Lets introduce Louisa to Dr. Phil


Dear Dr. Phil,

 Thank you for addressing the crisis off domestic violence. I am a member of the Majority United, TMU, one of the issues we tackle is domestic violence. The founder Betty Jean Kling has had her life turned upside because of the attempted murders of her two daughters and domestic violence.

Her daughter Denise was diagnosed with cancer and while undergoing Chemo her husband George Hartwig beat her over the head with a hammer for her pain medication. George was released from jail without bail after serving only a few weeks and two days before sentencing he broke into the home where her younger sister Louisa was attending to her sister Denise.

When Louisa tried to dial for help- she was told “put down the phone” insisting on defending her sister from another attack she refused. George Hartwig shot her in the face and head, with a shotgun. Louisa is a mother of two who no longer has a life – or memory having had half her brains blown out. She lost half her face and one eye and all her ability to speak or communicate. She does not know her family any more. She is otherwise young and strong but is sentenced to a long life in this condition unable to walk, sit, stand or eat.

There is news of a plea deal for George Hartwig in Hackensack NJ. This monster should be removed from society for the rest of his life. Please help us bring this to public attention.



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Dr. Phil’s Staff

Maybe a few more letters to Dr. Phil might encourage him to cover the story?


6 Responses

  1. Is it okay to copy your letter? If so I will get it out right away. Thanks

  2. Dr. Phil has announced this season his show will be dedicated to
    “End the Silence of Domestic Violence”
    He is looking for stories to air.
    You can contact him with Louisas story.

    Contact for Dr. Phil.


    Also has a facebook page Dr Phil

    Also has this
    Help End the Silence on Domestic Violence

    October is Domestic Violence Month.

    Dr. Phil is on a mission to end the silence on domestic violence. Join him by making a $20 donation to the cause!

    As a special thank you for your contribution, we will send you this specially designed T-shirt and bracelet to show your support. 

    100% of the money raised goes directly to domestic violence shelters and programs across the country that provide support and a safe haven for women and children in harm’s way.


    By all means copy and paste the letter
    BJ posted and ask others to do the same.

  3. Dr. Phil,I myself am a survivor of Domestic Violence.It is a horrible thing to go through,and even though I have been away from him for 10 yrs. now.The nightmares don’t stop.but i have made a change and became an advocate of domestic violence I want to do all I can to help others,may I please have a free t-shirt and braclet to show the world that survivors make a difference?

  4. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence,been away from him for 10 yrs. now.I advocate for Domestic violence in Washington state.Is it possible to receive a t- shirt and braclet to show the world I care,and I am making a difference?

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