOP, & Fox News Bashers

The Left (and Obama’s) favorite response (above).

One of Jeremiah Wright’s flock?
Even the Hillary Clinton wasn’t well liked…

Communists, Socialists & Other Extremists

The Freedom Socialist Party (isn’t that oxymoronic?).

Their table….

Full of Communist literature…

No wonder the “Smash Capitalism”

And proof that Obama and ACORN are linked….

The Anti-War, Anti-Military, Anti-Israel Crowd

The Jew-haters were present

And the “Stop the War because we’re the bad guys” clowns.

A member of Iraq Veterans (Many of Whom Didn’t Serve In Iraq) Against The War, holding ready made signs for International ANSWER, the front group for the neo-Stalinist Workers’ World Party.

So if the “peace movement” was really about peace, they why are they always on the side of America’s enemies (Communists and Islamofascists)?

I did see Susie “Medea” Benjamin and her little sissy boy, Tigue while I was driving down Constitution Ave. I starled them with a honk of my horn

.Etc.. Etc…
Here’s the US Flag, desecrated in the colors of the Black Power movement.

(Illegal) immigrant’s “rights”

This guy, near the Smithsonian, wasn’t happy with the pro-illegal alien element. I wasn’t sure if he was part of One Nation or not, but he was calling Obama a “sellout” and said “don’t let him throw black people under the bus.”
The “reparations” crowd

The Unions

Most of the crowd “looked the same.” What I mean by that, is you could identify them with whatever labor union they were with. AFL-CIO, (S)SEIU, Teamsters, AFT, NEA, you name it.
…and they’re teaching our kids.

More good jobs, for whom?

All about “decent” union jobs. Thanks for the answer.

Some of the unions didn’t get their money’s worth out of their workers. I encountered these union members who were at the National Air & Space Museum, instead of the rally.

The NAACCP, the Democrats and just about every other group has accused the Tea Party of every kind of extremism under the sun. Judging from “One Nation,” Ben Jealous and his followers are the extremists. Jealous could not even say “One Nation Under God” during his speech (he left out the God part).

I have news for Ben…communists, socialists, Israel haters, Islamofascist terrorist enablers, are not part of the American mainstream. So the next time you want to see an extremist, head for the nearest member, Ben. And I look forward to the day some politician has the balls to challenge and take away the NAACCP’s tax-exempt status.

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* NOTE- Approximately 175,000 leftists from 400 different liberal groups managed to insult America and her taxpaying, law abiding men, women and children citizens in every way imaginable. They carried freedom of speech to its very limits both verbally and with their signs and pamphlets and left our Capital looking like a garbage dump upon leaving.

A month earlier other Americans- nearly a million of them came with love in their hearts, not one hateful sign and not one hateful sound. When they left they was no sign of they were there let alone the filth, food and garbage. Clearly a better characterization of Americans was depicted on 8/26/10 than was demonstrated by this circus troupe on 10/2/10 and I shudder to contemplate what out Capital will have to endure on 10/30/10 when the head clowns put on their Halloween parade on 10/30/10.

On 8/28  there was a second rally, it too was a leftist rally and it too smacked of a lack of decorum. It appears the left just doesn’t know how to behave. America- wake up!


One Response

  1. I read the article and looked at all the disgusting photos!!! What a DISGRACE!!! It is even more of a disgrace that they should hold such a Communist-Socialist, etc. etc. rally at the Lincoln Memorial!!

    I was honored and proud to attend the Restoring Honor Rally. ONE MILLION PEOPLE came from all over the country, on their own dime, without a penny from anyone. They went because they WANTED to; not HAD TO!! We left the mall cleaner than we found it. These slobs should be fined for the mess they left behind!!!

    If these people are the NEW DEMOCRATS, I am proud I am going to change my registration from Independent to Republican. I got to Glenn’s rally at 6:15am. By 7am, there had to be a HALF a MILLION PEOPLE there already. They shouted USA!!! They came with flags and dressed in red, white, and blue. These people love their God and love their country. I don’t know who these MONSTERS love that attended the copycat rally, maybe themselves!!

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