This mother’s bridge: May tolerance flow both ways


On a beautiful September morning he left for his job with the FDNY. He left flowers for his mother’s birthday; the card read “We will celebrate your life tonight”

He was last seen riding the back of his ladder company truck heading towards the burning towers. There never was and never has been a celebration of her life, because her life was drained out of her that beautiful Tuesday morning when the buildings that once stood in the heart of NYC collapsed on top of the only thing that mattered in the world to her… Him

How many hearts stopped beating that day?

And over the last 9 years she has been asked to forgive the unforgivable, comprehend the message is Peace when the incomprehensible message was War, she has been asked to be sensitive to an Ideology  responsible for the day her world collapsed among the rubble and a nation held its breath. Some have exhaled, she can’t manage to exhale, and she has tried.

She is asked to believe that building a mosque overlooking Ground Zero is a “bridge” that needs to “help” the world to heal and she knows healing has not a thing to do with it, if it did she would build the bridge herself.

Her beloved was buried among the rubble of the WTC, she remembers the day they told her “we have identified his arm” from among the thousands of body parts found in the “pile” at Ground Zero. She held his funeral in March 2011. His final resting place is Ground Zero.

For every soul that rest at ground zero there are families and friends who are now being asked to tolerate a mosque overlooking the site of the most horrifying and heartbreaking scene this country has ever witnessed.

 Yes, they insist the graveyard must have a mosque.

In doing so they ask one more thing of her, no she hasn’t been asked she is told to tolerate the mosque. She is told to be sensitive to the needs of a community who need to worship.  

And she wonders if she could turn back time.Sept 10, 2001.

She would ask what is being asked of her, she would go and speak to Imam Rauf himself, maybe even Daisy Khan, she would tell them to tolerate others who do not believe as they do. She would tell them to be sensitive to the needs of others. She would tell them and tell them and she would beg and plead to preach Peace, she would get down on her knees and offer every piece of real estate in NY for a mosque to be built in exchange for Tolerance….she falls apart.. again… at the thought of Tolerance.

Sept.11, 2010…he leaves for his job with the FDNY, he left his mother flowers for her birthday the card says “we will celebrate your life tonight” and as they have done for the last 9 years they celebrate … Tolerance.


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  1. Thanks BJ
    Momma wanted to write something that they couldn’t spin.
    It seems that everywhere we turn the spin is in. Tolerance is demanded and the fact that everyday you see examples of tolerance on the streets of NY is ignored. All one has to do is walk the streets to see that.
    On Madison Ave on Fridays the street is impassable because Muslims worship in the streets. NYers tolerate Jihad being preached blocks from Ground Zero protected by the NYPD.
    we are asked to be sensitive and yet when we ask Muslims to be sensitive to a mosque being built near our graveyard that intolerance is responsible for we are called “islamaphobics” and a host of other names.

    People who have never read the Qur’an repeat the spin of “peaceful” and the Taquiyya of its not in the Qur’an.

    Woman who call themselves feminist repeat the Great religion spin.
    How on earth do you spin the mutilation,murder and manipulation of women into “great”?
    How do you spin the denial of women an education, to earn a living, to walk freely without the religious police beating them into anything other than what it is , misogyny.
    The spin and the blame game of placing blame everywhere but where it rightfully belongs.
    Let’s evaluate what do all the terror acts of violence around the world have in common?
    What do honor killings, FGM, acid throwing, child marriage, stonings and be headings have in common?

    No matter how you want to spin it the answer is the religion of Islam.

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