Muslims: it’s not the country they come from it’s the damned ‘religion’ they follow

By BettyJean Kling

Day after day we are told not to judge all Muslims by the 911 terrorists. I would say that is fair enough. I have said just because they were all Saudi’s we shouldn’t judge Sauidi’s either. After all we have foiled attack after attack from Muslims from all over the Eastern world and several of the worst of them appear to be home grown which leads me to believe it’s not the country they come from it’s the damned religion they follow.

They have no respect for human life—NONE. They sacrifice their own young men with promises of 72 virgins or some nonsense and have children for two reasons, boys for war and girls to use to make more warriors. Females are chattle and are treated worse than animals. I might add- we jail people here for treating animals they way they treat women!

What kind of religion or god or prophet asks a man to torture and maim his brothers and sisters?

Maid: Bosses drove 24 hot nails into my body


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — 49 year old L.G. Ariyawathi, employed as a maid was sent back from Saudi Arabia with 24 nails inside her body the result of torture by the family who employed her as a maid. She went to Saudi Arabia in March and was paid only two months’ salary, but her employer held three months’ salary as payment for her ticket home.

“They (employer and his family) did not allow me even to rest. The woman at the house had heated the nails and then the man inserted them into my body,”

She has difficulty walking because she has two nails in her knee and two in her ankles. Another needle is in her forehead, and the rest are in hands.

“Her condition is stable, but we are giving antibiotics and painkillers,” Satharasinghe said, adding that doctors will begin removing the nails on Friday.

The 24 nails are “inside the body due to torture meted out by her Saudi employer,” Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena

Full story here


One Response

  1. Please note – that while their women are not even allowed out of the house they import women from other countries then lay their filthy paws on them for Gods only know what — and ends up torturing them like this.

    And we are friends with these countries and yet we refuse to deal with or allow tourism to Cuba over Human rights issues.

    I’ll bet if Cuba had oil instead of Saudi Arabia we would be kiss Castro’s rings and bowing to him instead!

    Damned hypocrites; Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obambi. A Pox on all their houses!

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