Glenn Beck Doublespeak: Reclaiming the Civil Rights Movement

Doublespeak: Any language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

Glenn Beck wants to “reclaim” the Civil Rights Movement: “We will take that movement because we were the people that did it in the first place!”

Miami Herald columnist, Leonard Pitts asks: whose “we”? Beck’s “we” sounds like people like Beck: affluent, middle-aged conservatives.

Funny, I thought that particular “we” were the backers of the “Southern strategy” that used racism to attract white votes. In the South this “we” largely turned Republican when Democratic President, Lyndon Johnson, signed the Civil Rights Act.

This is right out of Karl Rove’s playbook: Redefine an idea as it’s opposite. Rove turned “W” from National Guard deserter to Iraq/Afghan War Hero as easily as he swift boated war hero, John Kerry, into an unpatriotic fibber.

Orwellian talk is alive and well on the political right. It pops up when “Conservative Feminists”  resist adopting “a male model of careerism and public achievement as female goals, thereby denying women’s need for intimacy, family, and children.” If they had their way, we’d soon backtrack to a world before feminism.

Future Texas textbooks will question the Founding Fathers’ commitment to separation of church and state. They will diminish Thomas Jefferson and expand anti-feminist, Phyllis Schlafly.  Meanwhile, the slave trade will be renamed the “Atlantic triangular trade.” All thanks to a conservative school board.

Taking “we” back from Beck, Pitts names the Civil Rights Movements’ rightful owners: Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of the bus, Freedom Riders fighting – and sometimes losing their lives – for the right to vote, Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act, and Martin Luther King leading the movement.  

Meanwhile the political right will keep trying to take over our thoughts one word at a time.

Georgia Platts

3 Responses

  1. I will have to disagree with you on this one Georgia,

    I was there and I will be there going forward. There is room for moderation on both sides. The problem today and I guess for too long is we have splintered into two camps instead of one America.

    Why can’t we talk about ‘WE’ as Americans instead of (people like Beck: affluent, middle-aged conservatives) or (“we” largely turned Republican when Democratic President, Lyndon Johnson, signed the Civil Rights Act.). Otherwise stated we whites or we middle class Conservatives? What’s with all the we vs. them bullshit?

    Schlafly by the way- didn’t want women who stayed home to raise their children and widows to lose Social Security benefits, she didn’t want women forced into uni-sex toilets with perverts and she didn’t want women drafted by the military.

    Schlafly never fought against the rights women fought for and achieved during these years save those three which she believed were against women’s best interests.

    This is what is wrong with America today!
    Civil Rights – are women’s rights are Human Rights!
    They belong to us all not just liberals who quite frankly are taking this too damned far. MLK had his say and I love it – but this is America and Beck has a right to have his say too.

    How about we stop bashing the hell out of one another and allow each to have our own opinions without demonizing each other?

    I don’t agree with Schlafly on everything – Lord knows she is way out there on many things – but more so is Madeline Murray O’Hair trying to take God out of America. Let her be an Atheist – but God was in the founding of our country like it or not!

    I am not taking either side here but one thing I will fight to the death for is our Constitution – tell me one thing Beck did or said in this rally that was offensive to that?

    As far as separation of church and state – show me that term ‘separation of church and state’ in the Constitution?

    The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion”, impeding the free exercise of religion,

    For years liberals have been brainwashing us that our laws and our founders and our founding papers were NOT based on the Judeo/Christian principles however, you have only to actually read to know that is not true.

    You have only to visit our DC buildings to read the inscriptions to read that is not true.

    Your have only to read the founders quotes to understand we have been lied to!

    As far as our text books – they are being perverted- I agree. We need to figure this out. History cannot be changed by anyone. We cannot allow either side to change HISTORY! What happened to the writings that were already there? Why may I ask do we update history books to change history in the first place? You can add to history as it happens but you cannot change history or the language that was in use when history was being made.

    As for GOD.
    Indeed; the amendment prohibits the government from making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion”, AND impeding the free exercise of religion,

    For O’Hair to try to remove God (notice I did not say organized religion) from America would remove our very foundation upon which we were established and leave us null and void!

    For Schlafly to fight same sex marriage which is a purely religious edict and denies all our citizens their constitutional rights is equally egregious.

    In my humble opinion we have before us an argument of the left and of the right both fly in the face of our Constitution and cause dissention among We The People.

    Don’t we have better things to do about jobs, hunger, housing, violence, the economy and such?

    Instead we continue to allow politicians and the parties to use us to their own ends. Shame!

  2. I am a retired School Teacher- I am talking from experience, and I can attest to the dumbing down of American students and to the talking down of our heritage and the slamming of our religious culture to a fault.

    I don’t go to church- I despise organized religion. My comments are for the purpose of demonstrating a war is being waged against the Christians and it is being blamed on the Christians! This is a Judeo/ Christian nation– founded on on those principals. Now they are trying to take that out and replace it with another religion whilst saying there is no room for religion.

    WE need to be even handed about the way we teach our children. We need to tell the truth , we can tell it all and we can not show bias.

    We need to teach our children American HISTORY– AND we can’t chage HISTORY!

    And when referring to our heritage globally why paint Christianity thus our founding in such a bad light? Why is it now out of vogue to be proud Americans?

    I do not want to fundamentally change America- I want to restore America. I don’t want to become a Muslim nation, I like my nation just the way it was! What is wrong with that? Why must we progress to something else?

    We are a melting pot – those who come here – are supposedly coming here to assimilate into our culture-or else why did they come?

    Regents exam in global history and geography given last week featured glowing passages pertaining to Muslim society but much more critical essay excerpts on the subject of Christianity.

    The Muslim reading:

    * “Wherever they went, the Moslems [sic] brought with them their love of art, beauty and learning. From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that of western Christendom.

    * “Some of the finest centers of Moslem life were established in Spain. In Cordova, the streets were solidly paved, while at the same time in Paris people waded ankle-deep in mud after a rain. Cordovan public lamps lighted roads for as far as ten miles; yet seven hundred years later there was still not a single public lamp in London!”

    Source: Daniel Roselle, A World History: A Cultural Approach

    The Christian reading:
    Common Procedures used by Friars in Converting Areas in Spanish America:

    * “Idols, temples and other material evidences of paganism destroyed.”

    * “Christian buildings often constructed on sites of destroyed native temples in order to symbolize and emphasize the substitution of one religion by the other.”

    * “Indians supplied construction labor without receiving payment.”

    * “In a converted community, services and fiestas were regularly held in the church building.”

    Source: Based on information from Charles Gibson, Spain in America

  3. Glenn Beck Rally Disrespectful of Martin Luther King Jr. Memory…

    I found your entry interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on my blog…

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