Obama: The cotton picking President


The PC police are at it again…CNN Rick Sanchez made the comment “He’s the cotton picking President”

 CNN’s Rick Sanchez quickly apologized on his Rick’s List program on Monday after inadvertently labeling Barack Obama the “cotton-picking president of the United States.” Sanchez used the racially-tinged term in response to the President recently addressing the significant percentage of American population who believe he is Muslim or was born outside the U.S.

The anchor raised President Obama’s recent comment about his birth certificate with correspondent Jessica Yellin 21 minutes into the 3 pm Eastern hour. Yellin explained that “this is the first time he’s talked about it since the polls showing how many Americans believe him to be Muslim came out” and that “you get the sense that he’s been sort of through this. He wants to set the record straight, but he really does seem to accept that he’s not going to convince everyone, and he’s not going to spend a lot of time and energy on something that’s not going to change.”

Sanchez replied to Yellin full of frustration: “I’m just sitting here just shaking my head. He is the cotton-picking president of the United States!” He continued with another slighter gaffe: “If the president of the United States doesn’t have enough of a bully pulpit to convince people of a lie- that a lie is a lie, I should say, then- you know, where are we? What kind of planet are we living on? What the hell is going on here?”


Here is what I found about the term — cotton picking.

COTTON-PICKING as an adjective cotton-picking” is widespread as a term of disparagement.

Damned, darned. “From the “Dictionary of American Regional English,” Volume 1 by Frederic G. Cassidy (1985, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, England).

What does that dictionary say about calling Hillary a bitch and Sarah a cunt? Are they widespread terms of endearment toward our female candidates?

Actually, I think it’s more a light-hearted old fashioned term not meant to be disparaging. “Keep your cotton-picking hands off my sandwich.” Or “you’re out of your cotton picking mind.” Besides what’s wrong with picking cotton? As far as racially tinged- both Blacks and whites picked cotton in the south. And looky here what I found:

"Lewis Hine: Passionate Journey; Photographs 1905-1939", "Let Children Be Children: Lewis Wickes Hine's Crusade Against Child Labor", "Cotton Picker"

Sanchez was not describing Obama as the cotton picking President. Nor was Sanchez describing the actions of Obama since Obama has never actually picked cotton. Sanchez was expressing his own frustration with Obama’s inability to speak up for himself, to mean He’s the President for Pete’s sake (hope that term is ok) if not him then who?

Obama has never picked cotton. Sanchez couldn’t have possibly been speaking literally about the President when he said Obama was the cotton picking president; that would require that he had picked cotton. Me just thinks some of you are out of your cotton picking minds. Me also thinks enough is enough! Anyone making anything outta this– is plum outta their cotton –pickin minds!

That race card is worn out now! It’s a joke! If we have to parse every damned word we say about everyone but women then I say lets get rid of all these thin skinned Jack-asses and get some real patriots in there who know how to take a punch – like Hillary, Sarah and Jan! These guys are Pussy Cats with glass balls! Let fill those seats with real men- Women! We can take a lickin and keep on tickin!

6 Responses

  1. Rick Sanchez is not a racist. He – like me – just didn’t realize that cotton-picking had been added to the list of banned words and expressions.

    Those in charge of the censorship policy in Washington should at least publish a list every month or two of all those words and expressions that we are no long allowed to say.

    There would be many less mistakes that way.

    Free Speech – Isn’t It Wonderful?

  2. Hi Dora

    Yep thinking the same thing. Why not Publish a
    I was wondering if anyone knows if the new black
    Panthers had to apologize for calling White women
    Crackers and suggesting their babies be killed?
    Because fact is that describes Obama more than
    Cotton Picking President does in the term Sanchez meant
    It VS how the racist new black panthers meant literally
    Killing the babies of white women.

  3. lol…oops

    Stephen Foster, who lived in PITTSBURGH, PA wrote songs like de Camptown Ladies. Now, does y’all think any true LADIES would be bettin’ horse races at a track singin’ doo dah? And look at all the generations of kids whose moms let them learn that song!

    Geeze. Do the “too sensitive” progressives know the one about living in glass houses?

  4. Oh Anne, It fits so nicely with the race bait plan.

  5. Hi pghPuma

    LOL you are funny,,,good point. No they know
    nothing about
    Glass Houses nor Glass Ceilings for that matter.

  6. Oh OBAMA-Be obliged to GOD as you are now in a position to direct and drive the humanity to violent-free, peaceful and hunger free society.Before your election,you were listening to every one including me. You acknlowdged my IDEA how to guide and develop the world with PEACE ENERGY.I can not conceive that you have become a different Obama.The world is looking at you FOR A CHANGE, what you told before election to this high post.It really hurts me when people talk negatively about you.
    I am prepared to serve you and provide logistical support so that you remain as original obama and change the world in true sense.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das
    Professor of Peace & Ekistics

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