Sexualizing America 2 of 12

BettyJean Kling

I have spent 30 plus years stressing how dangerous the objectification and sexualization of females would be. My series is called Sexualizing America 1-12. Our Bodacious Blogger, Georgia Platts PhD, is also doing a series and I am proud she happens to be running it at about the same time.

I will be posting an ongoing series (interspersed with other topics) to discuss these questions, among others:

  • How do men and women experience sex differently?
  • What affects sexual experience and why do American women typically enjoy sex less than men?
  • How do differences and misunderstandings affect relationships between women and men?
  • What are the benefits and costs of the so-called male and female ways of sexuality?
  • What can women learn from men and what can men learn from women?

To understand all this, we’ll need to explore things you might not expect, like how objectification can dampen a woman’s sexual experience, even as it heightens a man’s. Or, we still rank men above women in our society, and this ends up diminishing women’s sexual interest in ways that are not immediately obvious – though they should be.

Meanwhile, men, if you’re not getting a lot of sex, don’t take it personally. And don’t take it out on women.

I believe part of the results she may glean may very well be the disappointment between what both sexes were expecting and what reality actually yields.

Look at what media has said to both males and females in the last 30 plus years- (See Sexualizing America 1-12) and clearly typical females do not enjoy being objectified, bruised, hog tied, caged or beaten. On the other hand as she points out (see Why Don’t Women Like Sex As Much As Men? ) the males who believe the lies they hear and the fallacies they see must be angry not to receive the so-called benefits they think are free for the taking.

And now for the Photo Essay





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Pssssst - what would we do without him to open our minds?

And we wonder why Sex us always on their minds? Or why women seem to use sex to get their attention? they have been breed to think this way purposefully!
This is given out free at bookstores with a purchase!
There are no words to describe this one! But the question remains - why do we stand silents and allow ourselves to be used this way?
Oh and does India really have a slit? You tell me when enough is enough.

5 Responses

  1. I agree men are aggrasive. But women should dress and behave in a manner to reduce the aggrasive behaviour of men towards sex.We are making sex now a public commodity,which should be stopped.Men should be motivated from their childhood to look at women not as “Objects of vulgar sex” but considered them as beautiful life-support partners to sail happily in the boat of life.

  2. Thank you for doing this series!

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