Sexualizing America 4 of 12

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Give me one good reason for these ads? Sex sells? If so what is sexy about women being captured enslaved or bruised? Tell me who is buying these products- they are very expensive products and these are very expensive ads- – this is what we are force feeding our citizens and wondering why our police officers, our lawyers, our judges, our doctors, our men, our boys, our women and our girls are brainwashed to believe about females. See it 24/7 everywhere you look, hear it, all day every day everywhere you go and soon it just becomes normal. Normal to all who see it – live it!

Are the things you see and hear about females really normal? Are these images normal? They are certainly typical these days! Yes they are! The advertisers pay oodles for these ads- they couldn’t unless the product sells- no one wastes millions on ads that don’t work. Why are our females buying this?

They have normalized it! The females who normalize it are getting younger and younger and the males who normalize it is also getting younger and younger. SHAME! These are the doctors, lawyers, judges, police and the men who will be dealing with us and our daughters in the future! And we wonder why we have 16% representation in our government – and why they get away with calling Hillary a Bitch and calling Sarah a Cunt?

And we wonder why men are released after beating their wives and girlfriends? And we wonder why the women drop charges to try and save their lives realizing they will not be taken seriously or be protected by the courts or find safety from the police?


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  1. Yes, sex does sell … from cars to candidates and everything in between. Young girls wear bathing suits flaunting way too much, in my estimation. Female ice skaters’ costumes sometimes resemble thongs. Female anchors seem very willing to drop their necklines even on days as cold as this one is. And yet, there is reportedly great concern about whether whole body scanners are too invasive of one’s privacy. Does 2 + 2 = 4 anymore?

    • Well you are absolutely right about what you see however, I am not sure the blame lies where you or I and others may be laying it.

      It would appear that we are laying it on the women who wear these things right? I am suggesting that we are laying the blame on victims. If you think very long and hard about how this all came about you will understand the insidiousness of the sexualizing of America.

      First we had women depicted as either dowdy or glamorous. Of course glamorous was going to be more appealing right!

      Remember women were never bred to be anything but wives and mothers. We were always taught to stay home and be good wives- very few were educated so to stay safe – a woman has to hold on to that meal ticket.

      Think about what happened next- Hollywood and glamorous- ads and glamorous – who controlled all that? MEN- In order to keep up or to fit in or to get along women either conformed or they did not make it! BINGO! Make no mistake – this was women’s choice alright but 3what was her other choice in a world where just as always – women had to go along to get along. And for the last 40 years it has deteriorated to the absolute rock bottom and our children both gals and guys have been desensitized to think that this is normal. Why wouldn’t they?

      Before we blame the women – think about these models – how old are they ? Do you realize they have never known anything else?

      And thank you for my introduction to my next piece!

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://WWW.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR The Majority United Radio Mon. 10 pm & Wed. 9:30 pm Eastern Call-In Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011

      Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

  2. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

  3. The Sexualization of women is no different than the Bhurka in some Middle Eastern countries.
    It is slavery, both two sides of the same coin. We are either sex slaves or house slaves, take your pick.

  4. Hi Lynn, I like that – two sides of the same coin– sex slaves or house slaves take your pick— can I use that?

    Be sure to look up mu 1-3 and be here for the rest of them – I have thousands of ads- and they have the nerve to call me a man hater for pointing this out? the last one to lable me that mind you was a woman and one who suffered at the hands of godly men!

    Now I am looking for an expert to have on my show ( in case you have one) who can speak to this phenomenon of taking the side of those who abuse you against those who would set you free!

    By the way my thesis 32 years ago was to be from apron strings to G-Strings — my professors would not accept it – they thought I was off the mark with my idea that there was a sexualization of America in the process.

  5. BettyJean, go ahead and use that. I take it from a talk I heard saying this about the thong and the bhurka, how they are really just two ends of the spectrum, it’s still about enslavement. You can view it here:
    This is from the World Can’t Wait national conference in NYC.
    Perhaps you can get an expert from them. I do not know any off hand.

    Good thesis theme, and they would not accept it? Are they allowed to do that?
    Amazing! Of course, they WERE men and it WAS the ’70s… sheesh.

    As far as man hating, I know there is a fine line. Often people go way overboard and turn me off when they should simply decry the issue but not the gender. I see much man bashing and I don’t go there myself. But I WILL speak truth to power. There are many progressive men whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and many of my friends are wonderful men. I have no reason to hate men. But I do dispize what men have done. And I will not allow myself nor anyone else to be vicitmized because of patriarchal attitudes and laws.

  6. This series is just devastating. Thanks so much BJK for proving in no uncertain terms that we have not come as far as we think we have!

    This series should be seen by every woman!

  7. I agree Tricia, I have been sending it around on FB to try to get more people involved.

    I would take it one step further and have it a required course in school. We need to de-media children at a young age. Teach them critical thinking and we wouldn’t have such a mess!

  8. It is a very sad fact of life that females possess desirability and males are saddled with desire. Without desire and desirabilty, none of us would be here to discuss the male/female relationship. In a perfect world, females would be able to target certain males with their desirability to induce a relationship while insulating themselves from all other males by being unattractive to them.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Some females have strong, universal desirability and they must tolerate an overload of attention while other, less fortunate females crave attention that never comes.

    To those females pestered more than others, I can only say: “Count your blessings”.

  9. I started out with some sympathy for the male ‘saddled with desire,’ but that doesn’t wash. There is such a thing as civility, chivalry and continence, and a man can take responsibility for one or all of the above.

    As a female that once suffered, not “tolerated” suffered an overload of attention, I assure it is no blessing. It is a lifetime of gender harassment, complete denial of intellectual gifts, and, too often, a sudden mysterious “downsizing” after meeting the bosses’ wives despite lack of any personal interest in hubbie, etc., ad nauseum.

    BJ’s article is not even about normal sexual desire and drives. It is about misogyny a deep, virulent hatred of women. It’s about sado-masochistic transference by a misogynist designer/art director to the nearest vulnerable female – usually a naive teenager.

    It’s about the death of young girls through anorexia – anorexia triggered by the images of androgynous models. In other words, the images of women are largely projected by men who hate or despise women, and who, in fact, are designing for the young male body.

    Destroy what you want to become…

    The tragedy is, that women, largely excluded from the Boardroom, and certainly from the “club” room, are excluded from policy making banter of the club rooms, and are forced to deny the climate of misogyny in order to keep their jobs and gain promotion. Nobody wants a “troublemaker.” Black females have some legal protection, but white women have none, and in a confrontation between a misogynist male and a white female (especially heterosexual) the misogynist will win hands down.

    Women must say ‘NO!’ loud and clear to such ads and such a Kult-ure. We must do so by boycotting products the demean and reduce us to caged animals and objects of scorn, hatred and violence.

  10. Ladybard- finally the very best answer I have ever read!
    You have managed to leave me speechless!
    this is the 3rd time i am running this series- and I sit and cry over the lack of concern women seem to have over this series.
    finally someone who has taken my 30 years of work and in one comment validated me!
    Please Oh Please come back and comment on the other pieces as well- because of you I am encouraged to continue. Until this monent – I was almost discouraged enough to toss it all away saying – no one gets it nor do they give a damned!
    Thank you!
    Perhaps your comment will do more than my photo essay which I hasd hoped would do more than my words !

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