Vote the Vagina?


Lou is the local DFA coordinator and supporter of “progressive” causes.  He emails me all the crap about their events.  Recently, he sent a Sestak fundraiser announcement that was being hosted by Dr. Joe Talarico, UPMC Anesthesiologist, who was convicted of election law violations two years ago.  Acting in his formal capacity as the President of the Butler County Democrats for Change (D-PAC) Joe funded a smear postcard that was calculated to perpetrate a falsehood about a candidate for county commissioner.  Joe has a blog and tries to build his political persona by bashing qualified people…His conviction was covered in the Butler Eagle and made front page news because the candidate he attacked is a personal friend of the Editor of the paper. Of course, in Joe’s view, the fact that he was in gross violation of campaign finance law was dismissed, the editor was in the wrong for covering the story for his crony.  The Eagle is one of the few papers that really covers local news which the locals read, recognize and remember names associated with scandals.

Lou took the position that the complaint against Joe should never have been filed, and NEVER should have been carried in the paper, it was all “just politics.”  The progressives consider any thing they do “politics” and don’t make the correlation between the “accountability” they always pitch to the electorate and the ethical conduct of elections.  Larry is the county chairman who brought in all his has been, corrupt cronies to disrupt meetings, slander his opponents and undermine any effort to build the party.  He is the cranky troll who demanded that the complaint be taken to the State Committee against me accusing me of campaigning for John McCain.  He made the demand to retaliate when the Executive Board threw Dr. Joe off the Committee once he had been convicted; sentenced community service and to remove himself from all political activity for a year.  Larry continues to insist that I supported McCain.  If you’ll recall, we women of the Democratic Party were complaining about the misogyny in the 2008 campaign coverage toward women.  I have had men of the committee advise me that although I am absolutely correct and professional in what I do and my view, there is a determined attitude that I must be kept in my place.  So when I get the chance to remind Lou, Larry, Joe and anybody else in the committee who considers it their right to discipline me for my uppity existence, I write things like this.  Watching Obama’s numbers whirlpool into the darkness from which he squirted is more satisfying than I can tell.  They deserve this and I have no intention of transcending, being diplomatic, or taking pity on these guys.  They are the consummate One Way Street.  Never do they reason that I have been a good egg and they owe me one.  It’s always their view that what’s mine is theirs.  It’s their political prerogative to take it.

I am a sitting member of the Democratic State Committee, Butler County Committee and known advocate for womens’ opportunities in political and business endeavors. They tried to push me out of my seat on State Committee to give it to a transsexual.  I was the only female member of the Butler County Delegation.  They got their asses handed to them in the hearing and are determined to marginalize me.  I just rear my ugly head often enough to be a pain in their Achilles heel.

I wrote to him to point out that the Democratic Party has yet to man up about the way Hillary Clinton was treated.  I make a point of assuring them that the women whose votes were always in their bank won’t be this time.  Each time, the women prove me true.  God love ’em,  if they vote at all, they vote AGAINST them.  One young Dem from the most corrupt county in Pennsylvania, BEAVER County, wisely heard my input and agreed.  The women don’t demonstrate in the street and waste their energies protesting.  “They’ll go into the voting booth, stick it to you and be done with it.”  Amen.

The Political reporters for the Butler Eagle like to point out that Joe Talarico is the only person they have ever been able to quote, on their front page, as having admitted to lying to cover his criminal acts against the voters.  Joe has never apologized for his poor judgment, nor acknowledged learning the importance of integrity in this work.  He continues to brag about the JOB he did on Jack Beiler who is a friend to non-profits throughout the County and whose wife, Amy, has been named Volunteer of the Year.  You have no interest in discussing the matter, yet fail to understand that association with Talarico hurts you in the county.
People note his involvement in the Sestak Campaign and immediately recall his assertion that he would change nothing if again faced with an opportunity to mislead the voters.  Winning at any cost doesn’t fly in Butler County, but if you are getting results, more power to you. 

As Larry says:  It’s all politics.  He seems to have a few supporters on that point, as the Committee overwhelmingly elected him without questioning the fact that he put James Coulter -who admitted his complete ignorance of the State Committee bylaws- in charge of the election of a new chairman.  He posted his goon at the entrance to the voting site to abuse, disrupt and in every way violate the civil rights of Dave Winkler, an honorable opponent.  That you folks had no issue with this was appalling. 

Clearly, you don’t understand that Voters are reasonable and will always balance their acceptance of political differences with their preference for at least a show of ethics and respect for all voices in their election process.  The polls indicate that the Progressives’ take-over of the Democratic Party will cost the Dems their majority.  Believe it or not, while they reject the Republican Party, they are neither intimidated nor inclined to reward the cowards hiding behind the skirts of the Democratic Party who won’t stand accountable by name at the polls. 

We’ll have another look in November, when we find out how foolish it is to ignore the input of hard working Dems to push a political agenda.  Last November’s election of all female Republican justices was a message to the men of the progressive movement that women do not support Push.  Women respect gentlemen and find none in the present make up of the Democratic Party.  The demeanor of the Committee is so toxic as to repel any self-respecting professional from involvement. 

For Women, that goes double.  Vote the Vagina?  You accused me of that in an email questioning Sarah Palin a couple of years ago.  No, it’s not the vagina, Lou, it’s the bottom-line respect women posess for something other than brute force.  By their XX Chromosomes, Womenfolk’s Survival instincts alert them to just how much is wrong with the picture.  The moment their kids get on the school bus for the new year, they will be focused on how they’ll deal with this election.

It is my respectful recommendation that the males of the Democratic Party re-visit the qualities that separate the Gentlemen from the unworthy of our respect.  The Democratic Base is not the liberals: it is the Women Voters.   Courtthem or count your losses.

 Ironically, the sitting president accused Hillary Clinton of holding tea parties while she was first lady, dismissing her significant work on behalf of women and children.  Believe it or not, Lou, women communicate at tea parties.  It is the very connection campaign managers value in winning votes.  Get a clue.

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  1. “Vote the Vagin”- Is it not vulgar.? Instead,”women & children” would have been most appropriate.Let us maintain decorum not only for us but also for future generations.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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