Sexualizing America 3 of 12

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Give me one good reason for these ads? Sex sells? If so what is sexy about women being captured enslaved or bruised? Tell me who is buying these products- they are very expensive products and these are very expensive ads- – these is what we are force feeding our citizens – our children are getting bombarded with these images. Haven’t you seen them? They are in magazines in Dr. offices- in the newspapers, on bus and subway walls. Your kids have seen them – they know all these makers – every one!

What are they selling and why are they selling it this way and why are they spending this much to do it? And why are our females spending so much to buy it? Why?

Because they are used to it – they have been raised on it – they know no other way. We have failed them – both the girls and the boys. Just as women under Sharia law allow themselves to be covered from head to toes and to be beaten and treated as animals – and just as their husbands beat them and treat them like dogs our women expect to be treated like this and our men expect to react like this. It is our fault- we have raised our children to accept this as normal!

Look at these ads – is this normal to you? When did we stop having any respect for ourselves in this country? When did we lower our standards this low?


Why is this woman's face bruised to sell a purse? And why is it wrapped around the head of her naked body?


Why is this women bound and gagged and this is total living? for whom- her captors?

And what is this supposed to be selling and to whom? What a degrading ad- what woman is buying a purse  that depocts her as a horse ith a bit in her mouth? 

Barely old enough to be out of softball practice or a teen bedroom - he soon tires of sex games in favor of Game Boy and can't even un glue long enough to release her or pay attention that she wants loose? ?Is she free to even ask?


So what pray tell are they selling here that warrents this scene?




A picture is worth a thousand words . I have thousands of these pictures – My photo essay will be 12 parts and have 200 photos. By that time- you should be convinced that we must unite and mobilize against this outrage! We are not lower than animals- We deserve respect- but before we can ask for it – we must respect ourselves. Think about that statment!

11 Responses

  1. Until women refuse to subject themselves to such demoraliozation this will continue. It is women and support of respect for women who must crusade to reach women at a very young age to fight against this and all types of exploitation. Why would men want to change this,. They are the ones who find pleasure in all of this.

  2. yea those are some very shocking adds

  3. Stop selling sex. Remove all the porn sites from the internet of computer. Sex is both required for man & woman. But use is ethically. As long as SEX and MONEY dominate human minds,”doomsday” for humanity will arrive soon.The menfolk use it to their advantage. The women must collectively fight against the man’s hegemony eliminating their weaknesses to take over the governance of the world.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

  4. As Sharia and Islam encroaches on our cities and spreads to our towns; as Dubai, flooded with newly taxed Western water, becomes a “cultural” center and luxury shopping haven; as Sharia and Islam take over our airwaves; as Wahabi Sauds, et al buy out and covertly fund our media, so escalates violence against women, so escalates rape of children male and female, so increases the demand for pornography, sexual exploitation, sex trafficking of women and children and so increases the violence-porn so celebrated by the throat cutting adherents of the child raping hallucinant, the big Moh-lester…

  5. Excellent, if wrenching, posts, BJ!

  6. Glamour,money, high profile life style make the women victims of sexual abuse.Men genitically are more reptile when it comes to sex. Can women be simple and not fall prey to all such attractions? Men too have a greater role to play to minimist this menace.

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