O’Donnell Beats Bush’s Brain: Rove goes Rogue

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Karl Rove and the Republican Party are doing to Christine O’Donnell a hack job similar to what the Democratic Party did to Hillary Clinton. Shorty after O’Donnell won in a landslide victory, the Republican establishment pulled their backing from her before she even gave her victory speech. She beat a 40 year incumbent male who besmirched this young woman disgracefully proving the voter is no longer going to allow the machine to dictate our votes not allow our female candidates to be politically raped.

In 2008, I watch the Democrats turn on their own and hang Hillary Clinton out to dry. The bigger her wins in state after state the faster the Super delegates abandoned her for the other side. On May 31, 2008, the Democratic Party committed suicide as we watched democracy turned on its head as the rules and by-laws committee played fast and loose with “The People’s Votes” in two states. In Denver, during the convention State delegates like California, who by law were sworn to give Hillary their votes simply did not vote so that Obama could have his Historical glory.

On September 14, 2010 the Republican Party likewise showed it’s hand. Two wings on the same vulture. It becomes very apparent; neither party gives a damned about what “We The People” want- why do we bother to have elections? A better question might be—or probably is – is why do we trust either of these two parties? They do not represent us and haven’t for a very long time. It is very evident, it is no longer about us- it is about party politics for the party bosses and maybe the good old boys and the girls who will play their game according to their rules. Look how they let the media come out after Sarah, I didn’t see them protect her once they saw her as a threat to the establishment!

So far, we have a new party coming on strong “The Tea Party”, perhaps that is enough to give us the choice we need. A party who will run candidates that we can vote for in spite of what Karl Rove wants. Rove was spewing vitriol against O’Donnell accusing her of saying nutty things. He used terms like “rectitude, truthfulness, sincerity, character”… ironic hearing about the importance of those things coming from Mr. Rove. Very ironic. Isn’t that the guy we loved to hate just 2 years ago? Isn’t he the guy that drove us nuts with wacky for 8 years? Do I give a fig who Rove rather we vote for now? Me thinks I will vote against his choice every damned time!

Good going Delaware voters!

Ms. O’Donnell dismissed his comments. “Everything he is saying is unfactual,” she said. “And it’s a shame, because he’s the same so-called political guru that predicted I wasn’t going to win. And we won, and we won big.”

She called the criticism by Mr. Rove and other top Republicans in Washington and Delaware “political cannibalism,” and said that her defeat of Representative Michael N. Castle, a former governor, in the G.O.P. primary had more to do with his record. 

It is time the American people go rogue and start electing non incumbents and might I add more women. I also believe in voter imposed term limits.  Never give anyone enough time to run your life – they are our servants they work FOR us, unless of course we are too damned lazy to keep watch.  Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has announced they will not support their own nominee for U.S. Senate, Christine O’Donnell, because they wanted their preferred candidate, Liberal RINO Mike Castle.

Via: OurCountryPAC    Let’s make this petition go viral overnight so when @NRSC goes to work in the am, they come to their senses  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/supportchristineodonnell/

What it is about?  The NRSC are acting like kids who did not get what they wanted so they are not going to give their own party nominee funds for the November election.  Time to tell them to stop crying, grow up, and do the responsible thing.


5 Responses

  1. THIS IS RIGHT ON! These are the same old coots that will try to stop Sarah Palin or any other strong Republican woman from getting the RNC nomnination
    for presidential candidacy. These are the same old coots that will support RINOS like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown in 2012.

    Term limits must be had. This cannot go on. 20 terms! My God…think of the money stolen and misappropriated in that length of time!

    Shame on Rove and the National Rebuplican Senate Committee.

    Kudos to Mitch McConnell from my old kentucky home!

  2. It looks like the folks at the NRSC have heard all the shouting about this. They’ve already changed their minds:


    I will never again be able to take Rove seriously. In fact, when his face comes on the screen, I think I’ll change the station.

    Shame on Rove is right!

  3. Rove complains that the Tea Party winners fail to live up to HIS standards; not “evincing the Characteristics” of mainstream Republican Conservative leaders: “Rectitude & Sincerity.”

    ! ? !?? ?

    So, in the minds of the men, the Mainstream is what WE say it is, and the only WOMEN permitted to enjoy our support support OUR standards (Phyllis Schlaffly) The Bold Progressives are, likewise, counting up the chickens they couldn’t hatch. Adam Green’s followup putch to Grayson was the threat to send up and support Progressive candidates to take down Democratic incumbents when they fail to vote as INSTRUCTED by the Power Playas and their Muslim Masher, Barack Hussein Obama. They forced the Unity Pony over our rainbow with politically astute remarks like: “Where else can they go?” (thanks, david axlerod) Let’s just say, the INCUMBENTS who heard the threat, yet stood up to the White House AND Nancy Pelosi ALL WON THEIR PRIMARIES. Bring on the Chick, Chick, Chickies.

    So when Pat Buchannon, the only GENTLEMAN left in the Republican Party / Main Stream Media cautioned that THE WAY THEY TREAT THIS WOMAN will be the big factor in how the Republican Party is viewed going forward, he was the only guy talking sense I heard all morning.

    I’ll be enjoying the scene as the word gets quietly out among women that the real power playas are getting their kids off to school, going to the gym, pta meetings, garden clubs and all those tea party things women do. When they go to the polls, with real choices, we’ll count OUR CHICKS, and there ain’t ANY CHICKENS in that hen house. Later, guys.

  4. I think we are watching Sarah Palin getting her ducks
    In a row for 2012 and this scares the good old boys as
    did Hillary. The thought of a woman being elected
    President scares the hell out of both parties.

    We are watching Sarah Palin rise to be a political
    Powerhouse. Truth be told she has more
    political power than Obama who has candidates running
    from him while candidates are running to Palin.

    So as with Hillary, this can’t be.
    Take her down a notch or take her out to the woodshed

    Their Misogyny is showing…again

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