What the Tea Party Women Really Want, Really

Ranting Again: BettyJean Kling

Peggy Drexler Author, assistant professor of psychology at Cornell Medical School asks in the Huffington Post today Women of the Tea Party: Who Are You, and What Do You Want?
Drexler ponders

“There’s no doubt that women are good for the Tea Party. But is the Tea Party good for women?”

She goes on to bring us March release of the Quinnipiac University poll that revealed that 55 percent of those identifying themselves as members of the Tea Party are female and point out the obvious such as “women have had a real impact on the Republican primaries — including shockers from Delaware to New York to Alaska.”

I was particularly annoyed that she read about us in Slate Is the Tea Party a Feminist Movement? yet still asks the question as if perplexed by Hanna Rosin’s in-depth report including Democrats who were interviewed.

But some would surprise you with their straightforward feminist rage. For the last few years Anna Barone, a Tea Party leader from Mount Vernon, N.Y.,

has used the e-mail handle annaforhillary.com: “The way they treated Hillary is unforgiveable, and then they did it to Sarah Palin,” she said. “I’ve

been to 15 Tea Party meetings and never heard a woman called a name just because she’s powerful. I guess you could say the Tea Party is where I

truly became a feminist.”

The mama bears are not the only type of women in the movement. Local parties in Seattle, New York, and California, for example, breed more-straightforward feminists. (Remember annaforhillary.com.) Some of the women I interviewed are longtime women’s activists who feel alienated from both parties and are happy to have a fresh start. Betty Jean Kling runs a group called Majority United, dedicated to getting more women in office and fighting violence against women. Like many activists I talked to, Kling thinks social issues such as abortion are just wedges to drive women apart. (Varley, who is Catholic and pro-life, said the same thing: “We would be stupid to bring up abortion at a meeting.”)

Kling says the two parties “just throw crumbs to women” and insult them. She has given over her radio show to women Tea Party activists and candidates, and started a network of local chapters. “Each woman has her reasons for joining,” she says, “but I would like to believe that deep down she has a degree of pride in knowing that when she is voting out the incumbents she may be voting in a new woman with new ideas who will be really amenable to women’s rights.”


So get her information and poll data from Rosin and the Slate Drexler has the nerve to ask- “Unfortunately, good and bad, are hotly subjective when it comes to issues like choice, gay marriage and single parenthood.”


I am reaching out to some journalists- to get our side of the story out.

It is time that they stop putting all of us reformers or Tea Party types into a box!

Go ladies Go Christine, Sarah, Michele, Hillary, Carly, Sharon, Blanche, Jan, – Go ladies Go!

Christine represents a “Throw the bums out ” movement. She represents a wave – she does not speak for every individual and how they feel about every little idea in their personal lives. She is not part of a religious movement- she is part of a political movement and she happens to be a religious person.

 She speaks for how we expect our Government to run.

Why must they try to paint us all as little robots? Who cares if she believes in masturbation – that is her right and her religious belief and not foisted on us by any stretch as a Senator? Our Government never forces religious beliefs on us and never will – so why bring her religion into it? They certainly didn’t bring Jeremiah Wright’s religion in did they?

We are talking here about biggggg governmental issues not personal religious beliefs?

Let me say it again the tea party is worried about big government, big spending and big taxes- health care, war and peace, jobs jobs jobs, small businesses, the unemployment numbers, the poverty line, truth- justice and the American way, and Our Constitution in spite of issues like gay marriage and choice which cannot  and should not take over any entire platform. When any women has to write a column asking all other women such a question – she diminishes women to

Such an extent as to never be able to crash through that biggest glass ceiling but forever is held back by other women who refuse to release us from this bondage. Free-US-Now don’t hold all women hostage to your issues. All issues are our issues not just those you deem women’s issues. We will pick our own fights.


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