Who distorted MLK dream? Civil rights leaders and liberal crybabies

By: BettyJean Kling

Thousands of conservative, tea party supporters were expected at the demonstration Saturday that Beck has called a” Restoring Honor” rally to show support of the country’s military at the site where Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago to the day.

The location and timing prompted civil rights leaders to cry foul. “They have a right to rally. But what they don’t have the right do is distort what Dr. King’s dream was about,” the Rev. Al Sharpton declared Friday. He called the tea party assembly an anti-government action and has organized a counter rally also near the site of King’s historic speech.

Rep. Mel Watt, D- N.C., a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus , said he had some conversations about what he described as the “in-your-face” choice of the date. However, he said, “these people have a right to rally, and I’m a protector of free speech even when I disagree with what’s being said.”

I am still trying to figure out what exactly what was said to these patriots that these black so called Civil Rights leaders disagree with? Moreover, exactly what was said that Dr. Martin Luther King would disagree with? I did not see any dream distorted. Wasn’t it part of the dream that we all be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin? Why do we still need a black caucus? Why do we need Al Sharpton telling us we cannot hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on any day? Imagine had we told MLK he could not hold his there that day? When oh when will the black man stop the segregation? Aren’t civil rights human rights?

Taylor Marsh on Huffington’s Post immediately pulls race card out in her opening line and then for her second headline, she points to MLK niece as an anti-abortionist. These race baiting liberals just can’t get past poison politics long enough to be civil even on a day of remembering Civil Rights. Even the photo they used played down the crowd. How sad, how very very sad.

The ultimate lesson of Mr. Beck’s rally today is you cannot say things like “I think the president is a racist,” and then say “I stand by that,” then present yourself as someone who will “restore America.” It offers a surreal reality that makes people feel like they’re in the political twilight zone. At least that’s how I felt today.

This type of hate speech directed at the first African American president in United States history is nothing Martin Luther King, Jr. would “commend,” using the word Dr. King’s niece did today, speaking at Beck’s rally. At least not before he received a retraction from the hater who uttered the words.

King’s niece, anti-abortion activist Alveda King, was one of many minority speakers and awardees, a group that also included St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, a native of the Dominican Republic, who received an award for promoting hope. Like Beck, Alveda King linked the rally to her uncle’s speech. “If Uncle Martin were here today, he would surely commend us for giving honor where honor is due,” she said. […] – Glenn Beck calls for national revival 


No Taylor the ultimate lesson today is is you and the rest of the extreme left wing cannot continue to pull the race card, drag out the abortion issue and bash the American people and not expect the backlash you are all about to receive.

Perhaps it is time for these folks to learn a little bit about restoring honor. I stood next to a tall black Viet Nam vet whose eyes swelled and whose tears could not be stopped when Sarah told stories of several wounded vets then introduced them one by one. On my other side a white man from Arizona who got a ride from and traveled across the country with a Black woman from California to come help restore honor to our country. In front of me a new mother with her 2 week old baby was given a place to rest in by a cane wielding vet of about 68 and they took turns sharing the seat. On my other side a Latino family taking turns putting their children on their shoulders to see over the head of the crowds.  When I was leaving a woman asked that we make way– her husband had just suffered a stroke deep within the crowd – Moses himself could not have parted the way easier. I met folks from every state of every color of every nationality ranging in age from 2 weeks old to as young as 80 something and I would bet we were close to a million American patriots there without signs with open hearts. Top that AL!

What a great day for America! Hundreds of thousands of Americans, of all races, came together at the Lincoln Memorial to Restore Honor to our nation. The area immediately in front of the Lincoln Memorial holds 250,000, the park adjacent holds 300,000. If you look closely at the pictures you will see what I saw as I walked among the trees, hundreds of thousands more under all the tree cover for as far as the eye could see. They extended behind the stage right up to Lincoln’s lap.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were the headline speakers, but the real stars of the event were We The People in the crowd. They came from across the country in peace and friendship. The vast multitude of patriots brought to mind a similar gathering on this day, on this spot, forty-seven years ago.

Best remembered about the famed March on Washington is Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. What was his dream? Was it of a dispirited America, as brought about by the Obama administration? Was it of a county being torn apart by racial and class conflict, as caused either Party? Was it a downtrodden populace, prodded to submit to Big Government by the main stream media? No!

Media socialists now a’cringing at the religious themes of the Restoring Honor rally ought to reflect on the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and son of another Christian minister, the Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. `Michael Zak@grand_old_partisan@hotmail.com

[See http://grandoldpartisan.typepad.com/blog/2010/08/martin-luther-king-would-have-been-proud-of-the-restoring-honor-rally.html for the entire article.]

There weren’t many dry eyes on the mall when hundreds of thousands of people sang Amazing Grace a classic hymn written by a former slave-trader after he repented:

“I was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.” One could see on the video screen Sarah Palin wiping away some tears at this beautiful sentiment: “Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come; ‘Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home.”

On the way home, I turned on my radio and was stunned to hear Al Sharpton lie about Beck changing his theme to conform to Sharpton’s complaints. For the last week he urged – bring your children leave your signs home adding your will leave blessed. What part of faith, hope and charity sounds to Al and the black caucus like an anti government rally?

Wait till 9/12 Al – that is when you will see the anti-government rally! One like you must have wished to run against the opposing party but have yet to gather. You are a hypocrite Al- you have no problem with anti-government rallies, you just can’t tolerate anything against this president because you want to make it about race. You are a race baiter- You – AL- You distorted MLK’s dream!

This morning I decided to look up the beginning of this rally and was surprised to find it on Meet Up as far back as 12/30. Sorry Al- you are caught in a big big lie this time. I thing this time We The People are sick and tired of your nonsense. It’s over! This rally was EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!  

Come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future at the Restoring Honor Rally on August 28, 2010. Join us at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for this non-political, non-partisan rally that will recognize our first amendment rights and honor the service men and women who fight to protect those freedoms.

Every day servicemen and women risk their lives to protect our country. It is through the support of non-profit organizations like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) that the families of these soldiers are taken care of in the event of an accident or loss of life. Help give back to these men and women by donating to the SOWF at http://www.specialops.org and please, join us in Washington for the Restoring Honor Rally on August 28, 2010.


4 Responses

  1. This was always billed as a non political non partisan rally. Not a protest- not a march – not a civol rights event but a restorning honor to our soldiers who fight to protect our Constitutional rights rally.
    Constitutional rights – which grant human rights to each and every American Citizen . and we all have the right to be there – in that place – on that and every and any day day we choose.
    Our founders said so and and fathers and mothers and our sons and daughters fought and bled and continure to fight and bleed for all of us!
    This is our land – our Capital our Day and our Civil and Human Rights that are at stake!

    All Americans need jobs and education and homes. All of us Do! All of us have a right to that dream!

    • I sure wish I could have been there, but family responsibilities made that impossible. I guess we won’t get the truth from MSM about the rally, that is why it is important to read about it from people we know and trust. It seems to be quite a large turnout, unlike what the other side wants us to believe. It just goes to show the media is still in the tank, no matter what their golden boy does.When do they wake up? Maybe never. The truth will win out in the end, though, and 2012 is looming in the distance.

  2. A true, striving Christian would join in and be part of the uplifting event. Nobody whose heart is in the right place could reasonably criticize the fine turn-out of Americans honoring each other by focusing on that which we honor above all, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If it makes them happy to snarl and level themselves with negative reviews, so be it 🙂 We’re glad it happened.

  3. It appears the Liberal are aflutter- they just can’t stand this – not one bit. Even after seeing what happened they are still running their mouths and finding fault – calling anyone there a middle class conservative – another name for whitie. . We shall know them by they inability to pass any opportunity to find fault!

    They are going to have a rude awakening this Novemember – We discussing it here are or at least were Dems in 2008– but were are Americans now not lemmings! Damned the lemmings from either side who can’t let go of their politics long enough to save America or their own asses in the interim!

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