Sign of the times: Giving out pocket-size copies of the Constitution at red lights

BettyJean Kling

We the people… Constitution Day. That more Americans realize that the Constitution is all that stands between them and tyranny is one of the most encouraging happenings of 2010. Happy Birthday to “We the people…”!

On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed by 39 brave patriots who would change the course of history. Because of their efforts, they helped create the greatest country in the world. Sept, 17th marked the 223rd anniversary of this noble document and I do not want people to forget about it. I encourage you all to take time out of your busy schedules today and to educate yourself and/or others about this valuable document, one in which is constantly under attack.  Also, if you are interested in getting your own pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution you can order one by visiting

Let us not let people forget about what our country was built on and what some of our politicians seemed to have forgotten to read.


Yesterday was Constitution Day 2010.

With every DC power grab and abuse of the USA’s founding document, reading, knowing and understanding the Constitution is more important today than ever.

It is encouraging that more people than ever are quoting the Constitution–at least those famous first three words: We the people.

Those three words are basically all of the protection Americans have against the behemoth that is Washington DC spewing regulations and laws at a dizzying rate. Millions who were “too busy” to pay attention to their freedoms quietly evaporating have taken those three words of the Constitution to heart.

As we stopped for a red light on a street in an Ohio town yesterday, an elderly woman and her partner, both holding signs about the Constitution, approached the car upon being greeted. She was giving out pocket-size copies of the Constitution. Upon the light changing, it was noticed that at least six others were doing the same on other corners of the intersection.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

It’s hard to imagine this happening on a small-town street even ten years ago.

It only took 19 months of the Obama administration–aided and abetted by a Congress more intent on pushing unpopular laws than protecting the freedoms of the citizens who elected them–to spark this renewed broad interest in the U.S. Constitution.

Who knew single event might be Barack Obama’s most lasting legacy?

That more people now realize that those three words–”We the people…”–are the firewall between ordinary Americans and DC-imposed tyranny is surely one of the most encouraging happenings of 2010.

Happy Constitution Day!
by Mondo Frazier

On many streets we will see man standing with signs that read will work for food like we did in the last Depression but now we also see the antithesis – a call to We the People- to rise up and throw the Bums out. Why should they eat cake on our tax dollars while we starve?– Read your Constitution! Voter Imposed Term Limits! TEA Party 2010!

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