Drive-In Sex-Boxes

By: Lisa Thompson

More proof that truth is stranger than fiction, and that men will stop at no lengths to protect prostitution. I mean really — prostitution would diminish significantly if we actually demanded that men started controlling themselves!


Zurich planning drive-in sex-boxes

One of the German Sex-Boxen that Zurich police are planning to implement

Police chiefs in Switzerland are planning to build a series of drive-in sex-boxes to enable prostitutes to conduct their business with punters without disturbing the neighbourhood.

The idea – imported from German cities like Essen and Cologne – is being proposed by Zurich police chief Daniel Leupi as a way to let prostitutes work in a more discreet way.

The idea comes after thousands of complaints by householders whose homes overlook the thriving red light district in Zurich.

‘They get up to all sorts in broad daylight – and we’re sick to death of looking at it,’ said one.

Police spokesman Reto Casanova (his actual name) said: ‘We can’t get rid of prostitution, so we have to learn how to control it.’

3 Responses

  1. You get rid of Prostitution by stopping the demand! Now watch the liberal women come after me for depriving women of making a living!

  2. And how do you stop the demand of sex in exchange for money? Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for a reason. It is illegal nearly everywhere and still flourishes. So How?

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